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Prince\\\'s Garden (Jardín del Príncipe)

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14 reviews of Prince\\\'s Garden (Jardín del Príncipe)

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Entering a fairy-tale

The Prince's Garden (Jardín del Prícipe, in Spanish) is perhaps the most famous of the many opulent gardens in the Royal town of Aranjuez, Spain. It was built in 1804 as a sort of natural playground for the Royals, and is especially known for being the departing point for the Royal family's absolutely ostentatious boats. The place has tons of history and detail, but honestly, I didn't pay attention to it nor will I re-tell it. What I will say, though, is that it's a really, really magical place.

You enter via a series of large gates located along Calle de la Reina and there are large, tree-lined avenues, shady pathways, hidden fountains, ponds, pavilions, and museums, all lined by the lazy Tagus (Tajo) River and its delightfully white swans. The best plan is to take a bag full of water and snacks, some good walking shoes, and a camera and just explore the 150-acre plot. My suggestion is that whenever you come across a small, mysterious path, take it! As you meander, you'll come across magical ponds like the Estanque de los Chinescos, shady groves full of wildflowers, little huts, and other things that'll make you feel like some character in a fairy-tale.

In the end, it's just a park, but it's an especially magical one and one that should be toward the top of your list when you visit Aranjuez.
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A photographer's paradise

This is a great place to relax and to ultimately cure stress. In spring and autumn, it offers an enviable walk under the shadows with the colours of the leaves, the variety of plants (trees), the environment, etc. It's a photographer's paradise. This is my town!
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The River Tagus at sunset
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