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Things to do in Styria

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The top 16 attractions in Styria

Cities in Graz
This is a magnificent city full of students and with places worth seeing. I must highlight the beautiful restaurant located in the middle of the river. Mur Island makes reference to the name of the river that crosses the city of Mur.
Islands in Graz
Murinsel (Island in The Mur)
Murinsel, an island on the river Mur, is a curious and dramatic floating island about fifty meters long with two gateways connected to the riverbank. It is was built in 2003 for the cultural capital of the city of Graz and serves as an amphitheater, a resting place or you can have a drink in the cafe there. I recommend visiting this structure 100%. Although coffee is slightly more expensive than in other pubs of the area, you really should pay the extra. It's a priceless experience.
Historical Monuments in Graz
(Grazer Schloßberg) Clock Tower
The Clock Tower (Grazer Schlossberg in German) is located on top of the Schlossberg hill, which is roughly 475m high. At the top of this hill a castle was built finally naming the city of Graz (which derives from the Slovenian word "Gradec" which means "small castle"). The Clock Tower was the only part of the castle that was saved from demolition as ordered by Napoleon in 1809 following the Treaty of Schönbrunn. Since 1839 the Tower and its surroundings have been a public park, designed by Ludwig von Welden. The clock tower has a curious feature, because its needles work differently to most watches. The hands that in regular clocks mark the hours here mark the minutes, and vice versa. This is because originally there were only needles to mark the hours, the minute hand to indicate the minutes were not added until much later. There are two ways to access the top of the hill and both have an attractive quality. One way is to choose to walk up a string of seemingly endless stairs, but its worth it for the extraordinary views of the city and the river Mur. On the other hand, there is a funicular (Schlossbergbahn - Sackstraße http://www.verbundlinie.at/) connecting the top of the hill with the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai. The Clock Tower is, in my opinion, the most beautiful place in Graz A highly recommended place!
Cathedrals in Graz
Graz Cathedral
Although not as spectacular as other cathedrals from the outside, the interior of the Cathedral of Graz (built in the fifteenth century by Emperor Frederick III) is very impressive. A must-see is the mural of the three plagues (lobsters, black plague and the Turks) in the southern outer wall near the Mausoleum. There is also no charge for admission.
Of Touristic Interest in Mürzzuschlag
Semmering Railway
The Semmering Railway, is approximately forty-one miles longwhich starts in Gloggnitz and ends in Murzzuschlag. It's considered to be one of the greatest feats of engineering, due to the height of the tunnels and viaducts, which have been used up until now, quite spectacular considering the tracks are over one hundreed years old. This great man made work of art is part of a beautiful landscape, in addition to many beautiful buildings along its route. All these elements come together and contribute to the beauty of this building. This construction is made up of fourteen tunnels and over a hundred curved stone bridges and eleven small iron bridges. The harmonious combination of technology and nature provides a unique experience. In this area there are loads of hotels and villas where visitors can stay, especially in winter. The trip along the Semmering Railway, still impresses the traveler with a special experience for its varied landscape, the typical style of their mansions and property construction sequence of tunnels and viaducts.
Hiking in Dolläch
Hiking in Dolläch
Villages in Mariazell
Mariazell é uma cidade que está mais ou menos 2,5 de Viena - é possível fazer o trajeto de trem ou de carro - a cidade é conhecida pelos peregrinos da basílica de Mariazell - no inverno é um centro de esqui - os teleféricos estão o ano inteiro a serviços -preciosa vista no verão e no inverno
Museums in Riegersburg
Churches in Bärnbach
Abbeys in Mariazell
Of Touristic Interest in Mariazell
Of Touristic Interest in Graz
Of Touristic Interest in Graz
Museums in Graz
Of Touristic Interest in Ramsau am Dachstein