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Things to do in Tamaulipas

124 contributors
  • Outdoors
    11 places
  • Monuments
    6 places
  • Beaches
    5 places
Beaches in Ciudad Madero
Beaches in Ciudad Victoria
Cabaña en El Mar
Beaches in Matamoros
Playa "Bagdad"
Beaches in Altamira
Beaches in Guerrero

The top 52 attractions in Tamaulipas

Of Cultural Interest in Tampico
Historic Centre of Tampico
I took this picture with friends in the historic center of Tampico. I like it because I think it is a style in which the strength is reflected, the tree is bone that survive against all odds can survive!
Of Cultural Interest in Matamoros
Border from Matamoros (Mexico-USA)
Heroica Matamoros (also known simply as Matamoros)is a city situated in the north of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It is located on the border between Mexico and the United States, on the southern side of the Rio Grande. On the opposite side of the river from Matamoros is the U.S. city of Brownsville, Texas. The city has less than half a million inhabitants. For us, the city was a target on our route from Miami to Matamoros, we crossed the Rio Grande and then returned back to Florida. A border city, which we found quieter than its sister city - Tijuana. Ideal for fast and cheap shopping because the Matamoros economy depends heavily on its position as a U.S. border entry city, freight traffic using the international bridges and the entry of American tourists.
Rivers in Tampico
Pánuco River
I cross the Panuco River every two weeks to visit family and I always sit on the shore in the shade of some trees to watch the sunset and enjoy the tranquility. I´ve taken several photos on different days that have been particularly spectacular and special for me.
Villages in Tampico
Train Stations in Reynosa
Former Station of Reynosa Railway
The old train station still shows neglect, with an absence of voices and the bustle of travelers. An eternal wait separates the real world from the present world, and locomotives don´t stop, ignore it, then I will tear your clothes, your skin gradually fades.
Of Cultural Interest in Matamoros
General Ignacio Zaragiza International Bridge, Known As the Tomatoes
Oscar Trevino Matamoros is privileged: Situated on the banks of the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico, is a zone of ​​big estuaries. One of them is at the International Bridge "General Ignacio Zaragoza", better known as "Tomatoes". The city on the U.S. border, plays a significant role in trade. This bridge is east of the county seat, covers an area of ​​31 hectares. It has spacious and contemporary infrastructure that provides services for import, export and movement of persons. BEAUTY There is a lake 5000 square meters with sweeping fragrances. It is a space to observe the habitat, take pictures, walk, rest beside colonies of pelicans, herons, egrets, just enough to get permission in the Customs Administration.
Lakes in Altamira
Laguna Nueva
Whenever I need inspiration, I go to this lagoon and its brilliance makes me feel so calm and happy. I share this place, just 200 meters from my home, that inspires me to paint. It inspires me to shout where no one can here me, only the birds and the wind. Whenever I am at this lagoon I feel inspired, relaxed, calm and happy. It is not far from where I live and it always inspires me to paint.
Archaeological Sites in Abasolo
Archaeological Zone of Peralta
In the center of the country, in the lowland zone, where a big industrial corridor are the group of archaeological sites that were found 10 years ago, where it was believed that only nomads were rooted to arrive. We had to take the Irapuato-Abasolo road where there is a detour to the village of San Jose de Peralta which is about 15 min from the junction, we went inside a traditional ranching village with nice people sunbathing talking to neighbors, dogs that follow the car, we asked for directions to go on a tiny dirt road and in less than 5 minutes you arrive to a fantastic place with parking on cobbled streets. On top of a hill with a view lovely view, with the contrast of vegetation between the trees and desert plants, cactus, organs, etc ... It has a tiny museum which houses the ticket office where adminission costs 30 pesos for adults and kids over 2 years of age only 15 pesos, once you go inside the museum there are a variety of artifacts of obsidian, jade necklaces and bones, once A short video lasting about fifteen minutes the archeological their buildings .. Knowing the most interesting is not yet known but that culture was still dating that is more or less the same age Teotihuacan. There are video sales and you can find children offering to show you around the area, along with a good explanation by offering to show you around other ruins that are on private property, they show many sunken courtyards and a stone bell . Excellent tourist activity in the center of the country .. Sorry for making errors and if the explanation is not very good.
Squares in Tampico
The City's Square
People walk in in this square in the evening to enjoy the air that surrounds it.
Palaces in Ciudad Victoria
Palacio de Gobierno
This is the State Government Palace of the State of Tamaulipas, located in the heart of this beautiful city! People are friendly and hardworking. It is 3 hours from the Port of Tampico, and three and a half hours from H. Matamoros border city in the north of our country.
Of Touristic Interest in Madero
These photographs express special moments, of places I have visited. I always like to capture every special moment of my country, I love these moments because it is being in touch with nature and each special reflection prompts me to follow my dreams.
Gardens in Reynosa
Cultural Park Reynosa
This is an ideal place for walking and more in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset.
Beaches in Ciudad Madero
Of Touristic Interest in Ciudad Madero
Cities in Guerrero
Beaches in Ciudad Victoria
Cabaña en El Mar
Horse Bar in Tamaulipas. This trip was an extreme camping on the beach camp after traveling for 15 hours, of which 4 were on the beach in a 4x4 jeep, and was one of the best adventures I've had. From the trip comes this photo.
Of Cultural Interest in Altamira
Mountains of the Boat
A good place for inspiration is very important. These mountains are the closest to my house. With these skies, there are always things to see, like the majestic colours, and it's certainly one of the best places to photograph.
Gardens in Tampico
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