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Restaurants in Mongolia

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11 places to eat in Mongolia

Restaurants in Ulan Bator
El Latino Restaurant
An excellent place to eat in Ulan Bator is the Restaurant "El Latino", which offers Cuban, Mongolian, and European food and is accompanied by fine Spanish wines and cold beers. Good music featuring different genres such as Cuban, Spanish, and Latin. Located about 50 meters from the East Side State Department Store on Central Avenue and Main "Enkhtaivan or Peace", in the heart of Ulan Bator.
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
Modern Nomads 5 (Zing Restaurant)
The king of travel guides ... Nomads Restaurant, it is featured in all the guides as it is a famous Mongolian food restaurant ... In my opinion ... it´s not really worth it. It is expensive compared to most restaurants. Is the typical tourist restaurant. I when for first thing I found ... I was expecting the typical tavern with four nomads and I only found the tourists that I saw on my day of sightseeing. It has lots of soups: horse meat, yak ... Normally I like to put up good places to recommend ... But as this restaurant is listed in the guides... it´s better to go to the typical "fast food" Mongolian food as itis cheap and delicious.
Restaurants in Mandalgobi
Ger Restaurant
One of the few restaurants in this desolate village, is called the Ger Restaurant. The name you see is unpronounceable. The truth is that we were having a hard time eating the food from this area. The woman at the Ger made the food right in front of us. There was meat with potatoes and rice. There was nothing else on the menu, but I have to admit that it was pretty good and only about 2 €. The boy who worked there was asleep the entire time, but stumbled out half-asleep around the time we left. I give it three forks!
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
El Veranda Restaurant
The Veranda is one of those places you'll be surprised to stop at along your journey. It's right in the center of Ulan Bator, near the Choijin temple and overlooking a terrace that's almost always full in summer, from which there are excellent views of the city that seem to put you in Beirut for the picturesque buildings that seem never finished in any case being subjected to a bombardment. The food is amazing and the wine list goes on for miles. The service is young and friendly and people there speak English, although not always very well. Being a tourist hot spot in the city, which has higher than average prices, this restaurant isn't going to be cheap and are paid as if you were in Europe. In any case I think it deserves stop along the way and try their pasta with eggplant or meat dishes, all recommended. Visa and Mastercard are accepted here.
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
This is a great place to escape the Mongolian food and indulge in a salad. They serve Meat, Vietnamese rolls, and also pasta and pizza. The prices are slightly higher when compared with traditional Mongolian food, starting with the salads, which are around 7000 tugrik, down to the meat, where the price can go up to 16000 and 19000 tugrik. If what you are looking for is to try good Mongolian food, the menu also has a page of Mongolian specialties for more affordable prices . The two dishes which you can see in the photographs are just two of them :) The atmosphere is very good, as is the service. As in most of the restaurants in Mongolia, smoking is allowed. It is close to the UB Guesthouse B and Golden Gobi.
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
Taj Mahal
I can not lie to you: Mongolian food is not my favorite. For that reason, during the 11 days I spent in Ulaan Baatar I had to search for alternatives that were a little different from the soup dumplings or potato, carrot and cabbage. One of my best discoveries was the Taj Mahal restaurant on the top floor of UB Hotel, opposite Lenin Square. If you look like a backpacker, they can give a little hesitation going through the reception, but do not worry because they are used to it: once you go towards the elevator. The kitchen of Taj Mahal is led by an Indian chef, so the food can not be more authentic. There is everything: chicken masala, curries, palak paneer, masala dosai, thalis ... it has a large range of prices for main courses from 7000 to 9000 tg. A complete meal with 2 big beer mugs and "boots" can go for about 12 euros per person. It is completely recommended, also for its location, just a few meters from Plaza Sukhbatar. If I wasn´t on such a strict budget I would have gone back more times.
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
Mongolian Fast Food
One of the most famous legends of Mongolia is that the food is not their strong point. And it's true. Not the horror either but leaves much to be desired. So after trying a thousand options like Korean food, expensive restaurants, tourist restaurants, the best option was the typical fast foods. A good bowl of goulash and dumplings is about 2 or 3 euros including a drink. Horse and goat soups and fast food are the best choices!
Restaurants in Ulan Bator
Restaurants in Ulaangom
Restaurants in Uliastaj
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