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18 reviews of Chouara Tannery

martin susel

Painting Process

If in case you would rather find something else than a Moroccan souk, you can go to this place where Moroccans colour their skins. Accompanied by two local boys, I managed to get to the pools themselves, where they no foreigners go without paying. I have uploaded some videos so you can see what I'm talking about. The place is smelly, the people aren't trying to make friends. It's sad how the people's health is weakened because of all the chemicals used in the painting process. It's not a place to go alone, as I said. I went because I was accompanied. Supposedly, because of how bad it smells, not

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Place des Tanneurs

The "Place des Tanneurs" of Fes is at the center of the old medina, Fes el Baali, and if you manage to get there without getting lost, congratulations! To get there, ask any pedestrian, who will usually accompany you, in exchange for dirhams. You can also try to get there following the strong smell of leather marinade that becomes more and more present as you get closer. Some nearby shops charge admission to your balcony or terrace, but worth the euro or two, since you will have a view of the pit for dyeing. The people who work there have skin, dried in the sun, and then dye it using natural materials, scales or saffron for yellow, which explains the reason for the prices being so high.

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difficult work for leather makers

Be prepared in advance for the visit to this zone of ​​the Medina. The smell coming from the leather tannery activity, in this as in any other city, is nauseating for those unaccostumed . So before heading out to one of the terraces that have views of the grounds, you are offered peppermint to disguise the scent. The work done by tanners and dyers is painful, even to them and they are accustomed to it. Under a burning sun in summer and cold in winter relentless, it must be entered in the vats for tanning and dyeing preparing the skins of cattle which are then treated to obtain the handicrafts that

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Amazing views from the medina leather store

The change from Spain to Morocco is amazing, comparable to the time change. Differences include how to get to a movie, people wearing long robes, turbans and tunics with caps; architecture characteristic of Arab countries, different smells and a magical world where you hear Arabic.It gives the feeling of being transported to another era. Arriving at the Medina was shocking . It was amazing to see the maze of small streets lined with homes, businesses and a Jewish cemetery, it is very important to keep a guide that knows the place because it is huge and very similar. When my guide took me to the place where they sell leather goods, I went up to the 3rd floor of the place by a narrow staircase which led me to a terrace with the most amazing view I've seen in a while.

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