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5 reviews of Su Nuraxi

Ancient Village

It was really an exciting experience to visit Su Nuraxi! The ruins of this ancient village are the largest on the island and it was once the nerve center of Sardinia. At the center, there’s a bastion with four corner towers and there are dwellings from the Bronze and Iron Ages in the surrounding area. The courtyard of the main bastion has a historic well that still has water in it. There is no door to the central courtyard; rather you have to go through the narrow corridors between the structure’s huge stone blocks. The archaeological site was discovered and excavated entirely in the 1950’s and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

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Dates to prehistoric times


Sardinia is the land of the Nuraghe forts, many of which date back to 1500 BC. When you first arrive at Su Nuraxi, which is famous for being the island’s biggest "dolmen", it is a little disappointing…it just seems like a big pile of rocks. But when you get closer and especially when you go inside, it’s just stunning! It’s made from gigantic stone blocks fifteen or twenty feet high, all stacked together in a cone with no mortar. These buildings date back to prehistoric times, so you need to use your imagination a little. The skill of these ancient builders, however, certainly left us impressed.


At its center is a large stone complex of five conical towers.


Sardegna is known for its nuragic civilization which was active between the 12 to 6 century BC and left the landscape dotted with towers and tombs. Barumini is one of the larger sites and a UNESCO.

These are thought to have been defensive and used for storage of food. Water and wells seem to have had religious significance for the nuraghe but little is known about this ancient society. All visits are guided and last around an hour.



At the beginning we can see the Nuraghe cabins, circular in structure and made of stone. The visit costs 8 € and it's possible to have a guided tour. The main Nuraghe is spectacular. Highly recommended if you want to see a Unesco heritage site. It is located about 45 minutes from Cagliari


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