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Restaurants in Veracruz

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67 places to eat in Veracruz

Restaurants in Veracruz
La Parroquia Restaurant
This is a good place to eat. With 202 years of history, this is where politicians, celebrities and anyone else who likes a good lechero, bomba, or any other typical Veracruz food comes to eat. If you don't come to this place, than you haven't experienced Veracruz.
Restaurants in Xalapa
Callejón de El Diamante
The Callejón de El Diamante is a typical alley that can be found in Jalapa, which is situated right in the heart of the city. Here is where you can find a myriad of cafes that offers both outdoor service as an intern, snow, pizza restaurants there are other typical regional food quite commendable. You can also find a whole vintage of handicrafts, alternative, etc. braids workmanship.
Cafés in Veracruz
La Parroquia Café
I went to this coffee shop in mid-2012 with my mother, my sister, and my nephew. It's a pretty nice place and very comfortable. Everyone visiting the port should visit this cafe at least once during their stay and enjoy their breads and drinks. Highly recommended! Coffee also feels good after a walk along the boardwalk, the craft market, and downtown. :)
Restaurants in Papantla
: El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant
It's small, but has a very nice view. It's somewhat baroque in style with trees and a small garden. It's a little out of the city, where you can eat and enjoy a very quiet ambience. There are also areas displaying mud and wood crafts.
Restaurants in Xalapa
Coffee Rock
"Coffee Rock is a family establishment with the original Xalapa concept. It aims to awaken your senses and delight customers, offering the best of the era that changed the world." This is a retro style cafe-restaurant, which is situated in the center of the city of Xalapa, and you must not miss it! It offers good music and delicious food, and its decor is unique. There are all kinds of items from the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis!
Restaurants in Minatitlan
Portobello Restaurant
It is one of the new restaurants in Minatitlan and still unknown, but I highly recommend it, as their facilities are very good, and their service and food is excellent and at a very good price! ! You really have to go to prove it. The first time I went with my friends I had their breakfast delicious where I had a selection of juice, fruit, yoghurt, coffee as often as I wanted, toast and my main course, all for only $ 50.00. Sometimes I go to other places and it is more expensive, the waiter told me that all day they sell snacks from the region, from noon they offer the "menu of the day", a reduced menu or food A-la-Carte, wine or cocktails and the best part is that if you fancy something and it is not on the menu they can prepare it instantly and quickly. It is ideal for friends or meeting up with friends, with your boyfriend, family, celebrating a birthday, baby shower or other social event. Well I say goodbye and I hope you enjoy.
Restaurants in Puebla
La Noria
This restaurant has an excellent ambience and cuisine. The service is first rate. There is a very cool art exhibition in the restaurant's lobby, where the displayed art is for sale.
Restaurants in El Pueblito
La Matraca Café
The courtyard of a mansion, whose walls are lovelier every time you look at them, is a good place to have a drink or eat in The Matricia. The menu features Mexican cuisine. The servers and chefs, great goodness, are willing to take their time and explain the menu to tourist guests. From a simple rice dish to spicy quesadillas, all is honesty here. At night, the musicians play. This is where everyone sings in chorus "Born to be wild" to the sound of a guitar, encouraged by a Mexican whose English is not very good. But it's very funny!!, However, be careful with bags, as there are a lot of thieves.
Restaurants in Fortín
El Kiosco
In case you do not know where to eat, my recommendation is the kiosk that is located in downtown Fortin, across from the town hall and the church. The prices are affordable and the food is not bad. It's a good place to drink a coffee in the afternoon.
Restaurants in Veracruz
Delicious pizzas cooked in firewood oven and their salads are equally delicious, the atmosphere is fun
Restaurants in Orizaba
Food & Job's
The dishes served are diverse and abundant. You leave satisfied. You can chat in a pleasant family atmosphere. Great prices, is in a central location, with a large parking lot. Service is very good.
Restaurants in Las Choapas
El Porton´s
I ate the most delicious burgers of Choapas, a very nice and very comfortable place. I did not want to leave there but to all of whom travel to this place have to try them. If you do not it is like not going to the Choapas ..... I ate the most delicious burgers at a very nice and very comfortable place I didn't want to go but everyone who goes to these places has to try them out. If you don't try it it would be as though you were never there.
Culinary Interest in Puebla
Restaurants in Boca del Río
Restaurants in Coatepec
Ciao Yannelli
Severing food with excellent flavor, it is highly recommended. Corner entrance between Xico and almost opposite a petrol station. The shrimp plate and puzza yudo are good and cuts of meat to please anyone.
Restaurants in Jalcomulco
Cuetzalan, Ver
Near Jalcomulco, there's a little place that's near the state capital, where you can enjoy a shrimp and fish delicacies. Of course, for this to the value you require to cross the suspension bridge .. hehe.
Restaurants in Xalapa
Culinary Interest in La Antigua
Ecological Station of the Morro de la Mancha
This place is a Biological station that belongs to my University (UNAM), it is located in the state of Veracruz and we are often taken to the field to practice there. There and near there I saw the most beautiful things, you should visit too. I hope you enjoy it.
Activities in Veracruz