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Things to do in Concejo de Llanes

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The top 142 attractions in Concejo de Llanes

Hiking in Cabrales
Beaches in Naves
Cliffs in Pría
Los bufones de Pría
The coast of Llanes is characterized by the presence of carbonated rocks which, due to the karstic process of erosion and the dissolution by seawater, they form subterranean cavities and caves over the cliffs that are filled with air. Sometimes, these cavities communicate with the surface forming vertical chimneys, from where the pressurized air is expelled producing a spectacular stream of water like a geyser (called “bufón”), accompanied by a particular sound that sounds like bellowing. They are considered Natural Monument, because of their uniqueness, by the Protection of Natural Monuments Network in Spain. In the coast of Llanes there are various fields with “bufones” (blowholes), like the Arenillas, Santiuste and Llames. I visited the one in Llames. To get there you have to go to the village of Llames and from there take the paved road that leads you to Guadamía beach. Once you are there, take the path on the right that takes you to the Bramadorio de Llames. The best thing is to choose a day when the sea is rough, preferably with high tide. It is quite a spectacle, and the sound is deafening.
Villages in Llanes
Beaches in Nueva Llanes
Of Touristic Interest in Llanes
Paseo de San Pedro
I think the Paseo de San Pedro was my favourite thing about Llanes. Everyone had told me about its famous beaches but no one mentioned the existence of that little green park where you can take a leisurely walk while watching the horizon. Both my girlfriend and I were very surprised at how well kept it was and how safe you feel walking through it.
Harbors in Llanes
Port of Llanes
A very beautiful and special port, which is quite different from others as it was a platform, which is half in the water and it is floating. When the tide rises, so does the platform and stairs and boats. It is a great invention, besides that, it is a lovely harbor, colorful, and it is surrounded by colorful boats, stately homes. It's perfect, I love it!
Beaches in Llanes
Playa de Toró
This is a nice place which is on the coast, great to be here at dusk. I was recommended the promenade that runs along the beach and there you can enjoy the beach at low tide. Very near Toro Beach, next to the campsite of Llanes, another walk out with beautiful views of the beach and the beaches Toró Puerto Chico.
Beaches in Andrin
Historical Monuments in Llanes
The Cubes of Memory
I'm glad of the colors amid a gray day in Llanes. I like colors and joy, so I like this corner of Asturias. I say pick a cube, and I prefer apples, the symbol of cider that I like. I chose the happiest and most colorful cube. We laughingly discussed how the cube are painted and why there are still some to paint. Meanwhile, ocean waves are scrambling to get to my cube and the wind blows between the gaps of our embrace.
Hiking in Llanes
Asturian Coast
Asturias is covered by bright green that seems impossible to erase. You ask for mountains and there you can find them, and if you want beached, there they are as well. This is the hometown of Alonso and Melendi. The water is cold and there are clouds in the sky. So the best option is hiking with the clean air and surrounded by the sound of waves and views of the cliffs.
Beaches in Llanes
Llanes Beach
Llanes is an Asturian town where you can find more than 20 beaches. It is the town with the most amount of beaches in Asturias. It has 56 miles of shoreline. Also the beaches are varied, some of the are really very busy whilst there are others that are rarely visited, wild, big, small, open, closed, sand or stones ... etc. My photos are example of the variation you can find, wild and uncrowded ...
Beaches in Cue
Ballota Beach
At the end of Llanes, you can find this viewpoint and stop to take some photos, we discovered that this had been the scene of several films, many films have been recorded, and I am not surprised as this is fantastic!
Hiking in Llanes
El Camin Encantau
It is a very quiet, with an elegant setting and a 9km route with which we found has wooden mythological figures which greatly attracts the attention such as the bogeyman, the chestnut, etc. Where if you are fond of hiking, you'll love this place. This Ardisana in the valley, and the last time I went I loved it. We also have the mountains Benzua our feet if we want to make a route. For people who like the mountain this is a perfect place to visit, I certainly recommend it!
Nature Reserves in Cabrales
Palaces in Llanes
Partaríu Palace (the Orphanage)
If you saw the movie the orphanage, you will be in shock when you pose in front of the mansion which has now been abandoned. I loved this part, because despite only seeing it from outside (as this house is closed to the public) I enjoyed being able to photograph every corner of this magnificent palace.
Sports-Related in Llanes
Multiaventura Planeta Palombina
This is a company that is located in Palombina beach, in the village of Celorio-Llanes. Its activities are carried out in several natural areas, for example the surf lessons and rental of the sea kayak can be done at different points such as Celorio beaches, beach or beach Barro Toranda. There are surf courses and technical equipment for hire, sea kayaking, biking, hiking, horseback riding, paintball, rafting, canoeing sella, organize stag hen parties, and many more activities. The professionalism of their employees is excellent.
Beaches in Llanes
Guadamía Beach
This is the beach that makes a natural boundary between the municipalities of Llanes and the river that gives it it's name. It is a quiet beach near Pria jesters, which has fine sand and beautiful views. If the tide is low you can have a good walk from the mouth of the river to the sea. It has parking nearby, although there is no rescue service. It is worth taking a walk through it in the spring when there is still not too many people to disturb you.