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Restaurants in Illinois

159 contributors

76 places to eat in Illinois

Restaurants in Chicago
The Signature Room at the 95th
Want to go to the John Hancock Tower without paying, without waiting in a queue, without having to ride up with 20 sweaty people on a tiny elevator and, in addition, get to eat while enjoying the sights of Chicago? This is the restaurant that offers the John Hancock center experience, on the 95th floor of the building. You climb a little higher than the balcony so the view is much clearer. The menu is around $20 but the food is more selective than other places. The best thing was the steak. In the evenings you can enjoy the local pianist playing classical to contemporary jazz tunes. For those ve aren´t interested in having dinner, they can always have a drink at the bar while enjoying the Chicago skyline ...
Restaurants in Chicago
Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse
Amid skyscrapers, near Chicago's golden mile, nearly one block away from the river is the famous Harry Caray's restaurant. Well, one of them, because the famous radio commentator has several restaurants, taverns and bars throughout the city, including at the airport. But, perhaps, this is one of the most legendary and well-known. First for its construction because it's a classic building: a three story red brick colonial ... Quite a contrast to the concrete poles that look down and give shade most of the day. This building dates from 1895 and became a restaurant in 1987. A giant mural with a caricature of the owner and a huge baseball bat is at the entrance of the restaurant. And second, because of its location, in the heart of the Windy City, one block from Michigan Avenue and one or two blocks away from the main areas of the city bars. It has two parts, the bar and an Italian type of restaurant. The bar itself is quite American. All wood, with ceiling fans, many bottles behind the bar and TVs, tons of TVs to watch baseball, softball, football, basketball ... Every day the bar shows a different sporting event and the place is always packed. A variety of beers and not too expensive. In addition, there are bar crisps and they're pretty good. Here, the best thing to eat is the hamburgers. It's great to have them in the bar while watching a game with a good beer. Everything's a delicacy and comes with an overdose of fat. The other part of the room is the restaurant. It is an Italian grill, definitely, but with a lot of sports memorabilia, especially baseball, which was Harry Caray's whole life. Here the prices are already slightly inflated, although the food isn't bad. The meat is pretty good. Alongside all this, there's a small souvenir shop in the restaurant. Some other things about this place can be amusing and definitely worthwhile. Not bad if you're just passing through the area and want to have a beer with a burger in a typical American restaurant. Also, it's not too expensive, it's very reasonable. One of the beers that surprised me and that I really liked was the Sam Adams. Highly recommended.
Restaurants in Gurnee
Joe's Crab Shack
Joe's Crab Shack is an American restaurant chain that serves seafood, especially crab. We visited one in Gurnee, northern Illinois, just of the I 94 exist. It was the only thing open at the time, and to be honest we had no idea what to expect. However, it was a satisfactory experience in the end. The place is decorated with a Caribbean sailor style theme, surprising as their specialty, crabs, are caught in the icy waters of Alaska. The decor is nice and the place is great. Furthermore, when a specific song comes on, all the waiters stop what they're doing and start dancing in the middle of the room. Very "made in the USA." If the setting is curious, then the cuisine is as well. On the table you'll find a large roll of paper towels, a galvanized metal bucket to sit around, and a paper bib. The menu is seafood based, but there are also meat dishes and burgers for the kids. The crab pots are the most interesting, which are usually accompanied by prawns, clams, and other seafood items. Of these, you only eat the legs, which are pulled from the body and put on a grill with whichever sauce you prefer. To eat them you need tweezers to break the shell and sticks to remove the meat. The process is laborious, but fun. The crabs are very sweet and juicy. I recommend trying the stew with three different kinds of crab, each with different characteristics. The total was a reasonable price (roughly 15-20 euros a person) and we ate like pigs. The restaurant has a souvenir shop and a playground for the kids to use. It was a good night.
Restaurants in Chicago
What a find! And all thanks to a recommendation that I found on minube. I loved everything on this five day trip so much that I went again. Everything about this hot dog was unique: the bread's softness was second to none, the sausage, with a spectacular flavor, the pickle, it was absolutely unique and perfect for getting that unique taste. The location was well-organized and implemented the brilliant idea of writing down your order while standing in line. It also has a special bar for anyone who wants good cold beer. They have brands like Samuel Adams (Boston, a spectacular blonde), Blue Moon (Belgian, very good), Bud Lite (perfect if you're trying not to look like an idiot) ... The atmosphere is perfect for the occasion. Oh, and a trick that a friendly American gave us was: under the stairs you'll find a hallway that goes towards a room that where it's usually easy to find a place to sit down.
Restaurants in Chicago
You should definitely not miss an opportunity to visit this place in Chicago. If you only have time for three things in the city, I recommend you see a Chicago Bears game (football), a Chicago Cubs game (baseball) and eat the famous large pizza in Giordano's, ah, that is if it is accompanied with a beer.
Restaurants in Chicago
Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe
Even in Madrid, when planning the trip, I found that Minube recommended this place. And of course, I saved it as a bookmark quickly. And indeed, it is an all American experience: scrambled eggs (not Spanish style scrambled eggs), fruit juices, pancakes, cheese, bacon, sausages etc. ... You have to wait while the breakfast is being made, but when it comes it leaves you speechless! And when I say wait I mean it. You have to be prepared to be patient because things don´t go very smoothly. But really, if you are looking for a typical breakfast that you see in movies, this is it. You can go there to get a taste of a real breakfast. Go for it, I loved it!
Cafés in Chicago
Cafe Brauer
The Brauer Cafe is one of the most unique cafes in Chicago. It is located at the entrance of the Lincoln Park Zoo, at the edge of a pond in a wooded area. Its idyllic location is part of its charm. From the terrace you can see spectacular views of Lake Michigan. Inside, the Brauer Cafe, is even more amazing. There is a large wood and iron ship where they often old events on the upper floor. However, the cuisine is limited. Along with the drinks (they serve beer) are sandwiches, hot dogs and kebabs. Unfortunately, during my last visit the place was closed. A shame, as this is a historical place with tons of personality.
Restaurants in Chicago
Quartino Ristorante
This fact is proven by several glowing articles online. I can also attest that it is an excellent restaurant. One thing: be sure to try their assorted appetizer plate (antipasto), what I liked best. They have good beer, good rosado wine, and great atmosphere. It's very quiet, and you feel like you're right at home. The pasta and pizza is excellent too. As is the meat. We didn't order dessert.
Restaurants in Chicago
Billy Goat Tavern
The Billy Goat Tavern is a famous tavern in Chicago originally because it was a rowdy and popular sports bar. It used to be located across from the United Center which is now the home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks. The owner came into the adoption of a lost goat and so it gained its name. Most people are mistaken about the back story to this pubs fame. I read a visitors post on here to the Billy Goat that is located on Michigan Ave, which is a tourist trap. The true fame of Billy Goat was born out of a television show skit. The show was Saturday Night Live and they were mocking the stereotype of Chicagoans. In the skit they would shout out "cheeseborger cheeseborger!!" And become quite obnoxious. The tavern never did this. Except to bring in business when slower after the skit aired. But the recognition of Billy Goat on national television has attracted thousands and thousands of tourists a year. This pub is a beat up, fast burger flipping, non gourmet, hot dog stand of a place. their burgers are not the best burgers in the world. You probably won't crave it later. (However their breakfast sandwiches I HAVE craved) BUT this tavern is about the experience. It is about being in a true Chicago old school pub....and having a greasy hot dog or Chicago burger while you are at it. It's about watching a Chicago game here and reading the old clippings in the walls from the 30s. It's part of Chicago's personality
Restaurants in Chicago
Emilios Tapas
One of my premises as a traveler is that when I'm abroad I try to avoid Spanish cuisine restaurants. One reason is that it makes no sense to spend a fortune traveling to eat what's on the next corner. The other is that beyond our borders what is offered as Spanish cuisine is little more than sangria and paella. And on many occasions it is confused with Mexican cuisine ... Anyway, I failed to obey my own rule on several occasions, this being one of them. It was next to our hotel and I remember seeing it years ago, and because of mere compromise, I had accepted the invitation of an American colleague to eat Spanish food as it seemed the height of the exotic. I had completely forgotten about this restaurant, remembered it immediately as one of the sins of youth. And the truth is that as a restaurant this place is not bad. The food is acceptable. Not that there's much variety of tapas and supply mostly revolves around meat and grilled sausages, but they have beers and Spanish wines. The predictable setting is complete with: Bulls, tambourine and flamenco. But what they serve you can eat. And never order paella. If you do it within our borders and it is a calculated risk, imagine how it can be in a place where the nearest salt water is almost 3,000 miles away ... No way!
Restaurants in Chicago
The Wieners Circle
I went to Wiener Circle on the promise of a typical Chicago dining experience. Obviously not great food, but its a good taste of the city you're visiting! The Wiener Circle is a hot dog stand, but they can't be satisfied with a sausage and some sauce, the sausage is accompanied with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and a good portion of fries if you are still hungry. It's a greasy spot, with bars and tables, but its popular and reflects the traditional culture of the city.
Restaurants in Chicago
Stefani’s Tuscany Café
It's not the best Italian you've tried in your life but it also doesn't reach the poor quality of Gino's. It is close to the level of Tagluatela, to give an idea. The service, of course, is excellent. According to the requirements of an airport. To tell you the truth, we thought about not eating here, we had a good day and did not have to pay for our overweight bags at Iberia, so we decided to invest it in good Italian food: pizza, penne, steak.,, If you get very hungry at the airport and do not want fast food, it is worth it.
Restaurants in Chicago
Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
After hearing so many raving reviews of Fogo de Chao, I decided we just had to check it out. And we weren't let down! It's an authentic Brazilian churrasceria with luxurious meats and excellent salads. Here's how it works: you have a red cup holder on one side and green on the other. When you're hungry, put out the green holder and the friendly waiters will come with delicious skewers of meat to cut directly onto your plate. If you put red, well, the waiters don't stop at your table. We had a good caipirinha do drink and delicious papaya cream for dessert. I'd give it a 10/10.
Restaurants in Vermont
Farmers Diner
We found this restaurant by accident when driving from Montreal to Boston. Our goal was to find a roadside restaurant like the ones in the movies and we could not have been any luckier luckier. The dining room is actually situated in an old train car. The desserts are extremely good.
Restaurants in Chicago
America's Dog
Chicago is the world capital of hot dogs and the America's Dog chain is a great place to try this humble American classic. The dos are delicious but the prices are a bit high. I suppose that since it's a Chicago institution with various branches (one on Navy Pier), the prices are understandable.
Restaurants in Chicago
Taco Joint
Halsted Street in Lincoln Park is jam packed full of amazing restaurants. One of these is the unexpected Taco Joint. With a neon sign and a small storefront look on the outside, it is an unexpected surprise to find such a classy upscale bar and restaurant on the inside. The bar is stocked with numerous tequilas and mezcals to make some of the best margaritas in the city. As far as food, it tastes quite authentic and full of complex flavors! They make their guacamole in house and always have a new special to try. The menu is mostly focused on their tacos and appetizers. From house made chorizo to pulled pork to sautéed poblanos, the flavors are intense and explosive. This is so much more than just a taco shack or "joint"! This is a true Mexican classy restaurant and at great prices. Tacos run mostly at $3 each. And the ceviche is a great dish to check out.
Restaurants in Chicago
The Cheesecake Factory
Great place to go to eat...a bit expensive, but worth it for signature room and, if you're not hungry,taking in the views of Chicago with a drink. At the Cheesecake Factory, you can of course have lunch or dinner but you can just as well try their delicious cheesecakes!
Restaurants in Chicago
R.J. Grunts
This is the original of the famed restaurant group "Lettuce Entertain You." It opened in 1970 and has had its home across from the Lincoln Park zoo ever since. People come from all over the city to Lincoln Park just to see RJ Grunts and it's history. With fun goofy cartoons, drawings, and signs all over (including the menu!), it was definitely a fun experience. We brought a 4 and 5 year with us and they got hot dogs fries and animal crackers to go along with the zoo being right across the street. They really loved going. I would say while they are famous for their burgers, they are not the best I've had in the city. The atmosphere is the greatest part of this fun restaurant! Also, unbelievably so, the salad bar is probably the most impressive. This may sound silly but I challenge you to find another so fresh and diverse! The experience here was truly great!
Activities in Illinois