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Restaurants in Idaho

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4 places to eat in Idaho

Restaurants in Boise
Tucanos Brazilian Grill
You can have a seemingly endless offer of a variety of meat at Tucanos. This Brazilian grill has 10 locations in states including Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. The way it works is: you can grab food from the salad bar as many times as you’d like; using a cylinder divided into three equal parts (colored red, yellow and green like a traffic light), you’ll indicate to the servers that it’s okay to approach your table to offer you different kinds of meat. If you want them to keep coming, the green should be at the top. If you want them to stop, flip the cylinder so red is on top. The meat is incredibly savory! And it’s also fun to try meat like a chicken heart if you haven’t already done so. Tucanos offers a unique buffet experience with quality food, so give them a try!
Restaurants in Boise
With a tropical-inspired atmosphere, The Reef is a nice spot to eat and have drinks in Downtown Boise. There’s a diverse range of items on the menu (among other options, there are Mexican, Thai, and seafood items), and the servings are generous enough that you’ll either leave the place full or full with a to-go box. The cocktail menu is diverse as well, but I’m fond of the bro juice bowl because it included a small blue flame in a cylinder placed in the middle. That makes it extra fun to drink! In terms of service, our server was pleasant and was accommodating when we changed our minds about orders or requested for an explanation about menu items.
Restaurants in Swan Valley
Rainey Creek World Famous Square Ice Cream
Located along Highway 26, the Rainey Creek World Famous Ice Cream is found inside a gas station. I chanced upon this store when pulling up to the gas station when my tank was almost empty. It as on the way to Yellowstone National Park from California. The ice cream tasted so good, which was what I needed in the midst of the summer heat. This has become my favorite pit stop on my way to Yellowstone.
Culinary Interest in Driggs
Grand Teton Distillery
Since 2012 Grand Teton Distillery has been selling its vodka and winning awards. It started out as a small family business, started by a retired couple and it has slowly blossomed into an incredibly successful endeavor. Grand Teton Vodka is consistently winning awards and accolades various competitions and critics. What makes it so unique from other vodka distilleries is the use of potatoes- according to their Facebook page, less than 3% of all vodkas are made with a product other than grain. All of the Grand Teton vodka is made with 100% Idaho potato. They use dehydrated potato flakes in their process though, as there is way too much moisture in a normal potato. The process would take much longer to ferment if they used fresh potatoes. Stop by and take a tour of the facility. They are willing to give tours fairly frequently and all tours include a small tasting at the end, if you are so inclined. Well worth the stop for an unique take on an otherwise well-known beverage.
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