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Mont Saint Michel Abbey

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178 reviews of Mont Saint Michel Abbey

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One of the most incredible places in normandy

The spot where the abbey was built is really cool. I saw it in pictures for the first time, and I told myself I had to see it with my own eyes. When I actually visited the reality far exceeded any photo I had seen before. It was a magical place indeed. As you go through the door you enter the Middle Ages. Don't miss it for the world!
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You simply have to see it

Mont Saint Michel is one of those places that's difficult to describe, so you just simple have to see it. Go there and let yourself be inspired! The island's silhouette on the horizon draws you in from miles away...the feeling of attraction is indescribable.

If you're visiting Brittany or Normandy, you absolutely MUST see this fantastic place.

The Mont St. Michael is impressive as is the Abbey and a visit leaves no one indifferent.
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A fascinating place

This one of the most impressive places I've ever been to. You can see all the photos and videos in the world, but there's nothing that compares to seeing it in real life. It's incredible how the tides rush back and forth and cover everything. It's a shame, though, that it can get so crowded...I'd suggest going in the off season to enjoy this magical place without so many stressful crowds.

It's incredible!
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Comming back to the present from mont saint-michel

Makes you think of simpler times when people had time to contemplate living and not simply hurrying through life.
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