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Sights in Tunis

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sights in Tunis : the essentials
Ruins in Carthage
You will feel the weight of history in the ruins of Carthage, but only if you love it. If not, what will call your attention is th
Ruins in Carthage
The Baths of Carthage
The truth is that with an organized excursion you do not have much time for anything, and in my case I had a few hours less to vis
Mosques in Tunis
Zitouna Mosque
All the mosques in Tunisia pay homage to Ez-Zitouna, the city's main mosque. The building that we can see today is a fascinating f
Cathedrals in Tunis
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul
Located in modern Tunisia, the capital's Catholic Cathedral seamlessly blends Gothic and Byzantine art. The most notable aspect of
Squares in Tunis
Place du 14 Janvier
Place du 14 Janvier is another good example of the modernization taking place in the Tunisian capital. It has a clock at the cente
Historical Monuments in Tunis
Clock Tower
At one end of Avenue Habib Bourguiba, you'll find the Place du 14 Janvier 2011 and the Clock Tower. It is an imitation (relatively
Squares in Tunis
Kasbah Square
The Place de la Kasbah is a huge square opposite the Place du Gouvermement, at the western entrance to the medina. It was remodele
Palaces in Tunis
Dar Hussein Palace
The Medina of Tunis was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Here, you can find streets filled with hundreds of stalls o
Mosques in Tunis
Youssef Dey Mosque
The Youssef Dey Mosque has been declared a Historical Monument and is located just a few steps from the great Zitouna Mosque. It i
Historical Monuments in Carthage
Byrsa Hill
The city of Carthage was based around Byrsa Hill, and this hill was its spiritual center. In Punic times it housed a temple to the
Cemeteries in Carthage
Sanctuary of Tofet
The peaceful Sanctuary of Tophet was discovered during an excavation in the year 1921. It is the place where human sacrifices were
Cemeteries in Carthage
Punic Necropolis
This Punic necropolis is near the Antonine Baths, about 2 km from the center of the ancient city of Carthage. The Phoenicians buil
Mosques in Bardo
Le Bardo Mosque
The Le Bardo Mosque was a citadel that consisted of several buildings that were flanked by five towers (of which only one is prese
Mosques in Tunis
Kasbah Mosque
The Kasbah Mosque owes its name to the Kasbah, the fortified palace that once loomed over the medina. It was destroyed by the Turk
Mosques in Sidi Bou Said
Palaces in Bardo
Palais du Le Bardeau - Palace of the Bard
Bardo Palace is one of the most visited places in Tunisia, as it houses an amazing archaeological museum, famous for its mosaics.
Mosques in Carthage
Cemeteries in Tunis
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