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Restaurants in Rhône-Alpes

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348 places to eat in Rhône-Alpes

Restaurants in Valence
La Strada
Located in the small university square in the centre of Valence, the La Strada restaurant is found in one of the most picturesque places of the historic downtown. Open everyday until 11:00pm, this Italian restaurant welcomes you into a warm atmosphere, with red walls and wooden tables. La Strada's dishes include ris de veau, a very tender veal with mushroom sauce for 21 euros, roasted lobster with saffron, also 21 euros, and truffle taglatelles, for 14 euros. There's a plate of black duck for 18 euros, sole meuniere for 18 euros, and various ravioli dishes with three cheeses, mussels, prawns, for less than 12 euros.
Restaurants in Thônes
La Chaumine
Last Friday we were by Thones, and we decided to go to dinner at the Pizzeria La Chaumine, which was recommended by some local friends. The recommendation turned out to be a success, and although we only had pizzas, the menu had a good range of salads, meat and fish. The pizzas were delicious and innovative, at least for me. Try the potato pizza! Perhaps the calories will enter soon ;P
Restaurants in Annecy
Captain Pub
The morning was pretty hot but we were in the pre-alpine town of Annecy and it was the ideal time to eat in the French zone. Despite the many excellent existing restaurants, as always there were some at an even more affordable price and of course they had the famous mussels wine that I adore. When we were looking around a corner we found this place that was quite original, half pub and half restaurant and of course serving my favorite dish. The service was excellent, the kitchen pretty good and a fair price and quality. Upon completion and as one would say that taking advantage of the passes Pisuerga Valencia (hehehehehe), as usual we visited the WC and I used this opportunity to take some photos. After this I saw a local with a Nikon-d200 and he asked about the results of it, luckily he spoke Spanish and told us that the place where we had eaten was the most famous in the city for its more than 40 bottles of beer, 10 or 12 of which are on tap, with 60 or more others and imnumerables whiskey available. A great place for visitors ve like to partake in the odd drink or three!
Restaurants in Valence
Café Bancel
Cafe Bancel is in the center of Valence, I like to eat here because you are treated very well and efficiently run by a friendly couple. The dish of the day is less than 10 euros and was a beautifully presented white fish with sauce. With dessert costs 16 euros and the menu it's more expensive, 25-30 euros/person, without drinks. I did not try the wines but they seem to have a good cellar and know well what wine should accompany your plate. The décor is modern, at noon people from offices arrive and at night the clientele is younger and they come for coffee.
Restaurants in Valence
Café du Louvre
Café du Louvre was formerly known as Café de Valence. It is located close to the Parc Jouvet in a nineteenth century building, which was nicely renovated. There is a large terrace to enjoy the good weather. If it is a clear day you can see the mountains of Ardeche from here. Prices are reasonable. Drinks cost from 2 to 3.50 euros upwards and alcoholic drinks cost between 4 and 7 euros. They serve dishes like croque monsieur and steak tartare. This is the place if you need fast service but the kitchen closes early at night. They have cared decoration, is a classic style reminiscent as coffee was probably 50 years ago, but it looks old.
Restaurants in Valence
Subtil et Thé
Located in Place de la Pierre, the Subtil & Thé restaurant can be found in the beautiful pedestrian square in Valence's historic centre. It has a lovely terrace where you can have a coffee or snack on a late summer afternoon. It is more of a cafe with small appetizers than a full-meal restaurant. They make great salads that fill you up enough for lunch. They cost less than 12 euros. Then there is a large selection of coffees, teas, and various drinks. The setting is beautiful. I recommend it for lunch.
Restaurants in Valence
Le Rabelais
Le Rabelais is a restaurant in the historic center of Valence. It is in a square where they set up a market twice a week. The menu is extensive. There are pizzas that cost between 9 and 12 euros. You can try the Savoyard with local cheese, Reblochon and cream (which is very good,), the tatin with apple and walnuts, as well as some original recipe pizzas that use 4 cheeses, and the ever classic margarita pizza. Then there are the risottos, which cost around 11 euros. There's curried shrimp, seafood, snails and scallops. The fish tends to cost less than 15 euros. The small bouillabaisse, with come with several types of fish and steamed potatoes, and there's also meat, which costs between 12 and 19 euros. The specialties of the region include mushrooms, snails, Saint Marcellin cheese, and small ravioli served with herbs and cheese. The caillette is a small pork pate with herbs, and then there are criques, which are hash browns, bacon, herbs and garlic, which are also delicious.
Restaurants in Valence
Le Bistrot des Clercs
The Bistrot des Clercs is found in the Place des Clercs, where the "Grande Rue", the old main street of Valence, begins. It is a historic place located in an antique building. The bar has retained a traditional décor with lots of wood and small white curtains that were common in bars in France 40 years ago. The dishes are a good price with generous servings. You can order the fish fillet with creamy seafood sauce and the shrimp risotto for only 11 euros. The salads are 9 euros; one has shrimp and arugula, another has chicken pate. If you want to try the regional cheese, there is a Saint Marcelin cheese strudel for 14 euros with a green salad. The foie gras costs 19, and the escargot 16. The Pot-au-feu is another delicious French specialty with different vegetables in a pork stew for only 19 euros.
Restaurants in Valence
Le Divinus
The Divinus is a French restaurant on André Lacroix street, near Drapier's house. There is a small covered terrace which is heated in winter. The place offers an original menu consisting of local, seasonal ingredients and innovative recipes. There is a winter menu for 19 euros with three plates of duck confit with figs, four types of pumpkin (soup, ice cream, pastry, and appetizers), or scampi and zucchini sushi. Then there is second of lamb seasoned with leeks and nutmeg, Moroccan-style chicken tagine with saffron and almonds, and sea bream. Desserts include chocolate mousse, tiramisu, or red fruitcake. The food is great at the presentationi is top notch. The menu can be quite expensive, running around 40 euros per person for three courses.
Cafés in Valence
Tasse et Glace
Tasse & Glace is a teahouse on Calle del Teatro, behind Liberty Square in Valence. It's a cozy place with modern décor that serves soft drinks and natural ice cream. Other than that, they're always making up new recipes using seasonal produce. With plants, mineral water, citrus, they sell bottles that you can use to take things home with their original aromas. Fruit nectars, pastries like American cheesecake with red fruit. It's a good place to grab a snack at the end of the afternoon. I like making lemonade, and you have your choice of milk shake, which is also very good.
Restaurants in Valence
Le Comptoir du Theatre
Le Comptoir du théatre is a restaurant located behind the theater in the historic center of Valence. It offers a basic menu with good regional products. If you want to try some authentic French cuisine, there is the tuna with vegetables, beef with foie gras, fish with tapenade,( a puree of olives eaten in Provence), and several goat and cow's-milk cheeses. The dishes do not exceed 15 euros each, except the steak which costs 17.50. There are platters with various things to nibble on, including roasted vegetables, salmon pate, cheese and meat for 10 euros. The desserts cost about 6 euros each, and there is a wonderful chocolate cake, a crumble, tiramisu, chestnut mousse and coffee with crème Catalan and almonds. Drinks like tea or coffee cost 03 euros. Altogether, the restaurant costs about 25euros/person minimum.
Restaurants in Valence
Ly is a small restaurant in an old house in the historic center of Valence. It offers original food with French dishes, as well as regional dishes that they add an Asian twist to. They have some chili there that tastes amazing. Their menu varies with the season, and the recipes do also. It's a great place for a romantic dinner for two because it's very quiet and cozy. It runs about 30 euros per person, but it'll be more if you order bottles of wine. You can book by phone 06 15 56 63 16. Reservations are recommendeded on Saturday and Friday night.
Restaurants in Pierrelatte
Auberge du Pont D'Arc
The L'Auberge du Pont d'Arc is at the height of Bow Bridge, which is a natural rock formation that marks the beginning of the gorges in the Ardeche River. There's a hostel nearby. It is a modern, stylish Provencal. From there tourists go kayaking on the river. The hostel offers a selection of traditional southern France, in his inner room or large shaded terrace. The menus cost between 15 and 30 euros per person, do simple things like pizza and pasta, and a menu to discover the southern dishes. In summer is pretty full.
Restaurants in Lyon
Haagen Dazs (Rue de la République)
Haagen Dazs is found in Lyon, but the chain is originally from the US. It's a large ice cream chain, and the ice creams are really delicious. Of course, it all comes at a cost: Haagen Dazs is very expensive. The terrace is nice on sunny days, though.
Restaurants in Lyon
Restaurant Sphinx
Sphinx is a chain restaurant, that has recently moved to the city of Lyon. The quality is quite poor, the meat is undercooked, and the food is boring. In short, avoid. There are better options nearby.
Restaurants in Lyon
Rouge Tendance
This huge restaurant offers fine international cuisine, with dishes from all over Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East and America. In short, it offers a very diverse and global menu, which is reflected in the decor. A delight for both the eyes and the tastebuds!
Restaurants in Lyon
Best Bagels
This American store is where you can buy the best bagels in the city. You can also find American products that are hard to get hold of in France, like marshmallow fluff, or Dr Pepper.
Tapas Bars in Lyon