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    Where to stay in Tunisia

    Hotels in Duz
    Yadis Ksar Ghilane Campsite hotel
    Crossing the desert to reach this luxurious oasis is really worth the effort. On one side, you're surrounded by a sea of sand dunes which is a welcome change from the more steppe-like deserts in other parts of Tunisia. This particular oasis is home to rooms, but each room just happens to be a desert tent. Outside, you're in a magical oasis setting but once you enter the tent you find a space that's tremendously comfortable to spend the night: an enormous bed, tea tables, a large bathroom, and even AC! The rest of the facilities are good, too...there's a pool and a tower where you can enjoy the views. I'd suggest getting up early to watch the sun rise over the dunes.
    Hotels in Tunis
    El Mouradi Hotel Africa Tunis
    El Mouradi is probably the best hotel in Tunisia. As soon as we arrived we realized we had found the perfect place to stay. It's quiet, the wifi works in all the rooms, and the views are amazing. My room was on the 17th floor, but the hotel has 22 in total. Great.
    Hotels in Hammamet
    Hotel Riu Marco Polo
    The rooms are spacious and have a terrace with a view of the ocean. Upon arrival they give you the all inclusive wristband that gets you anything you want. I couldn´t enjoy the pool because there wasn´t good weather but I really wanted to. For the breakfast and dinner buffet, you must be punctual because they start to remove the food when runs out. It´s a bit far from downtown to walk but there are taxis available right at the door. If you do not want to be disturbed in the morning, you can put the sign on the door. If not, the cleaning lady might surprise you!
    Hotels in Tunis
    Tunisia Palace hotel
    The best part of the hotel is the location: in the center and very close to the entrance to the Medina (Puerta de France). The rooms and the bathroom are spacious. The bed is comfortable and the curtains cover just the right amount of light. The worst part: you can smoke in the rooms and it smells like snuff (there are small details that show that the hotel has seen better days, and the decor is somewhat outdated, but it shows that when it opened it must have been a great hotel. The restaurant is open to the public. During the day the sun shines through the glass roof, a game with the lights.
    Hotels in Susah
    Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse
    The Mövenpick hotel has everything that a luxury tourist can expect: from a glitzy reception decorated with palm trees, to the staff uniforms. On arrival you are greeted with tea and orange blossom scented towels to refresh you. The rooms are very big, has a spa and outdoor pools, breakfast with more than 100 tables ... At the reception one can find a piano bar, which is very popular in this area and what I am looking at right now.
    Hotels in Tabarka
    Hotel Les Mimosas
    The ancient Phoenician accountant was born in Carthage, is now a fishing port where you can go to relax, called Tabarka. This place offers the warmth of the sea, the resort which extends between the beautiful beaches and woodlands. We are 170 kilometers away from Tunis. A few steps from the cliff, from the rich faunas, flowers and corals. The reception team will make you feel comfortable throughout your stay.
    Hotels in Monastir
    Rosa Beach Hotel
    The Hotel Rosa Beach is a very economical option and can be recommended for those travelling to Tunisia in large groups, as there are many offers for such trips. With a varied buffet restaurant, where you can find both international cuisine and Tunisian dishes and good facilities (pool, disco, gym ...) it is a good choice. The best point: it is on the beachfront and close to bus stops. The worst point: the poor condition of the beach.
    Hotels in Tozeur
    Mouradi Tozeur Hotel
    Well, it's not one of the most well-known hotel is Tunez, nor is it a five star hotel, and it's surely not a hotel that would make the huge hotels in the area jealous. However, this hotel does offer impeccable service and generous, the pool amazing, especially when you come from desert hotels two stars, and the small apartment in which we stayed, very cute. The only downside is that in summer, at least for what we come to know us, sauna, indoor pool ... Everything was closed, which was a bummer. I, to Tunisia, I am looking forward. I just need to find somebody to go with!
    Hotels in Tunis
    Maison Dorée Hotel
    Excellently located on [poi = 115144] Ville Nouvelle [/ poi] (I walked back at night without any problems). This hotel is a great option for budget travelers. With a French atmosphere that's decadent and antiquated, but very clean and comfortable, the Maison Dorée has rooms on several floors, connected by a grand staircase. The rooms are all different. I was there twice: The first time I was there I stayed in a room with curtains, decorations and red bedspread. The second time I was in another room that was painted blue with yellow details. All rooms are spacious, with high ceilings, ceiling fans (some even have air conditioning) and comfortable bathrooms. The hotel also has a restaurant that serves good Tunisian dishes.
    Hotels in Djerba
    Erriadh Hotel
    This little hotel is a surprising and delightful discovery. In Houmt Souk, the largest city [poi = 118427] Djerba [/ poi] the Erriadh is located in one of the old funduqs, with typical strengths of Djerba. A beautiful courtyard shaded by a huge bougainvillea, the hotel rooms are very clean, with windows overlooking the patio and ceiling fans. Bathrooms are private, and generous hot water.
    Vacation Resorts in Carthage
    Zona Residencial de Cartago
    The ruins of Carthage were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO [/ b] in 1979, but not everything in Carthage is ruined. Currently the 13 kilometer periphery is one of the most luxurious and exclusive in Tunis. It's lined with elegant mansions and embassies. One of the things that stuck out to me is that the Presidential Palace (where the President of the Republic lives) can be found right next to the Antonine Baths, which are protected by a long white wall. Our tour guide warned us not to take pictures because it's forbidden to photograph any official building (including this one). The whole environment is monitored with cameras and armed police officers. When we got to the bus in front of the main gate of the palace it was amazing. It's beautiful, and I couldn't help remembering the movie "Empress Sissi."
    Hotels in Tozeur
    Diar Abou Habibi hotel
    Abou Diar Habibi is an amazing site with cabins built on top of a palm grove. They have it all: a spacious bedroom with kitchen, bathroom, terrace ... breakfast is paradise. 100% recommended, at least once in a lifetime ;)
    Hotels in Monastir
    Sahara beach hotel
    We arrived, and they immediately offered us a little welcome cocktail ... there are great pools, sun loungers, umbrellas, everything you need to relax! Then, there's the huge restaurant, with a huge array of options for breakfast - little pancakes with jam or sugar, different breads ... in addition, there is an indoor pool and several restaurants, bars, shops, and a nightclub. You'll never feel bored!
    Hotels in Djerba
    Golf Beach Hotel
    On the island of Djerba in Tunisia, Golf Beach Hotel is a 3 star hotel, very welcoming, which has beautiful architecture inspired by Menzel Djerbians. An ideal place for family gatherings. To emphasize: the quality of the rooms, catering, hospitality and the many activities available! The only downside is that the hotel is a bit outside the city: 7 km from Midoun and 25 km from Houmt Souk, even if the hotel is well served by taxis, which allow easy access!
    Hotels in al-Mahdiyah
    Thalassa Mahdia hotel
    This is beautiful 4-star "Thalassa Mahdia" is where I stayed for a week in April. It offers everything for a great vacation. It has a good location (5 kilometers from the center of Mahdia), comfort, warmth, multilingual staff and pleasantness. It also features various activities (water skiing, windsurfing, water aerobics, dance lessons , Arabic courses etc.), high food quality (3 restaurants), 3 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), direct beach access and a thalassotherapy center. Very recommended!
    Hotels in Hammamet
    Hotels in Al-Qayrawan
    Splendid, Ciudad Sagrada de Kairouan Hotel
    This is [poi = 83629] Kairouan [/ poi], a very visited city, but the tourists that do visit never stay overnight. There are several hotels, but frankly, all of them leave much to be desired. Fortunately I discovered the Splendid Hotel, which was the perfect choice. It's located outside the Medina, but still close, just three blocks away. The site is very safe as it's next to a police station. It's very clean, the linens were spotless and the rooms have comfortable beds with private bathrooms and hot water! There's not much to say about the rest (it didn't even occur to me to take pictures inside!), but it's certainly the best option by far in Kairouan. Finally, it's also incredibly cheap.
    Hotels in Hammamet
    Hotels in Susah
    Hostels in al-Mahdiyah
    Medina, Mahdia Hostel
    Staying in Mahdia means lower class even if we want a higher-class hotel. Except for resorts stationed far from town on the beach (places that I never recommend), and the supposedly stylish hotel Le Phenix, I felt horrible, the options are minimal. Of these the best I found was the hostel Medina. It's very well located, right on one of the entries to the medina. The hostel is an old tiled house with a ladder going up to a terrace overlooking the roofs of the medina. The rooms are ultra basic but very clean and have a shared bathroom. For the low price you pay, this is not an issue, the issue is that although the owner says you have hot water, the water is in fact cold. In Mahdia, the weather usually gets hot, unless the sirocco blows. I slept very well, but skipped the shower...