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Restaurants in Montana

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17 places to eat in Montana

Restaurants in West Yellowstone
Three Bear Lodge
The Three Bear Restaurant is located within the Three Bear Lodge in West Yellowstone, Montana. With a wooden exterior, this place has a very interesting menu that's affordable for everyone, and delicious dishes such as bison ribs and potato soup. For the picky eaters out there, there are hamburgers and fries of all sizes.
Restaurants in West Yellowstone
Canyon Street Grill
The Canyon Street Grill is a fast food place in the center of West Yellowstone. Besides being famous for the 50's decor, the restaurant has a truly American menu, with cheeseburgers, soups, burgers, hot dogs and french fries. Obviously there are also liters of Coca Cola. The super cheap prices and the ability to enjoy a breakfast of bacon and eggs make the Canyon Street Grill restaurant really worth a try.
Restaurants in West Yellowstone
Iron Horse Saloon
The Iron Horse Saloon restaurant is located near the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in West Yellowstone, Montana. Made completely of wood, the Iron Horse Saloon has a fast food-style menu with dozens of sandwiches, fries, beer and Coca Cola. It's tempting to go just for the low prices, but really give it a try because they have the best bison sandwiches in the entire northwest United States.
Restaurants in West Yellowstone
Running Bear Pancake House
The Running Bear Pancake House is a restaurant located in West Yellowstone, Montana. It's famous for its special breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries, or mixed berries. The Running Bear is very cheap and is open all year round.
Restaurants in West Yellowstone
The Gusher
The Gusher restaurant is located in the center of West Yellowstone, Montana. The restaurant is famous, not only for its really low prices, but it's also known for having the best sandwiches in the city. I recommend the bison meat sandwich.
Restaurants in West Yellowstone
Cafés in Missoula
Le Petit Outre Bakery
My French is barely passable, but does the name of this cafe mean ... 'the little other'? Oh, no -- thanks Google Translate. It's 'small addition' -- which, honestly, barely makes more sense. Le Petit, as locals call it, is the spot for coffee, breads, and treats of all kinds. The store is in what appears to be an old mechanic's shop, but don't let that food you. What's made here is great, and Le Petit bread is sold all over town. I came in for a meeting on a snowy December day and settled in with a steaming mocha and a local paper before my friend showed up. After he'd left I got another latte -- and a loaf to go.
Cafés in Missoula
Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery
Western Montana may be mountains, forests, and rivers, but east of the Continental Divide it's lots of rolling farmland, and a lot of that farmland is planted in wheat. Wheat Montana is based near Three Forks, along Interstate 90, but cafes and outlets have opened across the state. Missoula's first Wheat Montana is located here, just off busy Reserve Street. The fare includes sandwiches, soups, and coffee, and is good on a warm spring day when you can spread out on the patio, and great on a cold winter day, when light streams through the windows and the smell of baking bread and percolating coffee fills the room. I got a sandwich to go but ended up eating it by the windows and reading and watching traffic sail by and people come in and out. Nice.
Restaurants in Troy
Dirty Shame Saloon & Cabins
A good percentage of Montana’s eccentric characters live in the Yaak, and a fair number of them seem to frequent the Dirty Shame. This is not the sort of place you’ll stumble into by chance: Yaak is on the road to nowhere and for half the year is just about at the end of a long dead-end road. This is not quite an outlaw bar, however – you can get civilized Montana micro-brews, and kids are welcome. The Dirty Shame is not the only game in town, but just about – Yaak also features a mercantile, a school, a community center, and a very expensive gas pump. There’s also camping in the summer and cabins year-round. The Dirty Shame is quiet during the week, but on weekends fills up with hikers, snowmobilers, explorers, and anyone else who happens to find themselves stuck in Yaak and looking for a brew.
Cafés in Bozeman
Cold Smoke Coffeehouse
Cold Smoke refers to the snow in Montana -- so light and fluffy it hangs in the air like smoke. One does not normally associate that with coffee, but a new roaster in Bozeman has appropriated the name. Cold Smoke specializes in small batch roastings, all of which are done in house and then tested repeatedly. The store has been open since 2011, and the owners admit they had no special training -- just a love for coffee. Unfortunately, both Laura and I found ours to be off the one time we visited. Both her iced latte and my hot mocha had odd flavors we were not expecting -- both almost had a huckleberry flavor, which might OK in a straight black cuppa but not in a latte. Oh well -- just means we'll have to go back and try it again.
Restaurants in Big Sky
Blue Moon Bakery
A favorite of locals, the Blue Moon Bakery stays open just about year round- even when the resorts close down in the off season. Stop in for breakfast and to check your email on their free wifi. Or stop and stay awhile- catch up on the local gossip, enjoy your freshly made bagel sandwich, hot, freshly brewed coffee and the ambiance and color of the place for an entire morning. You can learn a lot about a location by sitting and watching the people. The food is delightful and filling- grab a pizza in the evenings for a nice dinner and bakery items are always available for purchase. Typically open by 7 am they have indoor and outdoor seating (in the warmer months- indoor only for the cooler ones). Family friendly and you can always get your food to go.
Restaurants in Missoula
India Grill and Curry House
Well, looky here -- Missoula finally has real Indian food. This just-opened spot takes the place of the former Treasure State Donuts shop, but the new tenants have spruced the place up and added nice outdoor seating. For now, the menu is limited -- real limited. For $10.99 you can get the vegetarian plate, and for a buck more you can have the meat plate, which is what we both got. The meat plate included two small servings of chicken, rice, and half a naan. Luckily there was a sauce bar, which included chutney, raita, and a cucumber salad. Overall, this is tasty food, though to me the price is on the high side and the portion is on the small side. The owner told me he will keep offering the two-option menu for a while until he understands what people are looking for in an Indian meal, and then eventually expand to a fuller menu.
Cafés in Missoula
Clyde Coffee
Missoula's Hip Strip is seeing some movement these days, and Clyde Coffee is the newest spot to open. Clyde took the spot of a former ski and rack shop. Though Missoula is full of pull-through coffee kiosks, there are actually few places to sit and drink, so Clyde is a welcome opening. Laura and I went on a drizzly day after a visit to the DMV and before picking Cooper up from school. The standards are all on offer, though I hear the short food menu is inventive and good. The space is spare and crisp, with some odd art on the south wall and what look to be church pews along the north wall. Overall -- nice spot, though the prices are a bit on the high side.
Restaurants in Missoula
The Oxford Saloon & Cafe
When I moved to Missoula, my landlord gave me quick run-down on paying the rent, and said it was OK if I was late, but to be honest. "Just call me up and say, I lost my paycheck at the Ox." The Ox -- the Oxford -- is a downtown Missoula bar of some reputation; you can get a taste of what's inside just by walking by the front door. If that's not enough, you can peek in the front window to watch live poker playing. Though rough around the edges, the Ox is not as mean as it looks, and its secret is its cheap 24-hour restaurant in the back. The cook used to famously make scrambled eggs and brains, though brains was not on the menu when we where there. What was on the menu was a heaping plate of chicken fried steak, a superb Philly cheese steak, and decent steak. Pro tip: get your drink at the bar before sitting down. And bring hand sanitizer.
Restaurants in Cameron
Cafés in Missoula
Big Dipper Ice Cream
Order at the window means a line is always arcing across the parking lot. That's no big deal on a summer day, but come back during a snowstorm and you're sure to see the same line. This perennially busy ice cream shop has a simple offering of flavors and a few shakes thrown in. I'm not convinced this is the best ice cream in town, but would never say that in a crowded room as Missoulians take this place seriously. I like the Salvadoran chocolate; Cooper digs the bubblegum; Laura is all about peaches.
Cafés in Sula
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