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Things to do in Kiruna

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The top 11 attractions in Kiruna

Churches in Kiruna
Jukkasjärvi (Kiruna) Iglesia Sami de madera
In Jukkasjärvi about 20 km from Kiruna you will find the oldest wooden church that remains of the Sami people in Lapland (XVII century) and it has a marvelous retablo. Sami religious belief is animistic or shamanistic which says that every element of nature, animals or minerals have souls. It is also worth seeing the church's surroundings, its gardens are recreated with a small representation of the Sami customs. Trivia: It is reflected in the book "Spilled Blood" by Asa Larsson
Airports in Kiruna
Kiruna Airport
My 1st contact with Swedish Lapland was loooking from above, through the window of my plane that was coming in to land. The last minutes of the flight were spectacular. It was the first time I saw so much snow from an aircraft. A completely white landscape, a polar immensity that we weren't going to miss in the next ten days. We were in the Arctic Circle. Going down the stairs, we realized that the plane had also landed on a white blanket and the temperature was completely different to Alicante, Freezing. In fact, I was wearing short sleeves under the jacket and immediately noticed the polar cold. I quickly realized nobody should take the freezing cold temperatures in Sweden lightly. Kiruna airport is very tiny. So much so, that there is only one route to and from the airport, Stockholm to Kiruna and vice versa. However, the most important landmark in the area, and many people travel to this town for business or to enjoy a holiday in the snow. Of course it's the airport in northern Sweden. This fact has become the chosen location to hold the Swedish space project.
Lakes in Kiruna
One of my first experiences during my stay a visit to Swedish Lapland's Lake Torneträsk. In fact, after inspecting the team we went to have a walk on the lake. The Torneträsk is a large frozen lake and is right next to the Abisko Mountain Station and is in the Kiruna municipality.The Torneträsk is one of the largest lakes in Sweden and is 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. I will never forget the feeling of walking on the icy waters, especially the noise our footsteps made on the thick ice. While we walked more on the frozen lakes, it is that first time that makes you appreciate it. In addition, the colours were white and ice blue, which combined are beautiful. Although the ice was about 15 meters thick, venturing on Lake Torneträsk was taken with great care, especially after seeing a hole in the ice that had done something to a local fisherman. If you'll pardon the joke, it is a great place to break the ice.
Lakes in Kiruna
Camp Alta Kiruna
High Camp is a kind of camping-bungalow that you can find in the outskirts of Kiruna, with a spectacular lake and sauna. A place to go to relax and watch spectacular sunsets in summer and the northern lights in winter.
Of Touristic Interest in Kiruna
Viewpoints in Kiruna
Of Touristic Interest in Kiruna
Unusual Places in Kiruna
Nature Reserves in Kiruna
Churches in Kiruna
Nature Reserves in Kiruna
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