Things to see in Kuna Yala

Tips from real travelers about attractions and what to see in Kuna Yala.
  • San Blas Islands
    San Blas Islands in Ukupseni
    Our main motive for visiting Panama was the San Blas Archipelago on the Atlantic coast. This archipelago of 400 white-sand islands full of tropical birds and bathed in the Caribbean sun is part of an autonomous region run by the Kun...
  • Isla Iguana
    Isla Iguana in Ukupseni
    Among the excursions included in accommodation Yandup Island is to visit some of the surrounding islands, usually tiny uninhabited ones. Of those which we visited, the most incredible was Isla Iguana. The island is about 40 minutes ...
  • We traveled through the Playton Chico Airport in December of 2012. We were there to celebrate my daughter, Sol's 15th birthday. We arrived without hotel reservations, which I don't advise, because there are usually good deals if you...
  • This beautiful island paradise is close to Diadup. Do you think you could get used to the life here? Do the white sand beaches and clear waters become monotonous after visiting so many of them? I'd have to see, but as far as I know,...
  • For the wildlife, we went to the mangroves that surround the coast of Playon Chico . In general, the mangrove is the most common type of vegetation along these coasts and shelters all kinds of birds and reptiles, including alligato...
  • Icodub
    Cartí Sugtupu
    Icodub in Cartí Sugtupu
    I stayed a week in Isla needle (ICODUB in Kuna language). It is purely an island paradise. It's easy to visit, quiet, about 10 minutes from the coast of San Blas or Carti airport. It has toilet facilities, restaurant, solar palenes,...
  • Ailigandi
    Ailigandi in Ailigandi
    Ailigandi Community, is in the area of Kuna Yala, with famous communities and indigenous organization, in the Republic of Panama. We were taken here to learn more about the Kuna Revolution of the year 1925 and the Famous Fighter and...
  • Dog Island
    El Porvenir
    Dog Island in El Porvenir
    Perhaps one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. It has its own sunken ship to dive in, and a fine, white coral sand. Home to the friendly Kuna family, it is the perfect place to drink coconut water and unwind in a hammock!
  • Isla Aguja
    Cartí Sugtupu
    Isla Aguja in Cartí Sugtupu
    Isla Aguja is one of many islands scattered around the Kuna Yala archipelago in the Panamanian Caribbean. The region is semi-autonomous and is inhabited largely by the Kuna people who've tried to keep their lands (which are basicall...
  • Panama
    Panama in Nargana