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Things to do in Torrevieja

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The top 50 attractions in Torrevieja

Nature Reserves in Torrevieja
Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park
The Mata-Torrevieja lagoons form, together with the El Fondo and the Santa Pola saltmines, a triange of wetlands of international relevance in the south of Alicante. The Ramsar Conventional declared it an area of international relevance in 1989, and it was included in the ZEPA special protection area for birds. The two lagoons are separated by “El Chaparral” (the thicket). A canal unites the two depression that are artificially connected by a canal known as “El Acequion”, which is a part of a salt mining entity. The Mata lagoon works as a heating deposit, while the salt mining is done in Torrevieja.
Nature Reserves in Torrevieja
Salinas of Torrevieja
I'm not a person who particularly likes large crowds of people per square meter, so, although it is situated nearby, I have never had much desire to go to Torrevieja. There are a couple of places that I do not mind going, even more, it relaxes me and one of them is the salt which is away from the noise, people, standing water lifeless, well, just a few bacteria survive due to the salinity of these waters and, indeed, are responsible for presenting that pinkish tone.
Beaches in Torrevieja
La Mata Beach
The small beach of La Mata is just outside Torrevieja to the north. It’s found in a small town called La Mata and nowadays it’s one of the top winter destinations for Europeans. The services are now unlimited thanks to a huge rise in tourism in recent years. It’s only a few kilometers long on both sides of the pretty, well-preserved town. Before, you could arrive in car from Torrevieja, but now you can only arrive by walking along the beach or on the raised wooden walkway. On the side of the beach, you’ll find a large natural park which houses a variety of bird species. On the other side, you’ll find the small La Mata pier with a lookout tower from the 14th century, a relic from the age of invasions and a typical sight throughout the Mediterranean. If you walk a few kilometers towards the town, you’ll find a national highway (without crosswalk) with you have to cross before reaching the gorgeous La Mata Natural Park.
Beaches in Torrevieja
Cura Beach
This is the beach located in the center of Torrevieja, it is the most popular beach both during the summer and the winter. The influx of visitors is notable throughout the whole year as are the swimmers, who come here to cool off. It is well maintained and clean, the sand is well kept all year-round in order to preserve the quality, and respect the natural seasons, as the arrival of the dead poseidonia (underwater plants from the tide that creeps up the shores and then helps to maintain and protect the sand). This council has been fully dedicated to tourism for over 40 years and today are almost a role model for many other municipalities in conservation and care of the beaches, especially those that are affected by over-construction ...
Beaches in Torrevieja
La Mosca Beach
This beach is located between Torrevieja and Orihuela (Alicante). Unlike the beaches of this area which tend to have tons of tourists, this one is a quiet beach cove, that is semi-wild, and permits nudity. The water is usually fairly clean and the surface has enough sand and water (as good Mediterranean) never too cold. The only drawback is that there are usually quite a few more people in July and August. Some families go fleeing from the nearby crowded beaches and come here for some peace. The problem? In those months nudists could be uncomfortable, in addition to the natural charm of this space disappears. So, the best time to visit this lovely cove in the months of May, June and September. It is very much A magical spot amid the bustle and saturation of the Levant.
Cliffs in Torrevieja
Los Locos Beach
This photograph was taken in the Fools Coves in Alicante, and it is in black and white with light green tones. It's a nice place, I hope you like the picture, its composition and chromaticity. Greetings. Would you like to sit down? Then please take a seat in our chair from where you can see the entire landscape as the waves break a few feet away from you while you enjoy a refreshing sea breeze in the summer heat.
Coves in Torrevieja
Ferrís Cove
I must admit that it was not until recently that I discovered this place just 20 minutes away from my home, it is a place that belongs to the town of Torrevieja and the beaches bordering my city. It is a tiny cove surrounded by palm trees where if you look around and you close your eyes you feel as if you have been transported to a far away paradise island.
Harbors in Torrevieja
A stroll on the breakwater of the port, where the straight lines mark the way back for you. While on holiday in Santa Pola, I visited the nearby Torrevieja and I found this corner and I loved it. The soil contrasts with the railings and benches, it seems to mark the return path for walkers who find themselves in an urbanized area.
Coves in Torrevieja
The Fox Cove
The Fox Cove, another place of paradise that the Costa Blanca has to offer. During the winter it is a lovely place to go fishing, contemplate the beautiful views of the Mediterranean, watch the waves crash against the cliffs or go for a walk on the rocks if the weather is nice. During the summer it is a meeting place and place for the younger generations to have a good time. From one of the rocks you can leap a few feet into the water and then you can dive without much effort to a small underwater cave where you can take a few seconds to catch your breath. I came here with my friends when I was a teenager and I still continue to go now I am older. It is a small natural amusement park since you can do several activities right on the shore, diving, rock pooling (small clams), etc.. A fun and entertaining cove ...
Beaches in Torrevieja
Torrevieja Beach
When I hear the word Torrevieja, I remember screaming, parasols and going for an evening stroll along the boardwalk, but these days at the end of March are amazing, calm and without the screaming young people along the beach.
Museums in Torrevieja
The Submarine of Torrevieja
This is a submarine that you can visit and I did so on two or three separate occasions with different people, I really loved the experience. I really enjoyed going through that mouth you have to go down to get to the inside of this submarine. It is tight, but people told us that despite the difficulties and hardships, they had a good rapport between them. The water which they use to wash with in the shower is salt water which comes directly from the sea ... do not use fresh water ... there is no such possibility. It was an incredible experience.
Harbors in Torrevieja
Lakes in Torrevieja
Beaches in Torrevieja
Of Cultural Interest in Torrevieja
Belén Torrevieja
This is one of the most unique nativity scenes that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. It incorporates typical things from the town, such as the salt, the towers and Havana. It has many small details and moving parts. It occupies the entire southwest corner of the Constitution Square and when the sun sets and the lights come on, it is even more beautiful.
Nature Reserves in Torrevieja
Molino del Agua Natural Park
At the northern end of La Mata Beach (Torrevieja), there’s a small natural park. At first, it’s not something that generates great expectations but that changes once you spend a few minutes in its interior. You’ll see a great variety of wild birds, many of which are song birds like Canaries, a popular pet in the local area that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside in an instant! Then, if you’re lucky, you’ll also see some of the squirrels that live in the area. While squirrels might seem right at home in a lot of places, it’s somewhat of an oddity in southeastern Spain due to the lack of trees thanks to rampant construction along the coastline. It’s a place to rest and relax next to the sea since the park ends right at the edge of the La Mata Beach.
Viewpoints in Torrevieja
Gardens in Torrevieja

The best things to do in Torrevieja

If you are wondering what to do in Torrevieja, look no further. There is lots of stuff to do in Torrevieja. The city has an extensive architectural heritage which can be seen in some of the churches, like the Immaculate Conception or the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is also known as La Ermita. These are some of the most iconic
Torrevieja attractions.
Other interesting attractions in
Torrevieja include
the Mirador de la Torre
del Moro, a viewpoint which was once one
of the city's watchtowers. Near there is Eras de la Sal, which is one of the many interesting places to visit in Torrevieja and which represents industrial architecture from the 18th century.

As for things to see in Torrevieja related to nature, there's
Lagunas de la Mata
Nature Park, El
Nature Park, and Lo Ferris Creek, all of which showcase this area's beautiful natural environment. Besides the monuments and buildings of interest, we can't forget to mention one of the best things to do in Torrevieja and one that thousands of tourists enjoy each year: visit its beaches. Playa de la Mata is the largest; is has fine sand and is surrounded by Laguna de la Mata Nature Park.

There are many other Torrevieja activities to do. Search for more information about stuff to do in Torrevieja on minube.