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    Where to stay in Tangier-Tétouan

    Hotels in Tangiers
    Hotel Continental
    Hello, I've actually come here because I saw a recommendation about the Hotel Continental in Tangiers. I've traveled around the north of Morocco, from Tangiers to Saidia. The coastal area is very nice but overall it's rather run-down. I suppose it always has been, since the area gets so few tourists. There are, however, countless Moroccans visiting from Europe. We were in Tangiers for a total of three days. I had always just passed through, but this time I went with the idea of ​​going to the Hotel Continental, you know Paul Bowles, Allen Ginsberg, and Brian Jones all stayed. A hotel with lots of history. The truth is that it's great: the location, the building, the quiet rooms. And the price isn't bad. I recommend it. Getting there is pretty interesting though. Tangiers also has something that no other cities in Morocco have. I'm not sure if its the history of the Casbah, or something else... But once you finally arrive and see the silhouette, you get happy on the inside. Also, if you go to the Casa de España, they give you a little plate of fish with each beer, and after two beers you end up having dinner.
    Hotels in Asilah
    Patio de la Luna Hotel
    Although Asilah has several places to stay, usually these places are not known for their charm. For this reason, the Patio de la Luna is recommended. Simple, rustic, but adorable, the Patio de la Luna is at the entrance to the medina. White and blue, decorated between Andalusian and Moroccan, and owner of a small plant-filled courtyard, the small hotel this run by a friendly Spanish couple.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    El Minzah Hotel
    The Minzah was witness to history. This Spanish-Moorish building was opened in 1930 and remains to this day one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, and a symbol of the charm of a unique era. Its location overlooking the Mediterranean and the old Medina sets this place apart, and some of the most colorful characters from the world of culture, entertainment, and politics have stayed here. One of the distinctive features of the hotel is the central courtyard tiles and whitewashed walls which recall Southern Spain. In the center of the courtyard, there's a small fountain and some lemon trees to provide a little freshness on hot, sunny days. The Minzah is both a hotel from the past and present, with its spa, café, restaurant and swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. It offers luxurious services to every traveler who's lucky enough to visit this beautiful Mediterranean city.
    Hostels in Chefchaouen
    Gernika Hostal
    The Hostal Gernika (without a u) in Chefchaouen, is a pleasant place to spend a night in the blue medina. Its Spanish owner who bought the property two decades ago, has looked after the details of the rooms, the bathrooms, the lounge and the terrace, making you feel at home for their cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff who make it a homely, cozy hostel. Raul, a Spanish guy at the front desk serving will not hesitate to help you with all the questions you may have and using his time to strike up a pleasant conversation with the traveler. One of the attractions of the hostel is the prices, the double room with bath and shower costs 200 dirhams (20) euros, and the breakfast is extra about 3.50, any traveler tired of the routine of tea with mint or coffee, as in the Gernika's exquisite bread with tomato and olive oil, white coffee, goat cheese and the delicious orange juice, makes you think you're on the Spanish coast, taking a good breakfast. To add to that there is wifi in the hostel and wonderful views from the terrace. A place to consider.
    Vacation Resorts in Tétouan
    Marina Smir.
    Considered the jewel of the southern Mediterranean ports, Port Marina Smir, in northern Morocco, just 10 km from Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltar, close to the Costa del Sol. 450 berths up to 60 meters. Port Marina Smir is managed by the Moroccan subsidiary of the European group of companies nautical Marina Group Investments, which owns Marina Marbella SA Construction. Completed in 1992 and today enjoys excellent prospects as the first marina in a country immersed in a rapid process of modernization, economic growth and getting closer to Europe.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    Goa Chefchauen Marruecos Hotel
    This is certainly one of the most charming places in Chefchaouen. Its owner, Valerie, is a Swiss woman who has spent many years living in Morocco. She has created a very nice space decorated in Indian and Moroccan style, with a terrace where you can see beautiful views overlooking the village and the mountains.
    Hotels in Tétouan
    Riad Dalia hotel
    This is a place steeped in history. It's was the Dutch consul's residence in Tetouan during the time when the city was the capital diplomatic of the Cherifian Empire. The Ryad has remained virtually unchanged for 300 years, for better and for worse. For example, the windows of my single room had no insulation, only bars, so the moisture in the air was palpable and the lighting was poor, even with the lights turned on. It was once a room used by the service staff, but the suites used by the consular and their guests were different. These were large, bright and more comfortable. Apparently, the house next door was built without a permit to be wall to wall with my room, but the builders directly used the wall of the Ryad. Thus, the Friday night noise hindered my sleep until I advised the person responsible for the noise and shouted a couple of words at the inhabitants of the house. All this being said, it's the only accommodation in Tetuan's Medina and it's worth knowing about. I only paid 150 dh, including breakfast.
    Hotels in Chefchaouen
    Casa Perleta
    This is a typical Ryad or hotel located in a house with four floors which has been nicely restored to give the guest a very pleasant experience. One feature that stands out is the immediate brightness and especially the balcony with breathtaking views over the Medina. The restoration was superb and the attention to detail is magnificent, from the painted walls (in the typical Chefchauoen blue) to the shutters curtains of cloth or fabric djellabas, through to the furniture and plants that adorn every corner. Really a commendable job. The management is really friendly and very informative about the different areas that you can visit in Chefchaouen (monuments, souks, restaurants, etc.) or the possible activities to do in the area (walking, hiking, etc.). You should call or contact the Ryad to book in advance, especially during high season (summer, long weekends, etc.).
    Country Houses in Asilah
    Asilah's medina is one of the most beautiful, clean, quiet and relaxing ones in Morocco!!! The houses are in the medina, and they are clean, cozy and many with ocean views. Life is very quiet and you can make many trips: beaches, caves, Sidi-Mugaits where you can visit a beach bar called "Xiringo Miguel", where you can eat a potato omelette and sardines or grilled chicken , from tagine to couscous, in a super laid back, clean and very hospitable environment.
    Hotels in Chefchaouen
    Riad Nerja Chaouen hotel
    Five minutes from the pulsating Outa Hammam Nerja square in Riad, in the heart of the old Medina in Chefchaouen and surrounded by old walls. 300 meters away you can see the famous Ras El Maa waterfall and 300m from the lively Plaza de Outa Hammam is the Riad Nerja. This is where charm from the past lives on every day. Its strong façade insulates it from the hustle and bustle, and the interior is fresh and has subtle aromas of traditional Andalusian architecture. The colors of the Islamic world in the central halls survive to this day. The interior still retains its wonderful mosaics of yesteryear and a central balcony that illuminates and brings peace to the whole house. Wrapped in blue and white ... windows, original floors and Berber carpet. Quite a clever combination of comfort and colonial Moroccan tradition. is a good place for a holiday, its manager and employees are responsible for making your stay comfortable and pleasant.
    Hotels in Chefchaouen
    Salam Hotel
    This is a cozy hotel run by a Spaniard and a Moroccan. The price is good. This hotel boasts a very cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Typical and traditional accommodation. It's in the Jewish Quarter, behind the Great Mosque, 50 meters from the Plaza Uta el-Hammam in the heart of Chefchaouen. With several floors and a terrace with panoramic views over the Kasbah and the mountains, the rooms all have private bathrooms. It has collective kitchen where we prepare our own food, which is very appreciated by the convenience and cost savings. Being constructed on an old hammam, from the "Well of Princess Anka" You can see the crystal clear waters and an old legend says, who looks waters find love and riches.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    Le Mirage Hotel
    Le Mirage is a luxury hotel located in the suburbs of Tangier, just 20 minutes from the airport and near the La Montagne (a wealthy neighborhood). It has 25 luxury suites and is next to the "Royale Golf Club" golf course. The views from the rooms are breathtaking since it's located on a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean. All rooms have large windows and private terraces, plus the usual amenities. It even has a private beach. Le Mirage is famous for regularly having Tangiers movie stars, businessmen or government chairmen as guests, all of which say it's their favorite hotel in the area. Is very close to the Caves of Hercules and Cape Spartel, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.
    Hotels in Chefchaouen
    Casa Hassan
    I recommend spending a few days in the small town of Chefchaouen, specifically in the hotel-restaurant Casa Hassan. The people are very friendly, it's not too crowded, and fairly quiet for walks in the mountains. I went with a group of 11 people and we booked through a travel agency. The hotel is charming and completely renovated. The living room has three fireplaces and several sofas to keep out the cold. The rooms are set around a courtyard using local architecture. If the hotel is full, it can be noisy with the bustle in the main hall, so I recommend the terrace rooms with spectacular views of the city landscape. Our meals in the restaurant and breakfast at the hotel were included in our rates. The food in this restaurant is highly recommended, for just 8 euros you get a fixed menu. In my opinion, the best dishes were the harira soup and the tagines, specifically the sweet veal! Spectacular! We went to eat at other restaurants and this was the best by far. I hope you enjoy your stay here, just as we did.
    Country Houses in Asilah
    This is a quiet and relaxing house. It is very colorful and in a very clean and quiet environment, no noise, no cars, no abnormalities, a paradise. The house has 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a terrace. They are near super clean beaches, especially the holy beach where you can eat divinely in Xiringo of Michael, at the end of the beach.
    Hotels in Chefchaouen
    Chaouen Apartametos Turisticos hotel
    One bedroom apartment with a queen-sized bed, one complete bathroom, American kitchen, eating area, living room, all completely furnished and decorated Mediterranean-style with Arab details. It's a pretty apartment. Situated in the Sibbani neighborhood, very close to Plaza Uta Hammam. The building can be reached walking and there is parking available.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    Golden Tulip Andalucia Golf Tanger hotel
    The Hotel Andalucia Golf Tanger, although a five-star hotel, is in need of some repairs, especially in the rooms, like hanging down curtains or leaky showers. Plus the service leaves much to be desired. The best thing is the golf course and the seating area next to the pool and spa. The hotel is relatively isolated from the bustle of the city so it is ideal for playing golf and relaxing.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    Hôtel Rembrandt
    You couldn't find a better location: a 5 minute walk from the Medina and a 5 min. taxi from the post. The rooms are spacious and very clean and offer view of the sea. We didn't take a dip in the pool, but it looks great for summer. The reception staff speak English and Spanish and are quite friendly.
    Guesthouses in Chefchaouen
    Pension la Castellana
    A pension in the middle of one of the most beautiful medinas in all of the the Maghreb, situated in the Rif mountain area, frequented by tourists who come to admire the beauty of streets with bright colors in which the walls of the houses walls painted blue.
    Hotels in Tangiers
    Resorts in Tétouan
    Los Jardines de Cabo
    Cape Gardens is a luxury residence in Tetuan. If you can afford it, it's nice to rent apartments here. I advise you not to stay in the hotel and discover the wealth of this city!
    Activities in Tangier-Tetouan