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Things to See in Jerusalem

The 32 best things to see according to real travelers

The top places to visit in Jerusalem

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Reasons to visit Jerusalem

The best things to do in Jerusalem

Most travelers visiting this city make their list of what to do in Jerusalem based on their own interests. Of course, this is a popular destination for religious tourists, and as the city is the ancient home to three religions, the Jerusalem activities that appeal to each tourist may vary depending on their own beliefs.

But regardless of your religion, if you want to know the essence of the city, the real life of the city, there are many places to visit in Jerusalem that are unmissable. Archaeogical sites, museums and markets, squares and bars in which you can see the day to day life of the city are all high on the list of stuff to do in Jerusalem.

The Old Town holds the majority of Jerusalem attractions. Here you'll find the Holy Sepulchre Christian Quarter, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall of the Jewish Quarter, the Armenian Church of St. James Armenian Quarter, and the Via Dolorosa. THe Mount of Olives is one of the things to see in Jerusalem that is especially attractive for Christians. It features places like the tomb of the Virgin Mary, the Garden of Gethsemane ... Likewise Mount Zion is one of the attractions in Jerusalem of great archaeological value.

The City of David is one of the oldest in the world, so many travelers are amazed just to be in the same place where our ancestors lived. The Israel Museum, located in the city, is one of the best things to do in Jerusalem if you want to learn more about the archaelogical history of this area. You can admire the remains of documents thousands of centuries old, as well as see samples of Modern Art, classical, etc. The museum has over ten wings to visit. But to see the real Jerusalem you have to lose yourself in its narrow streets, mix with the people and enjoy the daily life of the city. Do not hesitate and dare to discover Jerusalem.
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