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Restaurants in Dakar

14 contributors

5 places to eat in Dakar

Restaurants in Dakar
Chez Salim Lac Rose
Chez Salim Lac Rose is just a few meters from the lake. It has small round huts, in the style of traditional Senegalese homes, equipped with private bathroom. We only had the opportunity to try their restaurant. It is outside but it is shaded by a roof made with natural fibers, and next to a big pool to that one can use to cool off from the noon heat. The menu is filled with typical Senegalese dishes from the area (rice with chicken, rice with beef and rice with fish), but also has many types of pizzas, which are not bad.
Restaurants in Dakar
La Pointe Nord
This restaurant is in the north of Dakar, in a quiet neighbourhood quite a way from the downtown area. The restaurant itself isn't much - a small space with three or four paintings, decorated with African paintings and masks. It's quite old, but it's clean and the food is good. It mostly serves local food, but there are also some international dishes, like pasta. But it's best to try the country's cuisine, with lots of spices and seasonings. The chicken, for example, is amazing, with a delicious sauce. The fish isn't bad, either - I don't remember what variety we had, something that they recommended, with a thousands spices. The Senegalese tea is well worth trying, too; different from Europe, it's quite a bit stronger than what you're probably used to, but it's pretty good. It's quite cheap, like everything else in the country, and you can eat well here. It's a little bit out of the way, which is the only problem. The staff are friendly and helpful, and speak English and French.
Restaurants in Dakar
It is a very friendly place a bit further from the center of the island. The food is very good, but the best thing is the treatment of staff. There are two huge pelicans in the restaurant, which the owner told us arrived by chance, and haven't left since. Inside the restaurant, they also have an exhibition of paintings. They are very traditional pictures made of sand, and you can see how they make them.
Restaurants in Dakar
La Fourchette
A good place to eat in Dakar. "La Fourchette" consists of a restaurant with a very nice menu, and one part is a pub with tapas that are tasty and with a good atmosphere. YOu can´t miss the chance to come on your trip to have a good time in a good atmosphere, where the service is good.
Restaurants in Dakar
L'Interrogant is a Dakar classic! It has spent years serving meals in the commercial center of Dakar, in the Plateau neighborhood. It's small with Western saloon doors, and the price-quality ratio is very good. The service (usually women) friendly. It's frequented by locals and tourists, and I imagine that it appears in any tourist guide, as it is situated right next door to the Hotel Ganale. I have lived for over 6 years in Senegal and I can recommend this place to you.
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