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Restaurants in Tunisia

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74 places to eat in Tunisia

Culinary Interest in Al-Qayrawan
Pastelería Segni, Kairouan, Túnez
Beautiful Kairouan , besides being famous for its Grand Mosque and rugs, is also proud of its 'makrough', a pastry stuffed with dates, almonds, dipped in honey or nuts and absolutely exquisite. The makrough you can buy everywhere, but the best bakery is called Segni and is inside the medina. The place looks like something out of a French film from the 30s. Naturally, in the Segni Bakery makrough are a little more expensive, but have a different flavor. It is also a pleasure to walk around the store and choose cakes as if they were objects of art and take them for eating after-dinner wrapped in a neat little box at your hotel.
Cafés in Hammamet
Café Sidi Bou Hdid
Within the walls of the Hammamet Media, you'll find this cute little café. It has various areas where you can have a tea or smoke a hookah. It also has a chill-out zone with fluffy pillows and a covered area for when the weather isn't great. I suggest going around sunset and checking out the views from the enclosed area.
Cafés in Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Chabaane Café
The Sidi Chabaane Café is in the street of the same name (Calle Sidi Chabaane) and probably one could say that the second most important coffee is in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bou Said, after the famous Café des Nattes, also known as Café de las Esteras. Like all Tunisian cafes it is very quiet and people gather - our guide told us that many men play any of the typical local games such as dominoes or chkoba. It is also typical to smoke a water pipe with different flavors of snuff, nicotine is cleaned by passing through the water, and supposedly it is much healthier, it is usually called hookah. It is really worthwhile to sit on the deck and watch the breathtaking views. The most requested are the two small terraces that overlook part of the city with the sea in the background and provide a good overview of the main street, curd shops selling all kinds of souvenirs and stalls where you can, and should, practice the difficult art of haggling for a bargain and sampling delicious local crafts. The rite requires ordering a delicious mint tea served with lots of pine nuts.
Culinary Interest in Susah
Comida en Sousse
Although Tunisia's varied cuisine is vast, especially in regard to wines, meats and sweets, the national dish is couscous. Served with vegetables or meat, it can be delicious. But be careful with some of the varieties! Tunisians tend to eat very spicy couscous with a red sauce that looks very appetizing at first sight. It's a good idea to shun more touristy restaurants in favour of local ones but you are never sure what you will get. One of my first experiences with the couscous in Tunisia proved disastrous for this reason - fifteen people tried to eat my dish and only one could! And he was from Tijuana! The dish was very tasty, but for the rest of that day we ate bread and drank coke ...
Restaurants in Monastir
Ali Baba Restaurant
Ali Baba is one of the many restaurants in Monastir geared to tourism, with a traditional Tunisian menu, but without dishes that might be too "exotic" for tourists. However, their prices are very affordable and from the restaurant the views of the city and Ribat of Monastir are incomparable.
Restaurants in Carthage
Phenix de Carthage
From the fascinating capital of Tunis in the direction of Sidi Bou Said, there´s a place where you can enjoy fine traditional country food. In a resort, Restaurant Le Phenix de Carthage serves typical Tunisian cuisine as well as Asian and European cuisine and a variety of very good desserts and sweets. The couscous is a speciality here that you cannot pass up. You have the opportunity to host events and ceremonies in their indoor spaces or outdoor covered ones. There´s also a swimming pool, terrace, gabezos and other items of Mediterranean décor. It is located near the ruins of Carthage Archaeological Park and a few miles from the charming village of Sidi Bou Sai on the border of the sea. It really is an ideal place for a stopover while visiting Tunisia to enjoy the exotic cuisine of the country.
Restaurants in Tunis
Restaurant La Falaise
A luxurious spot, frequented almost entirely by the local elite. The decor is modern, with spacious interiors. It has two terraces on the seafront, offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. The location and atmosphere are perfect for a romantic evening, but in my opinion, the food doesn't stand out too much.
Restaurants in Hammamet
Le Pêcheur
I recommend this restaurant. We chose it because there were quite a few people eating inside. All the food was very delicious and cheap. It's next to the Medina and has a very cool terrace. We had a Tunisian salad, a pizza and cordon bleu. The only negative was the amount of cats around. Otherwise, everything was great.
Restaurants in Tunis
Dar El Jeld
Dar el Jeld restaurant is located in the Medina, very close to Kasbah square. It's a very nice restaurant, with Tunisian food and Arabic décor (which was very ornate). As is the custom here, before our meal they brought us several starters on the house, so keep that in mind when choosing the dishes. The cous-cous is very good here, and the sweets.
Tea Rooms in Monastir
Tea Rooms
Do not leave Sousse without trying a delicious mint tea. A secret blend of green tea, cardamom, sugar and mint makes a delicious tea. Accompanying it with a hookah fruit or candy or a date cake is the best way to end the evening. Laughing I fill the cup of tea once, and again, and again ... Any place is good to try the national drink. It is always delicious!
Cafés in Sidi Bou Said
Des Nattes O El Kahwa Al Alya Café
Without a doubt the best cafe in the town of Sidi Bou Saïd is Café des Nattes. It is decorated with columns painted in green and red, which for those who do not know, are the colors of Islam. And I personally recommend trying the mint tea with pine nuts and a hookah which, for those who do not know, is a water pipe with which you can smoke different flavors. However, what caught my attention were the terraces, though it is impossible to find a free table lol. The views were much better in Cafe Sidi Chabanee, because here you can only see streets, but never mind.
Restaurants in Sidi Bou Said
Au Bon Vieux Temps Restaurant
The restaurant Au Bon Vieux Temps ('In the good old days "), is located in one of the central streets of the Tunisian coastal town of Sidi Bou Saïd, specifically in the street Hedi Zarrouk. Its cuisine is based on a typical Arabic cuisine with special reference to Tunisian dishes with French mixture. A small restaurant with a small terrace, which has fantastic sea views, the restaurant is usually full of lovebirds to be very romantic. From its walls hang various tables and including the signed photo of Jacques Higelin thanking the deal that gave the whole restaurant team Au Bon Vieux Temps. other celebs who've been: the Princess of Thailand, Chirac's wife, etc ...
Restaurants in Susah
Le Lido Restaurant
Since I work in a travel agency, I spend the day selling almost anything. There are many destinations, and many people that don't want to spend too much decide to choose Tunisia. This is due to its climate and good prices. So useful that I knew I was called a few friends and clients who had been long ago, who recommended strongly that I passed by the restaurant Le Lido de Sousse and the truth is it was a real success loved by all four of us that went! The food was very well prepared, with good flavors and even though the dishes were typically Arab, they really were not too strong of flavors. The specialty is fish, because in addition to being in front of the port of Sousse it looks like you're eating something freshly caught! It was perhaps the price for the prices you find in Tunisia, so perhaps it was a bit pricey, but then as always, you pay for quality!
Restaurants in Monastir
Alhambra Restaurant
The Alhambra restaurant is directly opposite the [poi = 153771] Official Craft Centre [/ poi] on the corner of [poi = 152981] Governor's Square [/ poi]. It has a nice terrace where we sat down to eat. The menu is large and varied. As well as the typical Tunisian dishes like couscous or tajine, they also have pizzas, pasta, salads, meat (for example, schnitzel, steak, chicken) and fish (bream, squid or grilled fish of the day etc). We were not very hungry because it was only midday and we had to eat something quick before leaving for the [poi = 152671] airport [/ poi] to go back home so we ordered a pizza, and it was actually quite tasty. The prices seemed very cheap (but it's really cheap to eat in Tunisia), the pizzas are between 4 and 7 DNT (from the 2.50 €) and are a good size.
Cafés in Naftah
El Juj Café
Cafe "The Juj" is the busiest coffee bar in the city [poi = 164691] Tozeur [/ poi] and is situated in [poi = 167841] Liberation Square (Plce de la Libération) [/ poi], at the entrance to the [poi = 161782] Medina [/ poi]. Although it has no sign outside, you can easily spot it because of its terrace, which has tables in the square and under the arcades of the building, almost always occupied by both tourists (buses stop here) and by locals. The dining area is a bit dull, as it is devoid of any decoration (there are only a few metal tables) but the terrace is a pleasant place. Here it is typical to drink a natural lemonade, freshly made. It´s cool and very refreshing (although quite sweet), and costs 1 DNT. They also have all kinds of soft drinks and of course, tea.
Restaurants in Tunis
Dar Belhadj
Dar Belhadj is a lovely restaurant in the medina, not far from Zitouna Mosque, that's perfect for a romantic dinner. Don't be fooled by the gritty entrance...the interior is all linen tablecloths, elegant dishes, and refined flavors. Don't miss the mixed starters plate drizzled with fresh lemon juice and mint!
Restaurants in Tunis
Restaurant Cafe Seles
On our last day of vacation in Sousse (Tunisia) our goal was to get the last shopping done before leaving the country, a must for the "bargaining zone". Walking through the vast World Heritage medina we found a nice place to eat. After some shopping and getting lunch we went out to find the restaurant. We ate alone but were accompanied by the baby of the owners and the child's parents, a home cooked meal which was big. We ate very well but it turned out to be a little more expensive than we were used to. (About 15 euros for 2 people). Restaurant Cafe Seles Ruebounawas # 42 Medina Sousse Tunisie 4000 Bad el Gharbi . Ferroviarrias has lines connecting the country which are easy to use to get to towns and different places of interest. The means of transport are "outdated but safe" and cleaning is not their thing. The other pictures belong to Djem amphitheater and Ribat of Monastir, which was surprising for many reasons. Trotamundos took us and turned out to be helpful.
Restaurants in Binzart
Mesones del Puerto Viejo de Bizerta, Túnez
All Bizerte guides recommend restaurants around the Place des Martyrs, I suggest choosing between a cluster of simple taverns by the old port and enjoy a delicious fish/seafood meal at a very good price, with a beautiful view. I sat at one (they are all very similar) which is by the canal and ordered the house specialty. Imagine something like the cuttlefish or squid cut into strips, then grilled and sauteed in olive oil. It was served with a sprinkling of salt, accompanied by a typical Tunisian salad, which had peppers, egg, tiny olives, tomatoes and cabbage. What a glorious afternoon. Even without a drop of alcohol (in Tunisia, like all Islamic countries, alcohol is sold only in 5 star hotels and expensive restaurants in the Tourist Zones) finished with narrowed eyes, nodding in the sun, thinking about some nonsense.