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Things to do in Tegucigalpa

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The top 13 attractions in Tegucigalpa

Cities in Tegucigalpa
It was an experience at a techno concert and the people, no matter who they were, just rode the event . It was full of surprises with good music and art.
Cathedrals in Tegucigalpa
Cathedral of Tegucigalpa
The Cathedral of Tegucigalps has undergone a restoration of its walls, dome and clock. Built in the 18th century, the clock in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Tegucigalpa, which was installed 133 years ago, started working again after it was repaired after being out of use for 72 years. The Guatemalan expert Antonio Ceron made clockwise and move back to the bells sounded to give time to the thousands of passersby who daily spend on the cathedral in the historic center of the Honduran capital.
Shops in Tegucigalpa
Second Hand Shops
Something very shocking, and quite disheartening-about Tegucigalpa is that most of its clothing stores are second hand. But it's not like the Fuencarral street shops of Madrid, where "second hand" means modern or chic. In Tegucigalpa clothing from the United States: are the "bales". What are the bales? It's clothing donated by Americans to "inhabitants of the third world." This clothing ends up being sold in these shops. When a store hangs the sign "open bale" in its window it means that the last bundle of clothes arrived from the United States ... Much to ponder, very disheartening.
Churches in Tegucigalpa
Iglesia Los Dolores
One of the most beautiful churches in the city
Squares in Tegucigalpa
Plaza Central
This big plaza is safe during the day. In a city where 5 of the main arteries of the heart is an odyssey, in which you never know if the ending will be happy, and the square is an oasis of calmness. There are clothes stalls and a lovely church lit in purple tones which makes it a nice place to watch the sunset, never later than 9 in the evening! I recommend looking for accommodation close to the safe area.
Museums in Tegucigalpa
Museums in Tegucigalpa
Nature Reserves in Tegucigalpa
Parque Nacional La Tigra
A national symbol placed in Tegucigalpa, full of nature and beautiful animals
Museums in Tegucigalpa
Galería Nacional de ARte
Beautiful place to know about the Honduran culture
Of Cultural Interest in Tegucigalpa
Churches in Tegucigalpa
Historical Monuments in Tegucigalpa
Monumento a Francisco Morazán
A Central American Hero
Statues in Tegucigalpa

The best things to do in Tegucigalpa

This city is the capital and governmental seat of the Republic of Honduras, and one of the most popular destinations for tourists traveling to the country. If you're wondering what to do in Tegucigalpa, the answer varies depending on the type of tourism you want to enjoy. Those who come for eco-tourism find one of their first Tegucigalpa activities
to be a visit to La Tigra National
Park, which is home to typical animals like ocelots, agoutis, white-tailed deer, night monkeys, pumas and Jaguarundi. It's one of the most beautiful places to visit in
Tegucigalpa. You can also visit the Picacho Metropolitan Zoo, home to the jaguar, an American cat native to Honduras. It's one of the most impressive things to see in
Those who prefer domestic
tourism will also find important things to do in
Tegucigalpa, especially in the historical district. In it are some interesting examples of colonial architecture from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There are also many religious buildings and attractions in
Tegucigalpa, like the Cathedral Church of San Miguel, or the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Suyapa, in the Suyapa Basilica. Other non-religious
Tegucigalpa attractions and
buildings that are worth seeing are the Manuel Bonilla National Theatre or the Bancatlan Room. If you don't want to take time to look for stuff to do in
Tegucigalpa, we recommend you head for the entertainment area and find a good restaurant where you can sample the local cuisine.