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Things to do in Malmö

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Activities in Malmö

The top 15 attractions in Malmö

Cities in Malmö
This is a lovely residential neighborhood in the city of Malmo, Sweden, on the Baltic Sea. It has been thought to be an environmentally sustainable area, a role model, in a country with a high quality of life. It is amazing to watch the sunset over the Oresund Bridge, linking Denmark and Scania, a southern Swedish province. This also makes the neighborhood a marina, so supply is very high in regards to hospitality and high quality, the whole neighborhood has an architecture similar to the products of "Ikea", contemporary houses, modern furniture, decoration that is quite minimalist. But what attracts the most visitors in this neighborhood is the famous "Turnin Torso" by architect Santiago Calatrava, a structure 190 meters high . A place with something special, and I recommend a visit, especially if you visit Sweden in summer.
Train Stations in Malmö
Malmö Central Station
Malmo Central Station is the largest railway station in Sweden. Each day about 45,000 people use its trains, subways and buses. It connects Malmo to Copenhagen (20 minutes from Copenhagen airport) and the rest of Sweden. It is built in a mixture of old and modern styles, occupies two buildings that already existed, Perronghallen and Centralhallen, and inside them you'll find everything you could need from Forex (exchanging money) to cafes and restaurants. When you traveling by train in Sweden, you have to consider some things that are not so obvious if you cannot read the local language, and this could make all the difference when on a trip ... There are railway compartments where you cannot talk (this happened to me and I could not say a word ion a 5 hour trip). If travelling by bus, pay attention to the connections ... I waited outside a bus station at dawn (because it was closed) for 2 hours in a temperature of -2 ° C, which gave me a horrible flu which lasted for 2 weeks! Another thing is to go to the toilet in public places have to pay ...
Of Touristic Interest in Malmö
HSB Turning Torso
It is a residential skyscraper 190 meters high and with 54 floors located in the Swedish city of Malmö. It is the tallest residential building in Sweden and the second highest in Europe (on its opening date), and was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was inaugurated on August 27, 2005, after four years of construction. It received the MIPIM Prize at the construction exhibition in Cannes (France) in 2005 as the best residential building in the world. For lovers overs of architecture: incredible.
Of Cultural Interest in Malmö
Oresund Bridge
The truth is it was a treat to see this impressive bridge from a different perspective from the rest of mortals. During my last cruise when passing from Sweden to Denmark the captain suddenly told us that we would have a unique opportunity to see something special. So we went up on deck and we are delighted with the information he gave over the PA as we approached the bridge. He said for example, that the bridge has 2 train tracks and 6 lanes of highway, it was completed in 2000 and opened by the Queen of Denmark and the King of Sweden, it measures 204 m high and 7845 m long. It takes 25 minutes to cross by train and 15 by car. The toll seemed very expensive, about 39 €, but for the Danes this should be OK as many live in Sweden, where house prices are lower, and work in Copenhagen. I was proud that the construction was almost entirely Spanish, Dragados Offshore, specifically. Awesome. As we approached the bridge grew and I remembered that before landing in Copenhagen we had see it. The engineering had to overcome astonishing obstacles. As our ship went under the bridge the captain got excited a lot and made 3 honks. He looked like a little boy with a new toy. A toy of 82,000 tons.
Squares in Malmö
Stortorget is the name given to the main square of Malmö. It is located in the city centre, near the train station. In the centre of the square is a striking equestrian statue of Karl X Gustav, a famous conqueror. This place has a great history, dating back to 1536, when it was built by the then mayor Jörgen Kock. It is an ideal base for exploring the city of Malmö.
Statues in Malmö
Walking from the town hall towards one of the busiest streets to be found in Malmö, on Södergatan street I stumbled upon this sculpture that I personally loved, either because of my dedication to music or because I remembered the story of the Bremen Town Musicians (a personal favorite of mine). Everyone stopped to take pictures with these cool musicians created by the sculptor Yngve Lundell in 1985 and whose work consists of four musicians playing different instruments with their Director, although due to her clothes I couldn´t really figure out exactly what it was. The sculpture wants be a symbol of optimism, which explains its name.
City Halls in Malmö
Malmö Town Hall (Radhus)
The imposing Radhus Malmö building, situated in the Stortorget square, was built in 1546 in the Dutch Renaissance style. The building is currently home to the City Hall or the Radhuset, as it is called in Swedish. I am used to the Spanish municipal buildings and, personally, I thought this was awesome, especially because of its marble facade in various colors. It is also striking that there is activity around it, it is also true that it is next to the main shopping street of the city and it is surrounded by hotels and restaurants.
Streets in Malmö
Sodergatan Street
Lose yourself in this vast city street in Malmö and shop til you drop. A real positive point about this area is that it is totally pedestrian, a car can not pass along this street, not even to load or unload supplies ... Anyway I guess this is also due to the cycling culture that exists here. It is one of the oldest streets of Malmö and it has taken about 30 years to facilitate pedestrian traffic for pedestrians. Along the street as well as shops, you can find sculpture and many attractive buildings, such as the Flensburgska building dating from 1596 or a modern building called Baltzar City dating from 2002.
Harbors in Malmö
Västra Hamnen
This isn't actually a port we're talking about, but rather a neighbourhood. It's famous throughout Sweden for being environmentally friendly, with buildings with modern architecture: universities, colleges, offices and homes in this new and growing area. Personally, I can't help but feel that comparing it with the old Vastra Hamnen is a little sad. There used to be more life in the streets, but now it's just a lot quieter. Hopefully it will liven up soon enough because it is a lovely place, with great parks, areas for skating and tree-lined streets, overlooking the famous Oresund Bridge. If you're interested in sustainability, don't miss it.
Churches in Malmö
Sankt Petri Church
Its tower dominates the city, there is no place from which it cannot be seen, drawing attention to the powerfully green tone of the copper roof and the façade. It is quite original sample brick Gothic undoubtedly and, in contrast with the Spanish churches, it is immense. It is worth going to see these temples. It is the oldest building in Malmö, and it is said that this was the point from which the city developed, with its famous streets and squares along the canal. From inside (where I could not take pictures) I prefer the light from its windows, its altarpiece which claims to be the largest in Northern Europe and its organ, which also boasts (although I am not so sure) of being the oldest in Europe.
Statues in Malmö
Non-Violence Sculpture
Bronze sculptures in both traditional and innovative styles are now fashionable in many cities, Malmö is also one of those places where every four steps you come across one of its decorative sculptures such as the one dedicated to the musical band called Optimistorkestern, cats flooding stairs and a boardwalk or like a gun knot, one that I liked the most and impressed me, curious to know there are gun knots all over the planet but the first was placed here in Malmö and it is surely a total symbol of the city.
Beaches in Malmö
The first night we arrived at this beach totally in the dark, as directed by Google Maps on the phone. But the next day, when we awoke, the sun was shining in the sky, and the atmosphere was almost magical.
Unusual Places in Malmö
Gamla Kyrkogarden
We bought an ice cream and took a little break here in the park. It's open from about 7am to 9pm, and there are always people riding bikes ... but the strange thing is that it's a cemetery! This is one of the strangest places I've ever seen, right in the middle of Malmo, serving as the city's green lung, where you see families strolling, people with pets, couples kissing on the benches like in a normal park ... but it is in fact a cemetery. Today there are no new headstones here, but burials still take place, so don't be surprised if your day in the park is disturbed by a funeral ...
Nature Reserves in Malmö
Airports in Malmö
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The best things to do in Malmö

This Swedish city has acquired great international fame for its charm and beauty. One of the first
Malmö activities that
we recommend you do is to take
a tour of the old town, a stunning place that impresses everyone who visits. Its typical colored houses with gabled roofs will immerse you in a fairy tale. If you leave the old neighborhood, the area of ​​Västra Hammen has a curious skyscraper,
Turning Torso,
which has become the emblem of the city and one of the main Malmo attractions.

A boat ride on the Slottsparken is one of the best things to do in Malmo. As nature lovers, the Swedes have planted a completely organic garden that can be visited. Seeing this original site is among the best of what to do in Malmo. The main plaza is called Stortorget and it's the oldest in the city. If you're going to the museum, you'll pass by Malmöus Castle, which is one of the national heritage attractions in Malmo. There are many more things to see in
Malmö, including the
Western Harbour, an exclusive residential area and the focus of the local architectural vanguards. A final place to recommend as a top place to visit in Malmo is Malmo Chocladfabrik, where you can have a cup of their famous hot chocolate.

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