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Restaurants in Santander

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62 places to eat in Santander

Restaurants in San Gil
Dining Rooms of the Market of San Gil Square
As in all Latin American markets, within the Market Square of San Gil popular work canteens where you eat extremely well and very cheaply operate. For 2 €, have a menu that is a very good, vegetable soup which is followed by a dish consisting of chicken, rice, cassava, beans, tomato salad, onion and carrot. All seasoned with spicy pepper, tomato, cilantro and onion and accompanied by tamarind juice. Cracking.
Culinary Interest in San Gil
Juices and Fruits Salad in the Market of San Gil Square
Mango, soursop, papaya, passion fruit, banana, lucuma, pitaya, gooseberry, apple, grape, melon, custard apple, watermelon ... In the [poi = 122053] [/ poi] of [poi = 122048] San Gil market, [/ poi] juices and fruit salads are irresistible. The juices (which are cheaper than a Coke), can be made with either milk or water. The salads are prepared at the time that you order them, and they also have a cheese sauce on them, which is lovely. Invigorating, tasty, refreshing, they are the best breakfast.
Restaurants in San Gil
Plaza Ribs Parrilla Restaurant
A lovely place to visit in San Gil. The temperature is also pleasant and the food is excellent. They serve a great paella and the barbecued ribs are absolutely delicious. I hope that when visiting san gil you do not forget to eat at this place as it offers menus for travelers such as breakfast, lunch, and snacks at good prices and the best flavors ...
Restaurants in Barichara
Algarabía Restaurant
A very interesting restaurant with an eclectic menu with an abundance of Spanish things such as Spanish Paella, Serrano ham, turkey, manchego cheese, fried calamari, macaroni, Spanish omelette, a salad, and sangria, and products of other cultures such as crepes, a wok, and mango ceviche.
Restaurants in Bucaramanga
La Fonda Paisa Florida
Family, friends or business, we always enjoy our visits to La Fonda Paisa. They offer excellent service, delicious food and an ideal environment to stay and enjoy. They also organize spectacular events. If you come to Bucaramanga, don't miss this place!
Restaurants in Bucaramanga
Wow it was hard to find a place in Bucaramanga with excellent service. Here, I was served right away. They did not delay order and make you feel welcome! About the food, the best!
Restaurants in Bucaramanga
La Fonda Paisa Lebrija
A short way from Bucaramanga country leads you to the La Fonda Paisa paisa Lebrija. They have great service and delicious dishes!
Culinary Interest in Barichara
Panaderia Real
It is a 100% handmade bakery with breads and pastries of all types, with filling of pineapple, guava, mango , cheese and other delicacies. The cakes also look great and the wines and spirits section is varied, there is quite an interesting mix.
Restaurants in Zapatoca
This is a small, cosy restaurant located in one of the most beautiful towns of the Great Santander Colombia. Zapatoca, the silk climate city. For more informaion visit www.Zapatocavive.Com
Restaurants in Barrancabermeja
Hamburguesas San Marko
The super mega burgers here are truly delicious and they are perhaps the biggest you will find in barrancabermeja ....... I recommend them ....... Situated opposite the park water 6023125 BURGERS I found a site I like to share with you and that you can also share with your friends ...... If you know people near barrancabermeja Tell them so that they can visit and share their experience of the best burgers in SAN MARKO. They ARE LOCATED IN THE STREET 50 • 26-03 PARK LIFE OR GET A HOME TO 6023125
Cafés in Bucaramanga
Desayunos Tony
In this restaurant you can enjoy a great food in Santander. Food like corn arepas and prime beef as well as artisan dishes. Their specialty is the wines and the famous breakfast Santander, they're open 24 hours and are located on the top of the city
Cafés in Floridablanca
Restaurants in Guane
La Torre Restaurant
The La Torre Restaurant is a very nice place to eat that provides excellent care, besides the fact that they have delicious food and make the best dishes in the area. They also have a nice family atmosphere and its capacity is more than 50 people. It's a great place to visit and we recommend it.
Restaurants in Barichara
Caruso Restaurant
When you arrive you'll be greeted by really nice staff that make you feel like they're in their own home and like you're a very special guest. They give you a very detailed menu with an abundance of homemade pasta variety for them and a variety of meats such as sirloin, pork loin Rioja, grilled entrecote, chateubriand, Milan and exelentes sauces made by the house, fish, trout, halibut and salmon presented in distentas recipes, homemade bread and wine Chilean Spanish Argentines, homemade bread and homemade desserts , then you can sleep a nap in the hammock, the average between 10 and 15 dollars hearty dishes
Restaurants in Socorro
El Patio
Typical site Santandereano, which should have been on your list of things to try. To experience a good grilled steak.
Restaurants in Curití
Tapas Bars in San Gil
Restaurants in Barrancabermeja