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Things to do in Casablanca

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The top 120 attractions in Casablanca

Streets in Casablanca
El Malik Street
This is in the neighborhood of Habous, the new medina of Casablanca. It means King Street, and is named because it is near the royal palace, the residence of Mohamed VI when in Casablanca. The street is busy, the Habous are a kind of community center where each vendor is also joint owner of the building, and participates in the decisions of the district. Here you will find good prices, between the arches of the street, where they are selling clothes, you can get to a tailors shops, and also bring your favorite dresses to fix, if they are a bit old, they do it very well. Sometimes I bring old shoes or pants which come back as good as new.
Nightclubs in Casablanca
The amnesia of Casablanca is in the neighborhood of Ain Diab, beside the sea. It's a pretty big club and disco, and I think it is based on the same concept as France and Ibiza. It is airy, with fountains, palm trees and all in all it is pretty nice. It is very crowded on the weekend, and during the summer they succeed to get prestigious DJs from Europe. The clientele is young. For a taxi home from the Corniche they will charge you 50 dirhams to get downtown.
Flea Markets in Casablanca
Derb Ghallef
Derb Ghallef is Casablanca's giant flea market. It is in the north of the modern part of the city and the Twin Center. They say everything is in Derb Ghallef, but beware, there are also thieves who are looking for phones and wallets, just to sell them on in Derb Ghallef! The selling point are the DVDs in general, are all the movies you can imagine, like you're in the largest video store, there are streets and streets of DVDs, and as they are only 80 cents each, you can take a few. Then there's furniture, clothes, fake brands, telephones (usually stolen ...) and second-hand computers. It is a place where you can find just about anything. You can also find really cheap accessories for your iPod and that type of technological things. It closes at night and it is a neighborhood where it's better not to go after dark.
Gyms in Casablanca
Train Stations in Casablanca
Casablanca Voyageurs Station
This was the starting point of many of my Moroccan adventures. Traveling by train in a country like Morocco still retains the charm that this mode of transport used to have in Europe. Trains are an ideal way to travel around the country: they are clean, relatively cheap and comfortable. It is also a good opportunity to meet the local people and interesting foreigners (and also for romantic liaisons!).
Palaces in Casablanca
Royal Palace of Casablanca
The royal palace of Casablanca is in the neighborhood of Habous, the medina or "new city" constructed in 1920. The plaza in front of the palace is forbidden to the public and there are guards on site. We went on a Friday and the guards had gone to pray. We thought we´d be able to enter but access was still denied within the palace. You can only imagine how the royal family lives. This palace is the second residence of the king since he lives primarily in the political capital, Rabat. When visiting Casablanca, he stays here. He has hosted many important personalities in this palace, just like his father Hassan II ve hosted Pope John Paul II in 1985 during his first visit to the Islamic country. It is an architectural gem sprawling across several acres but from the outside, you can unfortunately only see the concrete walls put up to protect the sovereign.
Shopping Centres in Casablanca
Beaches in Casablanca
Plage Paloma
I found this to be a beautiful sandy beach, situated very close to Casablanca. This beach is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a low tide, and all the local villagers go there at dawn in order to collect mussels and Sarre fish, mullet or sea bream. It's a lovely place.
Beaches in Mohammedia
Beach in Mohammedia
Watch the sunset in Mohammedia while enjoying the beautiful views of the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca all while enjoying oysters and mint tea . During your trip to Casablanca, you should go to the medina and buy lots of gifts.
Gardens in Casablanca
Mosques in Casablanca
Villages in Casablanca
Villages in Casablanca
Festivals in Mohammedia
Fantasy, also known as "Powder Games" or "Tbourida" is an equestrian event that takes place in various parts of North Africa. It's done in Morocco in order to simulate a military assault cavalry. These careers are short-lived among the horses that compete in it. The goal of the event is to finish the race by firing a shot into the air at the same time, so that you only hear one of them. Then, the intensity of the women's boats will determine who the winner is.
Of Cultural Interest in Casablanca
Old Medina of Casablanca
I love walking through the streets of the Medina neighborhood in Casablanca. Many of its visitors only venture out to Bab Marraksh, Marrakech's front door, where they sell imitation designer goods and cheap souvenirs. If you walk a little further, you'll find a popular neighborhood. Medina is a poor neighborhood in Casablanca. Many people say it's unsafe, but that's not true, don't worry. Children play in the street, old people chat in parks, there's a village feeling inside of a big city. Medina was abandoned by the rich families due to the complete lack of hygiene. Some of the older homes don't let any light in, so the houses tended to stay fairly damp, which allowed disease to spread. Now, it's where the poorest of the poor go, people from the country, when they've decided to try their luck in Casablanca, by renting a small room in Medina. There are a lot of places that have lost their splendor, but they still have some remnants of the past.
Churches in Casablanca
Of Cultural Interest in Casablanca
Bars in Casablanca