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Things to do in Le Mont-Saint-Michel

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Activities in Le Mont-Saint-Michel

The top 9 attractions in Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Historical Monuments in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel Abbey
The spot where the abbey was built is really cool. I saw it in pictures for the first time, and I told myself I had to see it with my own eyes. When I actually visited the reality far exceeded any photo I had seen before. It was a magical place indeed. As you go through the door you enter the Middle Ages. Don't miss it for the world!
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Bays in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel Bay
I have just fulfilled a dream which was to learn about this magical place which more than met my expectations. I must emphasise that it is essential to go off season and midweek, although there have been lots of Japanese tourists during my journey through Brittany and Normandy. Something unique which I recommend walking along, of course when the tide is low, toward this mountain. Warning signs of death, loss due to fog, quicksand, drowning, etc etc are lavished on the outskirts of this site, so contacting Jacky Gromberg is a good choice, as she is a guide who can provide you with information of all sorts, and will lead you along the best and safest route since the tides play tricks on a regular basis on those who aren't cautious enough. This place is a centre of pilgrimage, and going into these gray misty marshes is something magical. In good weather the trip can be done barefoot without problems, but now it's best to equip yourself with good rubber boots and a raincoat. You will be able to start from the same mountain, or from Courtils La Roche Thorin (12km in about 4 hours) or from Genets Bec-d'Andaine (14 km in about 6 hours travelling). The insurance is 10 € and the required reservation can be made on 0683297810. The routes from April to October vary so check schedules on the web.
Churches in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Eglise Saint Pierre
The Eglise St. Pierre was built in the 11th century, but over the centuries it has undergone various renovations. It is on the main road down a little ways from the abbey, and it boasts the interesting fact that its apse was built on Cemetery Street. The furniture in the church comes from the abbey, and there's a small chapel to venerate St Michel, as above (in the abbey) nothing remains.
Historical Monuments in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Salle des Chevaliers (Knights Hall)
In the heart of the abbey, in a large living room, decorated with many columns forming four aisles, is one of the most remarkable pieces of the abbey. Its original name is "scriptorium" and changed to "salle des chevaliers", after the creation of the Ordre des Chevalier by Louis XI in 1469. However, it seems to have never hosted knights, only served as a place of manuscript copy for monks.
Historical Monuments in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Walls of Mont Saint Michel
Surrounding the small village of Mont Saint Michel, the walls are probably the second place of cultural interest, obviously after the Abada. Built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, to protect the Mont from different attacks (mainly by English invaders), they're now perfectly preserved and still stand majestically. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk along the "Path of the walls", after which we have, in places a breathtaking view of Mont bay.
Hiking in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Historical Monuments in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Of Touristic Interest in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
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Streets in Le Mont-Saint-Michel

The best things to do in Le Mont-Saint-Michel

There are quite a few places to visit in Le Mont-Saint-Michel, but you can cover everything in this small island in about three hours. The island has some really charming spots, like the Abbey of Notre-Dame-sous-Terre and the Chapel of Saint-Aubert, both of which are high on the list of things to see in Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

A visit to the Church of St Pierre is one of the most popular Le Mont-Saint-Michel activities. The church is located on the main street. The statue of St. Gabriel the Archangel slaying the dragon of Revelation at the top of the tower of the abbey is one of the most beautiful Le Mont-Saint-Michel attractions, so don't miss it!

You'll find many attractions in Le Mont-Saint-Michel, and the great thing about this island is that nothing is too far away. Enjoy the scenery, marvel at the views, and lose yourself in its streets and alleys. Just taking a walk across the bay is high on many travelers' lists of stuff to do in Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

To learn more about things to do in Le Mont-Saint-Michel, use minube. Read the feedback from people who have already been to this place and learn more about this magical island situated in the region of Lower Normandy. You won't be asking yourself what to do in Le Mont-Saint-Michel for long!