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Flea Markets in Nanchang

2 flea markets in Nanchang

Flea Markets in Nanchang
Post of Scorpions and Tarantulas
We are often told about what other countries eat. Here we have unequivocal proof that they really eat scorpions, tarantulas (with hair and all), centipedes and various disgusting insects. I am a glutton and I have no fear or aversion to food from anywhere I've been I will say that even though I was offered to try some I always declined. Many say they are good, like crisps, others think they are delicious. Very well, I do not like snails which are eaten in both Spain and France, so this along with grilled voles which I saw eaten in Laos was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in a human mouth. Enjoy!
Flea Markets in Nanchang
Flea Market Food in Nanchang
The Chinese call this city Na Chang and the Europeans call it Nanchang, don't get the name wrong when you are there! The city surprised me with a super-early morning market where I spent a great day. Yet, despite the proximity to the east, where many tourists often visit, the villagers were surprised to see me and my camera. However, unlike in other places I have visited, here the people were really nice and cheerful and, due to the holiday, everyone was in high spirits. I spent three days resting here after a train journey of a thousand miles and one week of cycling across the regions of Guangxi and Guizhou and the Yangzi basin. I have no pictures of the last few days since I broke my camera going over a bump in the road on my bike.