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Things to do in Key Largo

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The top 2 attractions in Key Largo

Roads in Key Largo
The Overseas Highway
It was in the film True Lies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and this is why I knew the of this road and I am obviously infatuated with it and thought that in any of my travels, I had to cross it. Call it a road that goes cayo cayo jumping (small islands), from Key Largo to Key West (I think from Miami is about 200 km away). In addition to lengthy bridges (more than 40 bridges in total), one of the things that caught my attention, was a road going parallel leading to fallen bridges. It was from the film True Lies (Arnold Schwarzenegger) that I knew of this road and I have always wanted to travel on it. The road goes from Key Largo to Key West (I think from Miami it will be about 200 km). In addition to the many bridges (more than 40 bridges in total), one of the things that attracts attention is a road that runs parallel to one of the fallen bridges.
Of Cultural Interest in Key Largo
Lobster Fishing
If you have never been to the Keys, the famous islands in South Florida, maybe you can't imagine what they're like. In fact, if you're anything like me, you probably picture beautiful beaches and cliffs, something a little bit wild and lively ... nothing could be more wrong! The Keys are very flat and narrow, with the US1 road passing between them, hopping from one island to another by bridges sometimes miles-long. In fact, these bridges are the main tourist attraction. Be sure to pay attention while driving, as they are completely mesmerizing. The only island that really stands out from the others is Key West, which I'll tell you about later. With regard to the others, including Key Largo, you can really just look out of the car window and you won't miss much ... there's a lot of hotels and restaurants. Key Largo is a little more interesting because it's great for divers, with crystal clear waters and plenty of fish and shellfish of all kinds. At the end of July, lobster fishing is opened for two days to non-professional fishermen. You pay a modest fee, and you will be authorized to fish. The results can be incredible: I went with a friend and her children and we caught 39 lobsters on the first day and 34 on the second! Needless to say, we ate lobster all weekend! One more thing: while you are on Key Largo, try to catch the sunset, as it is quite spectacular.
Activities in Key Largo