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Hotels in Cameroon

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    relais porte mayo hotel
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    campement rumsiki hotel
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    baba hotel
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    Put simply: we were "warned" that the Hotel Baba in Foumban, would be the worst of the trip. When we arrived, I did not understand why and it never became apparent during our stay (no, there were no surprises) ;-). The truth is it was newly renovated, something important in Africa, and the place was very good. Clean, spacious rooms (some in the main building, others in bungalows scattered around a well cared for garden), and the restaurant was very good too! (FYI, you have to meals well in advance ... for example, if you plan to dine there, let them know in the morning, and say what you want, so that they can go to market and have it ready for the time you would like .. the staff and the cook are good!). The only downside is that it is located at the entrance road to Foumban, about 2 km or more from the main town. This means that, at least for the night, it is not practical to walk there. This is mostly for security reasons - there is no lighting and you would need to walk with a flash light... be careful.d. Therefore, the hotel is not easily accessible and you have to plan for this. Luckily taxis and moto-taxis are not expensive. The topic of hot water and light, as in many other places in Africa, is also a bit chaotic ... however, this site was fairly controlled. Apart from its beauty, something else to admire is the striking lion "art" in front of the reception, as well as the tables and chairs made by famous craftsmen of Foumban. The staff are also very friendly, and I assure you is not common in this area .. normally staff in this area are apathetic and slow .... or are severe and harsh. Not here. All in all, a good recommendation!
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    paradise hotel
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    The Hotel Paradise is one of the many hotels that are located in front of the Kribi beaches. Since we went in the low season, it was almost empty, we saw that there were several buildings of up to two stories, with rooms ranging from the modest to shabby, and of various sizes (from small to really unusually large). The room prices vary depending on the size, presence or absence of air conditioning, etc.. I was really drawn to the gardens and saw that they were really well taken care of. Some of the leaves I saw were as large as fans. The reception is generally the kind of people who will make you feel that you've stepped into the famous commercial of "you're stresssing" ... come on, slow down. When you ask questions, you can expect that they will answer very quietly. There are not unpleasant or rude, do not get me wrong. Breakfast is pretty good, though you'll have to order specifically what you want (I mean, do you want exactly, if tea, coffee, eggs, toast or what). One of the fun surprises that we had was that there was a shoot of one of the soap operas that there are all the rage Cameroon (the Cameroon and in neighboring Nigeria). It will not be surprising to find a hairdresser paralyzed watching chapter a day, or a shop, or a TV in the street with a large group of women and men with their mouths open, following the adventures of their idols. Well, here they were shooting one or several chapters. When we first saw them on the beach, they made a sound technician left the microphone to an assistant and came running towards us (there were two of us) to ask us to get out on the scene. No way, ha ha!. And then I saw in the morning at our hotel shooting a scene at breakfast plan. The main character, a "hunk" (rather short, of course), passed us deep voice greeting us with great poise and an air of "yes, I know you want me, I'm gorgeous" Bon jour, bon jour .. . He went to the waitresses, who incidentally, were unfazed, and returned to take his place in filming. We decided to capture the moment with our cameras, and to our surprise, he posed with his "good side" as we threw kisses. It was really funny, and unforgettable.
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    hilton yaounde hotel
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    Located in the heart of the city and within walking distance of shopping and government buildings. There are 257 rooms, all decorated to the highest level of comfort and with first class service. The hotel is conveniently located close to the attractions of the city, with high quality, fully equipped rooms.
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    mont febe hotel
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    Located in the city of Yaoundé, about 950 m above sea level, providing panoramic views over the city and surrounding area, and surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty. Once here, whether the reason for your trip be business or just to relax, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility.
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    minotel seme beach hotel
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    The Minotel Seme Beach Hotel is a three star resort in the beautiful town of Limbe. All of the rooms are chic and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the sea. There are some local gastronomic delights that are offered, as well as international recipes. The surroundings are quiet and full of green.
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    chez etienne, guest house
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    ibis douala hotel
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    seme new beach hotel
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    hotel seme beach
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    les gites de kribi
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