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Restaurants in Tenerife

947 contributors

351 places to eat in Tenerife

Restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
La Hierbita Restaurant
We went to this restaurant since it was recommended in my travel guide, and everything I had read about it was wonderful. It is in a centric and pedestrian area, close to the Guimerá Theater. We had had a full day sightseeing and we ended up dining quite late, so the place was full (there was a waiting line), so we had to wait a while, but we stayed in the bar drinking something meanwhile. It is a traditional restaurant that has been active since 1893. The restaurant is found in a typical house from the Canary Islands, with two floors. In the first floor you find the bar and a few tables, and the dining room is in the back. From there you access the patio and the stairs that take you to the second floor, where there are many small dining rooms. They have maintained the house's original structure, so the rooms are small. The decoration is very original, with antiquities and typical and traditional objects of the island (ancient radios and books, paintings...). It was one of our best meals in the island. We ordered everything to share, following the waiter's recommendations. You could also order half dishes. We chose the goat cheese grilled with "mojo", a traditional sauce, sautéed sweet blood sausage with pine nuts and caramelized onion (spectacular), stuffed mushrooms (I didn't like them so much) and pork sirloin stuffed with "almogrote" (a cheese from the island). Everything was really good and the plates were huge (even the half dishes), so we were too full for dessert. Despite being full, once we sat down the service was quick, without having to wait between dishes. Also, for what we ate and the quality, I thought it was quite cheap, 21 Euros per person, including a bottle of wine. Now I understand why it is always so full and why it is so famous. I really recommend the place. The restaurant's website is www.Lahierbita.Com and the phone number +34 922 24 46 17.
Restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz
Rústico Restaurant
Rústico Restaurant is a magnificent choice if you want to enjoy a great view of the sea while you taste good homemade food. When we were there it was nighttime and the weather was good, so we sat down in the terrace next to the viewpoint. The atmosphere was great. To dine with friends, with the pleasant breeze of the sea that was only 10 meters away is priceless. The restaurant is literally under the street of San Telmo. In the corner of San Telmo and Santo Domingo you will find a staircase that takes you down to a terrace next to the sea. The restaurant is at the end of that terrace, literally inside the cliff. This is why the views are so spectacular. The food is quite good. Some us had grilled chicken, others grilled fish, and we had some potatoes with "mojo" (traditional sauce). Everything was very good. They also have some international dishes, but I recommend you try the local ones. I didn't try it, but the girl that recommended the place said that the fish grill is very good. It is a good choice for those looking to eat in Puerto de la Cruz.
Restaurants in Los Realejos
Mesón El Monasterio
The Mesón el Monasterio is a real classic among the restaurants in the northern area of Tenerife. It used to be the monastery of a Dominican monk. In 1990 it was restored and inaugurated as a restaurant. The menu is made up of typical dishes from Canary Islands, and the specialties include grilled meat and wines. I recommend you try the sweet blood sausage (traditional from Canary Islands) and the sirloin with avocado, exquisite! The place is spectacular and the back room is full of birds (ducks and roosters mainly) that run freely along the gardens and fountains. It is an ideal place to eat with your family. The children will have a great time since there are many areas for walking and playing.
Cafés in Bajamar
Melita Café
Café Melita is one of my favorite discoveries in Tenerife. It is located at the edge of a cliff between Bajamar and Punta Hidalgo, and it is one of those places where you can enjoy excellent coffees and cakes and sweets. The views from the terrace are spectacular, and despite its apparently inaccessible location, it has a parking lot (a small one next to the entrance and a bigger one on the other side of the road) where you can leave the car. The cakes and sweets are homemade, and they make their own jams and preserves with typical fruits from the island. Also, they make excellent milkshakes, juices, infusions and coffees. It is a must stop if you are around the area.
Restaurants in Playa de las Américas
Pascal Le Restaurant
Located in the heart of the town of Los Cristianos, south of Tenerife, this restaurant, owned by the French chef, Pascal Pantani, is one of the area's best. I loved everything, from beginning to end. First of all the warm atmosphere, with terracotta, the objects were carefully selected during trips to Morocco, forged iron lamps, candles...they give a personal touch to the place. Some of the details come from his previous restaurant, La Estancia, for example all of the pictures that he took with celebrities that visited the renowned restaurant. Since it is close to the port, you can try good seafood dishes, such as this red tuna carpaccio, or the octopus carpaccio that we tried, I really recommend it. The tuna carpaccio came with small shrimps and avocado, delicious. As an appetizer I ordered a foie gras, another famous dish of French gastronomy that Pascal prepares in a perfect way. It is served with bread, and it will leave you speechless. You can order a menu for 25 Euros, that includes a first and second dish and dessert, or you can order from the board dishes that change everyday, according to the season and what is available on the market. If you order from the menu it is more expensive, but the prices are reasonable. The dishes combine Mediterranean, French, Moroccan cuisine, with classic flavors and others that are more surprising. Since we were five persons, we got a big table, in a private corner, dominating the restaurant. The service was quite good and the waiter very kind and professional. I highly recommend it.
Restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Bodegon El Puntero
El Puntero is (I think) the only "guachinche" (a typical tavern) left in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a small place, with a bar and hall that take you to a small room with a few tables where you can enjoy the best local food in the city and, specifically, the best fish. Even though it is quite full at noon, it is easy to get a table for dinner. This place is exclusively for eating good and cheap, so the coffee must be drank elsewhere. But it is worth it, very good food, familiar environment, as if you were in a small town's canteen, but in downtown Santa Cruz.
Restaurants in Playa de las Américas
Bar El Cine
This is the best corner of the south of Tenerife to enjoy the best fish. It is located in front of the port of Los Cristianos, and it is found in the ideal place for an idyllic walk before or after eating amazing seafood. It is in front of port Los Cristianos, south of Tenerife. Go there and order octopus with potatoes, “mojo” sauce and a local beer and enjoy! There is no better way to enjoy the island and the flavor of the sea.
Restaurants in Punta del Hidalgo
Restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tasca La Rebotica
In the small square of San Francisco, there's a nice shady part of the old town of Santa Cruz, the tavern The Rebotica offers a central and quiet place to eat well. It's now a non-smoking facility. It offers lots of seafood starters, and other dishes such as mushrooms coated with guacamole, but mostly islanders canaro cheese, fish, squid, baby squid tapas and kibble, sausage, chickpeas.You can also ask to see the menu, there are great starters, like the octopus salad or asparagus, for your main meal you can try a pork dish with rich palm honey. It was a pity that we couldn't use the terrace as it was raining outside. For dessert, if you want something local, try "mus de gofio mus bienmesabe".
Restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz
Arepera la Carajita
A perfect place to come and have some arepas, cachapas, tequeños, etc. It is located on Avenida Chayofita. For very little money you can enjoy a very cheap Venezuelan delicacy besides trying some of the spectacular freshly made juices. Arepas are corn flour dough that are fried or roasted in the oven and then filled with a lot of things, the most typical is shredded beef and cheddar cheese, to be served with some delicious avocado and some spicy sauces. A real treat!
Restaurants in San Miguel de Abona
El Cordero
fantastic food and ambiente
Restaurants in Icod de los Vinos
Restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz
Maga Restaurant
Best thing about Maga is their terrace, located in a quiet pedestrian zone and Angel, their waiter. The menu is typical, delicious and cheap. There are a few small fish typical of the Canary Islands and delicious and rabbit salmorejo too. We could not try the octopus because that day they did not have it. It would be a shame not to go if staying several days.
Restaurants in Playa de las Américas
Restaurants in Vilaflor
Hermano Pedro Restaurant
This restaurant is one of the classics of Tenerife. If you really want to try local food, without being adapted to tourists, you have to visit a "guachinche" (tavern), and this is a good choice. You will be able to try dishes such as "escaldón", "carne fiesta", "carne de cabra", "garbanzas canarias", "papas arrugadas con mojo", "morcilla dulce"...Everything at a great price. The last time I went there, we were five and payed 30 Euros. Unbeatable prices. Don't expect great luxuries, since it is quite rustic, but the service is amazing. It would be a a shame not to try it.
Restaurants in San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Tasca El Montadito Loco
This tavern is situated in the city of La Laguna, in the north of the island of Tenerife. It is located in the old part of the city, in one of the long streets lined with colorful houses near the Plaza del Cristo. Although from the outside it may seem fairly small, the rooms are very spacious, with at least half a dozen rooms with spac for 4-6 people. The name perfectly describes the foundation of the place as it is to eat sandwiches till you drop. Tables of cheeses and sausages, salad and crab canapés, tortilla, fried chicken, stuffed mushrooms are some of the dishes that you can try here. There are also other desserts and beverages other than wine. To get the best from the Plaza del Cristo, because if you do not know the area is difficult to stand for lack of references in the many surrounding streets. It is also best to park in the Plaza.
Restaurants in San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Tasca El Maestro
This exquisite restaurant is located in the city of La Laguna, in the north of the island of Tenerife. It is located in the old part of the city, in one of the long streets lined with colorful houses. It is around ten years old and specialises in Spanish food with a Canary Isles influence. It is tastefully decorated in wood. It consists of a large living room (presumably an old garage) with a number of tables. The menu has a broad variety of both meat and fish, all of which are excellent. It offers national and especially local wines, which are suitable for any fish or meat dishes. Of particular delight are the tuna loins and the tender asparagus salad. This restaurant comes highly recommended, but only if you are not in a hurry, as the experience is not to be rushed and the food takes a while to come, probably to achieve the delicious tastes.
Restaurants in El Sauzal
Casa del Vino Tenerife
Even though I know this place as a restaurant, it’s also a house-museum that shows the visitor the wine-producing heritage of Tenerife. So I will tell you about the restaurant. Obviously, this is the perfect place for those who want to taste Tenerife’s wines, and they have an extensive wine menu. The serve contemporary food with a Mediterranean touch, everything is delicious, well served and in a beautiful surrounding, not only because of the house but thanks to the views you can enjoy from there. I will go back there again.