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Things to do in Cuenca de Pamplona

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The top 156 attractions in Cuenca de Pamplona

Historical Monuments in Pamplona
Monument to the Encierro
This beautiful work of art by Rafael Huerta is located in the city center, overlooking the bullring. It's amazing how everything i
Streets in Pamplona
Calle Estafeta
This is probably the most famous street in Pamplona, since here is where the bulls run before getting to the bullring. We can s
Gardens in Pamplona
Yamaguchi Park
Built in an oriental style, this park was designed in 1997 by Japanese landscapers, so it contains all the elements of a garden th
City Halls in Pamplona
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Pamplona)
The first time you come here you don't believe it is the famous San Fermin Square that looks so great on TV. It is exactly that wh
Citadels in Pamplona
The Citadel of Pamplona
This military construction dates back to 1571 when Philip II aimed to address the attacks of the French army against his country.
Gardens in Pamplona
Parque de La Taconera
Taconera Gardens are one of the greatest places in Pamplona. The gardens are old but give a very romantic flavor to the city. It i
Squares in Pamplona
Plaza del Castillo
The Plaza del Castillo joins the old zone with the new zone of ​​Pamplona. It's a large, open, pedestrian space where you can rela
Festivals in Pamplona
San Fermín (Running of the Bulls)
Who hasn't heard of San Fermin? Thousands of people dressed in white with red scarves prepare to welcome locals and tourists to th
Cathedrals in Pamplona
Pamplona Cathedral
Pamplona Cathedral is a Gothic church built because of the collapse of the former cathedral in 1389. Construction began in the lat
Palaces in Pamplona
El Corte Inglés
You can go inside the Corte Inglés if you want to, but really the exterior is the best part. It's certainly an impressive building
Historical Monuments in Pamplona
Pamplona Bullring
Pamplona is famous for the running of the bulls, which takes place in the streets of the city in mid-July, on the occasion of the
Gardens in Noáin
Park of the Senses
Truly Spectacular The first thing to strike visitors at this park is a sense of admiration for its magnificent setting. It is m
Churches in Pamplona
Church of San Nicolás
This fortified church was built to defend the village of San Nicolas. Today there's only one watchtower remaining of the original
Streets in Pamplona
Cuesta de Santo Domingo
On this hill, at one end of the old town of Pamplona, ​​is where the San Fermin festival begins, just below the little saint which
Of Cultural Interest in Pamplona
Planetario de Pamplona
After walking all day, we went straight to the Yamaguchi Park to visit the Pamplona Planetarium. It is the largest planetarium in
Gardens in Pamplona
Parque de La Media Luna
This is one of the most beautiful areas in Pamplona. You can relax and enjoy solitude, silence, and shade. There are good temperat
Squares in Pamplona
Plaza Consistorial
Gutierrez is one of those stores that have been able to survive the passage of time without losing its essence. For more than 170
Churches in Pamplona