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Things to do in Tel Aviv

44 contributors

The top 17 attractions in Tel Aviv

Viewpoints in Tel Aviv
Old Jaffa Lookout
You absolutely cannot miss this spot. You begin on the Tel Aviv promenade and following it south, you come to Jaffa. Just before reaching a viewpoint it delves a bit into the sea, giving a beautiful view of both the historic Jaffa as the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv to the other side. It is also a good point, as well as the rest of the boardwalk, to see the sunset over the Mediterranean.
Historical Monuments in Tel Aviv
Old City of Jaffa
Yafo, The city from which emerged the first inhabitants of Tel Aviv. It's city with the largest port in Israel for many years. It's worth going for a walk and getting lost in these arab streets and taking a look around the market. Yafo. The city in which they live, in harmony, Jews, Moors and Christians.
Markets in Tel Aviv
Carmel Market (Shuk Ha'Carmel)
The structure is almost like a tunnel and is really full of people. It's the market, where fruit and vegetables, spices, nuts, candy, food stalls, clothes, flowers, bread, and oils are sold. There is bustle and entertainment. The street that houses it is quite large and the bustle can take a while to pan out. Anyway, I recommend not to rush going through it, because there is much much to do and many details to take into consideration.
Beaches in Tel Aviv
Banana Beach
This is the beach in Tel Aviv. It is a nice place to be for its fresh air that comes directly from the Mediterranean Sea. The large beach is beautiful and spacious with fine sand to allow you to rest. The day we were went there were dancers, probably from the Dance University of Tel Aviv which is well known, dancing on the beach.
Viewpoints in Tel Aviv
Azrieli Observatory
From the 49th floor of the Azrieli Center, you can enjoy a bird's eye view of the whole city, the coast and the very best sunsets. To go up, it is about 5 euros.
Of Touristic Interest in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Night Tour
The Tel Aviv nightlife is fantastic. The city is full of bars that despite their exterior appearance, have an interior that combines the modern with the traditional elements.They have the great architecture of ancient sites with music, lights and cocktails which make it a great place to have a good night. The Breakfast Night Club is one of the most recommended by the locals, but if you do not want to complicate your stay by trying to get in on your own, you can contact guide ve took us there (via Facebook Igal Zeevi). He speaks Spanish and English.
Harbors in Tel Aviv
Marina - Tel Aviv
Not much to say, it's a good place to sit back and relax, if possible with some good company and peace of mind. My first impression is that the area is not in need of money, and the service in local cafes probably won't be best, but the rest? Heck, the rest is fine.
Gardens in Tel Aviv
Charles Clore Garden
A stroll along the Charles Clore Garden when the sun is setting is one of the best ways to end the day in Tel Aviv. I went on the eve of Sabbath and there were families singing and praying while the sun set. The views of the old part of Jaffa, especially during this magic hour, are spectacular.
Markets in Tel Aviv
Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall
It does not have the huge amount of fruit and vegetables that the market next door does, but this market is full of curiosities and local craft products that touch every branch. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, metal, pendants, bracelets, boxes, etc It is flanked by plenty of restaurants and cafes. The truth is that in both markets it is easy to spend an entire morning. The market only opens on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10.00 to 17.00.
Museums in Tel Aviv
Ilana Goor Museum
Saturday evening in Tel Aviv. After enjoying the viewpoint of Abrasha Park, with its breathtaking views of the city, our guide offered to take us to the interesting Ilana Goor Museum, open Sunday-Friday from 10 to 16h and Saturday and holidays from 10 to 18h . A big surprise of the day! The museum is located on a hill, and is an architectural gem, and a work of art in itself, with its stunning views of the Mediterranean. Used as home of the artist, with a fascinating collection of over 500 works of art. It is a place steeped in magical eclecticism that has allowed me to discover this multidisciplinary, individualistic, self-taught and international artist. A fun place, and at times suffocating. Its kitchen and upper deck are two highlights of the visit. Very interesting!
Gardens in Tel Aviv
Iarkon Park
It is the most famous park in Israel. It's famous worldwide for its size, bigger than Central Park!
Train Stations in Tel Aviv
The current most chic place in Tel Aviv is the newly renovated train station. It once joined Jaffa and Jerusalem, is now filled with restaurants, cafes, boutiques and exhibition centers. One of the meeting points of the city.
Squares in Tel Aviv
Habima Square
The cultural center of Tel Aviv, where the National Theatre and the Auditorium are, is one of the most beautiful places in this vibrant city. The Square is very spacious with light colors, restored in 2007, it becomes "alive" with a beautiful garden in the basement with trees, flowers, plants, grass, and sand inviting you to sit down on the wooden benches and converse with classical music in the background. The notes are heard only when it reaches the level of the plants and the traffic in the streets, not far away, suddenly disappears. A great place, even at night. The garden was designed by architect Dani Karavan.
Cities in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
Lot of things to do like a walk at the seashore from Tel Aviv to Jaffa, Sarona Market, Carmel Market, Neve Tsedek neighborhood.
Of Touristic Interest in Tel Aviv
Shlomo Lahat Promenade
Something you should not miss during your visit to Tel Aviv is a sunny morning on the Tel Aviv promenade. Here you must discover the people and enjoy the fine Mediterranean breeze while going for a walk or a bike ride.
Airports in Tel Aviv
Aeropuerto Ben Gurion de Tel Aviv
Great airport.
Streets in Tel Aviv
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The best things to do in Tel Aviv

Wondering what to do in Tel Aviv? One of the first things to see in Tel Aviv is the White City, a
UNESCO World Heritage Site
in the city centre. It contains the largest group of buildings in the world built in the International Bauhaus style, a style born in Germany based on the use of clean geometric shapes and asymmetry.

The White City extends from Allenby Street to the sea. To its north is the HaYarkon Park, on the banks of the Yarkon River and the port of Tel Aviv, two of the best attractions in Tel Aviv for nightlife. Among important historical places to visit in Tel Aviv are the houses of Bialik, Ben Gurion and Dizengoff, the old cemetery on Trumpeldor Street, and the Reuven House. For those who love nature, stuff to do in Tel Aviv includes strolling through Abu Kabir garden, HaYarkon Park, and the botanical gardens, which are next to the University of Tel Aviv. In addition, the city has several plazas, among which include Rabin, HaMedina Square, and Dizengoff.

As for religious Tel Aviv attractions, there are churches, monasteries, and mosques in the city. You can also stroll through its charming streets or its picturesque colorful markets, such as Jaffa flea market and the Carmel, HaTikva, and Levinsky markets, as well as two shopping malls, Dizengoff and Azrieli.

Other things to do in Tel Aviv include exploring the old Akhuzat Bayit neighborhood, which extends between Montifiore
street and Yehuda HaLevi street. It makes up part of the city's history and is surrounded by numerous buildings like the Nakhlat Binyamin. It is the heart of the city, and forms the triangle between Shenkin Street, Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street. For more Tel Aviv activities, browse through the experiences shared by minube users.