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Things to do in Carabobo

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The top 85 attractions in Carabobo

Villages in La Colonia Tovar
La Colonia Tovar
From Maracaibo via Tovar Colony, you can take an express to Ottawa ... from there a taxi to the terminal of Victory, there are some vans that run from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm up the mountain to reach the Tovar colony, the passage is very cheap. Just 6,500 Rs. After an exhausting night and one hour trip up the mountain you will find the most wonderful mountain scenery. It is very nice, although there are many curves so i recommend that you have good brakes. After 45 minutes you get to the German town, lots of red roofs and typical German houses, beautiful scenery and plants, peaches and strawberries are waiting, the famous and wealthy German sausages. Take a coat because it's cold ... Here I post some pictures.
Castles in Puerto Cabello
Fortin Solano
Fortin Solano Castle is a military fortress dating back to the colonial era, and even today it remains visible from the top of the hill from the viewing point. It's great to see the city of Puerto Cabello, from a panoramic view the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular, it truly is something to enjoy. I will describe my experience in this castle. It is unique, it is ideal for Yoga at dawn, and at sunset. It has a beautiful panoramic view of the city. I recommend that you go up in a group, if you go on foot, although there is no surveillance at the Castle. And remember to take plenty of water with you, as the water fountain does not work.
Beaches in Puerto Cabello
Beach Yapascua
I went with a friend to Yapascua. Another group of friends were already there. We left Valencia a little late, in the mountains, night fell but we had flashlights. When we got there, there was a fire, so we thought the others were there. Already in the bank, I did not comprehend the nature but I was left without words when I saw a lagoon, salt water. We crossed the lagoon following an inlet, where water enters the Caribbean. Now the other side there was no one but us, the wind, the cold and the roaring sound that produces waves. There was a downpour that threatened to end our camp. In the end we spent the night with some setbacks in the rain and with questions like: Who lit the fire, as we have not found anyone? A fisherman, who was by that place doing his daily work to bring food to his house, told us that the other place had a tent. So we packed up and crossed back to meet with the campers on the other side. And so we found Lefty, a unique character that was there in the same situation as us, looking for the other group. And since that time, whenever I can, fled there to escape the hustle and violence in the cities.
Cities in Valencia
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela
Design, ingenuity and charm. What else ?
Health Clinics in Valencia
La Concepción Estate
The Hacienda La Conception is a Holistic Healing Center, where all aspects are blended to achieve a life of fulfillment in the physical, emotional and spiritual states. It's a place providing peace and comfort that will accompany guests during their stay. Besides the beauty and the area's good climate, the staff specializes in making guests feel special. The beauty of its facilities makes it a must see in the area. Since I discovered this paradise, I have used it as my refuge. I visit at least once a year to get recharged and renewed, both physically and emotionally. I adopt the philosophy towards a healthy lifestyle, from vegetarian food, to meditations, and practice activities such as yoga, tai-chi, etc. Everyone who visits will be captivated by the spectacular architecture, location, climate, people. Do not forget to visit, and make it your "refuge".
Historical Monuments in Puerto Cabello
The Spanish Bridge
The Spanish Bridge, is located in the San Esteban National Park, its original name is "The Bridge of Paso Hondo", it's an architectural marvel of the colonial era, dating from the late 18th century. It's characterized by its arched form, and broad columns, it's a truly magical place and is a must visit, from every point of view. Besides, it's in the middle of the mountains with a vegetation and small wooded area it borders the river San Esteban. To describe my experience in this magical place, is to remember the comedy that was me trying to walking around a mountainous area in inappropriate shoes. It had rained a lot in those days, so I went up "rolling" and you can't imagine the descent. So, take the precaution of wearing proper shoes for that area and you'll enjoy the splendor, vegetation, wildlife, and the magic of the place.
Flea Markets in Valencia
Touristic Parador Craft
The Artisan Tourist Stop "Portachuelo" is somewhere that has the most prestigious craftsmen of Carabobo. Their works of art, paintings, wood carvings, exquisite beverage processing, handicrafts dominated by the Vetiver, a typical regional plant, religious figures, traditional cuisine, Creole candy and much more are highlighted here. It is a must when going Aguirre. In the ​​Montalban area is the Apiary "Los Cerritos", an exquisite honey and all its derivatives, processed by an "Angel", Mr. Tulio, you have to visit. Moreover, Paul the goose will give you a warm welcome, he's quite a character. When I visited my Refuge, the Hacienda La Conception, is a must, the Artisan Tourist Shop "Portachuelo" is also there to get some rich and exquisite artisan sweets, cinnamon, anise, coco and ginger are indicative of this area. The cuisine is another point of reference, their crafts are much appreciated and serve as reminder so that you do not forget the visit.
Amusement Parks in Naguanagua
Islands in Puerto Cabello
Long Island
It's a beautiful show! Peaceful deep diving around shipwrecks & coral. Swim in clear calm waters. Boat ride, restaurant and more. Transfers from morning until evening. It is a paradise of anti-stress.....
Markets in Puerto Cabello
The Beach Market
The Beach Market is an outdoor market located opposite the Spa Playa Blanca. It is open on Saturdays and it offers a large variety of products and Earth Sea, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, that are all characterized by freshness and good prices. There are also very typical foods from the region like empanadas, manducas, cachapas, arepas, the exquisite sesame juice, you have to try everything. The most beautiful is the joy of the people, inviting back once again. Just be sure to go on a sunny day because on rainy days it becomes muddy and is just not at all condusive to a good time. Anyway, it's worth the visit. My experience in this market is nice, I like to feel the fresh scents of fruits, the colorful flowers and vegetables, the treatment of the people and the economy that represents shopping there, anyway, my must-attend event on Saturday. ;-) Ciao
Bays in Puerto Cabello
Patanemo Bahia
Patanemo Bay, is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with spectacular views to enjoy. It is located in the City of the same name, Patanemo, which in its originally means "with peace," . Its people are friendly and welcoming. The food is hearty, in particular are Cripples, which can be enjoyed on the seashore. The views at sunset are stunning. The journey to the bay is ideal for the more adventurous, climbing through rocky mountain paths until you arrive at the scenic bay itself.On the way, there are also some original paintings by "the child", which are a must-see for any visitors!
Of Cultural Interest in Valencia
Cowboy Town
Cowtown is a special place to have a fun and healthy time with your whole family. It´s like being in the Wild West. It´s really cheap and the service is great. I invite everyone to have fun and enjoy the lagoon. Bring your bathing suits!
Museums in Naguanagua
Squares in Naguanagua
Gardens in Naguanagua
Bars in Valencia
El Teatro Bar Valencia
This theater features Live Music, live comedy, Plays, Dj's, Performance, Concerts, Three environments, electronic music, varied rock music, and a terrace. It even has the best drinks, the best rumbas, the best concerts, smoking area, security, and it is in a good area. It is the best choice of Valencia. Twitter: @ elteatrobar_vln | Facebook: / ElTeatroBarValencia
Gardens in Valencia
Nature Reserves in Cubiro
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