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La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

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+34 932 080 414
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585 reviews of La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Dónde vamos Eva

At the treshold of a dream

I must admit that for as tall as I am, today I felt incredibly small. This temple gives you an overwhelming sensation, one of insignificance in front of such a great masterpiece. This afternoon, we decided to enter after putting the visit off for 3 years since we noticed a few days ago that the constructions has progressed incredibly fast.

Entering this place is like crossing the frontier between real life and dreams. The combination of natural light from the windows and the artificial light of the lamps is impossible to describe. The shapes imitating nature, mother nature, the splendor of the land, incredible hidden symbolism. To be honest, impressive, unique, divine, timeless, are not enough to describe the reality of La Sagrada Familia. The best gift we can give is to keep silent, the building leaves us completely flabbergasted. You'll have a stiff next the next day, for all the time you spent looking up. This place ennobles us as human beings, a fine example the wonderful things we can build, and without God's help ;).

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Bastion of Modernism

The city of Barcelona, the center of Modernism and favorite destination of many, attracts visitors from everywhere on the planet, those craving sun, party and culture. One of the great architectural icons is the Sagrada Familia church, daughter of the master Gaudí and must-see if you're interested in catalan modernity. The construction of the so-called expiatory temple of la Sagrada Familia started in 1882, when Gaudí was only 31. The Catalan genius thus dedicated the last 15 years of his life creating and building it.

The Neo-Gothic origins of its design went changing as the construction went on, in an improvised and daring way.

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Olatz Pereda


We took the subway and got out at the closest exit to the cathedral. As you go up the stairs to get out, looking up, you see the structure of the building. Impressive, the first time we saw it, it was huge, beautiful. The interior also, it is very original, they say Gaudí was inspired by woods and nature in general when he designed it. It is really fantastic:)

They also say, and I don't know if it's true, that the alterations of the cathedral will end on the 150th anniversary of Gaudí's birth, because he dedicated a great part of his life designing this cathedral, not finished yet. I thought

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Majestuous, different, modern.

La Sagrada Familia, as you all know, is the cathedral designed by Gaudía, that he couldn't finish and that is being built thanks to donations. In the last years things have been pushed a lot thanks to the Japanese, who are amazed at it and come in great numbers to visit it. The central nave is finished already, but the while monument isn't, and I'm not sure it will in the next ten years, because of all the problems for its location: it is in the middle of the city of Barcelona, at equal distance from the sea, the mountain, and the two rivers at the limit of the Catalan capital, Llobregat and El Besos.

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Kimberly A. Molinaro



There really are no words for what Gaudi accomplished here. The idea of spirituality and nature, all of the elements you see, simply will take your breath away.

I spent hours here just watching the light change in the stained glass, because that changed the room again and again. Truly will be a stunning stunning place when finished. If you do not like small spaces or stairs, avoid the towers. There are elevators up, but only way down are the stairs.

Travis Ng Jian Wei

La Sagrada Familia

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Barcelona, but definitely a worthwhile trip. Buy the tickets online in advance, so that you can skip the queue on your day of visit. You can opt for an audio guide, which allows you to gain a better understanding of how this church was built and why it was built.

Laura González Alastuey

Barcelona, sunny day. Afro music, jazz,...

Barcelona, sunny day. Afro music, jazz, dance. Artist, inspiring artists. Sometimes you may forget your own country has lots of them. Karol Galindo, Jorge Franch. It's about heart, love and passion.
Barcelona sunny day. Architecture, history and again art.

Inspiring verticality, organic movement, expression of true nature. It's about heart, its about the passion of a man, it's about love and religión.

He is well known, he is appreciated, he reminds me of the other two I mentioned and the affluence of people that go visit him is much bigger.

Barcelona, it is about love it is about art it is about heart.

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Dripta Roy

In Construction

This seemed like an excellent time to capture the busy crowd outside the cathedral while almost all of the cathedral was under construction.

Pol Martí


Kat Matfield

So many details

I could look at this building for hours. So many small, strange details.


A masterpiece


Everybody should see once in a lifetime. Make sure you enter and get the full story behind the design and the concepts.

Paula Agustina Santulli

Particularmente no me gustó mucho


¡No deja de ser muy linda! Pero es una opinión personal. ¡Obvio que no se puede dejar de visitar!

ნინო ხახუბია

Immense and beautiful piece of art


Leaving you with the effect of being the littlest creature in the world.

Mafe Pelaéz Córdoba

Just beautiful

Laura Molina


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