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Things to do in Comarca of Sierra de Cazorla

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The top 64 attractions in Comarca of Sierra de Cazorla

Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Sierras de Cazorla
From the Parador de Cazorla begin many hiking paths that are not very well signaled but that can be an alternative to those that,
Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Closed Elias or Borosa River Route
The closed Elias is at the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla on the route that starts in Borosa, which is one of the main tributaries
Villages in Cazorla
Cazorla is a charming little town. You can visit the main plaza, Ivy Castle as well as some other historical sights. The area's cu
Viewpoints in Cazorla
Viewpoint of the Puerto de Las Palomas
When we went to La Iruela toward Arroyo Frio by the Puerto de las Palomas we found this viewpoint, from which we had some incredib
Castles in Cazorla
Castle of la Yedra
A beautiful castle with Templar and Arabic influences, it is located in the heart of the village and at the beginning of the great
Squares in Cazorla
Plaza de Santa María
This is an incredible house in the center of Cazorla, for going to the Natural Parks of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. It's a rur
Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Borosa River
The Rio Borosa is a beautiful setting inside the Sierra de Cazorla which has a great hiking tour peppered throughout by the suprem
Caves in Quesada
Castles in La Iruela
Ponds in Cazorla
Oil Puddle
The Oil Puddle is in a beautiful natural setting in the Sierra de las Villas. The truth is that we stumbled upon it as we were hea
Of Touristic Interest in Cazorla
Gardens in Cazorla
Tower Vinagre Botanical Garden
Just across from the Visitor Center is where you'll find the Tower Vinagre Botanical Garden, which is beautiful. There you can con
Rivers in Cazorla
Source of the Guadalquivir
From Cazorla, after going through Iruela, you reach the port of Las Palomas where there's a viewpoint overlooking the newborn vall
Hiking in Cazorla
Viewpoints in Cazorla
Villages in La Iruela
Nature Reserves in Pozo Alcón
Of Touristic Interest in Cazorla