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Things to do in Fatick

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The top 4 attractions in Fatick

Forests in Fatick
Tree Baobab of Senegal
The Baobab tree is the most typical of Senegal and one of the symbols of the country that appears on official flags and emblems. According to wikipedia, it belongs to the family Andasonia digitata and is also called the bottle tree. Its shape is the most characteristic. They are huge and very irregular, full of knots and gaping holes in their trunks. These holes have multiple legends. One says that here the dead were buried and the hole was covered. Another says that the holes were used as hiding places in times of attack. Several people could fit, it was closed with mud and a little hole was left so the people could breath. The trunk can be more than 40 m in circumference and their average height is about 20 m. Yes, they live an average of 800 years, although there's one that's more than two thousand years old in the country. They are found especially in the interior of the country, where in the rainy season they can be seen in all its splendor, with the green leaves sprouting. It has an edible fruit a bit like melons but tiny. They are worth seeing, especially for the size. You have to stand by the side of one to see how small one can be beside a baobab tree.
Rivers in Fatick
Saloum River Delta
The Sine-Saloum Delta is a national park and biosphere reserve. It is a lively river. There are plenty of birds; pelicans, flamingos, herons, kingfishers, teals, etc. ..... even eagles. On the numerous islands you can see red and green monkeys, hyenas and turtles and also dolphins. There is usually a tour at 5 pm, which lasts for three hours and takes you to the best places to watch the birdse. In the forests there are also many mangroves. I embarked on a tour with my companions; 14 young people all willing to have fun and loaded with beer and champagne that had been procured on site, at Keur Saloum. We went into the mangroves and saw lots of birds. It was a marvellous adventure that I would happily do again some time...
Islands in Fatick
Island of Shells
This island is in the Saloum River Delta. It is said that it was made from shells that the locals have put there for centuries. In the Hotel Keur Saloum they will offer you a three-hour tour. It's big and has some interesting Baobab trees. The also call its fruit - monkey bread. It is pleasant tasting. The tree reaches 20 meters high and ten meteres of girth. Legend says that if you drink water in which the seeds were soaked you stay free of crocodile attacks. Interesting
Of Touristic Interest in Fatick