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Things to do in Corte

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The top 21 attractions in Corte

Cities in Corte
Corte is located halfway between Bastia and Ajjacio has a brutal charm and in my opinion, one of my favourite places in Corsica. It is located on a hillside, surrounded by mountains, giving it a spectacular beauty. In the city center there is a large place that has a giant sculpture of Pascal Paoli, the man who won (if only for a few years) Corsican independence in 1755. This sculpture is in Corte because this city was the capital during the period of Corsican independence. In this square we can find several restaurants and cafes that make fabulous terraces when the sun emerges. It is a pleasure to stroll through the narrow streets of Corte. These streets are paved and are quite dark, as they are surrounded by tall buildings blocking lots of light. The majority of the houses in this city are very old, made of stone and give Corte a rustic feel. But the best thing about this city are having incredible surroundings. Surrounded by nature on all sides, and outrageously beautiful, where you can enjoy a huge mountain, two rivers and a stunning green meadows. This is what really makes the city beautiful, natural surroundings. Also, being located in a mountainous area, Corte is an excellent point of departure for many excursions, and even for various stages of the famous GR-20. People in Corte are quite friendly but yes, not many are French because this area is where the Corsicans more independent and less friendly.
Valleys in Corte
Restonica Valley
The Restonica Valley is one of the most important of Corsica and also one of the most beautiful. It is adjacent to the city of Court and has spectacular scenery characterized mainly by its wild appearance and huge trees shading the rivers that run through the area. One of the most striking places of the valley is a magnificent pine forest that extends to 1400 meters altitude. Also found in this area as the stunning lakes and Lake Melu Capitellu, more than 40 meters deep, though, without doubt, the most important is Lake Ninu, located 1743 meters, which is the source of Tavignanu river. From this valley hundreds of routes and paths lead up to the highest mountains of the island or to magical places such as lakes. Some of these routes start at different road sections on Restonica, but most start from a platform located at an altitude of about 1,400 meters. Park your car here and see truly spectacular views. This platform has created a parking lot and in the summer is completely crowded and watch the sunrise at a café restaurant with a nice terrace. People who are not very fond of hiking up to this platform can enjoy the mountain without physical exertion. In addition, a river flows through this place and in summer you can dip in, great in the customary high temperatures. A stretch of the famous GR-20 crosses the valley of restonica and many start the tour at various stages from this place.
Citadels in Corte
Corte Citadel
The citadel of Corte is the only fortification that is inside Corsica. It is at the top of a hill, in the highest part of the city, and is triangular. It is in excellent condition and was built in 1419, although some parts of the exterior were added in the nineteenth century. The highest part of the citadel is a tower called Eagle's Nest and from it you can see stunning views of the Corsican mountains, the Tavignano and Restonica rivers and the city of Corte. In the center of the citadel are two buildings, the Caserne Serrurier and Caserne Padua. The Caserne Serrurier houses the Corsica Museum, a pretty curoius museum with numerous articles that are typical of the island, the most numerous are the objects of craftsmanship. Admission is 1.50 euro, but it is worth it for objects that can be seen and for the interior which has a beautiful structure that makes all visitors jaws drop. The only drawback is that the museum opening hours are quite low and it's often closed, especially if it's not summer. What I recommend to all who come here is that you take a walk around the outside of the citadel because besides being full of greenery, you can contemplate the amazing view.
Squares in Corte
Hiking in Corte
Streets in Corte
Churches in Corte
Squares in Corte
Viewpoints in Corte
Churches in Corte
Museums in Corte
Streets in Corte
Streets in Corte
Nature Reserves in Corte
Squares in Corte
Streets in Corte
Roads in Corte
Restonica Roads
The Restonica Valley is one of the most beautiful places around Corsica and there are thousands of different hiking trails that are wonderful. The only downside about is that it has a complicated road across the island. It's a super-narrow road in both directions but it's impossible to have 2 vehicles simultaneously, furthermore, it has no shoulder, so it's difficult when 2 cars meet. Very often one of the two cars has to reverse back till inhere's room to pull over. Another thing to consider when going down this road is that it is very common to come across animals, often goats invade the road and it takes a while to clear it. The landscape that can be seen along this road is spectacular, on both sides there are hundreds of gigantic trees, numerous streams, huge mountains and hundreds of flowers that give an indescribable colorful to the area. The journey along this road is worth it just for the scenery. Mind you, being so small a road with animals your speed never exceeds 40 mph and, therefore, it takes a while to get to the end. It is also common to see mountaineers walking, and some hitchhiking. By the way, this road is at the exit of Corte and is fairly well signposted, so there are no problems getting lost.
Lakes in Corte