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Things to do in Bansko

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The top 5 attractions in Bansko

Villages in Bansko
Famous for its ski resort, but there is more to Bansko. Cobbled streets of the tourist area, taverns are not the strangest thing, but have an undeniable charm. Strolling through the other streets, which are not even paved, is an experience close to time travel: draft horses, goats, chickens, gardens, fruit trees, piles of wood for the cold winter ... and wood smoke permeating everything.
Nature Reserves in Bansko
Pirin National Park
Pirin National Park is south-west of the city of Banska, in the Pirin Mountains. In this place a Balkan landscape, noted for its lakes, waterfalls, coniferous forests, limestone rocks and extensive flora and fauna, including several endemic species. A curious fact: the oldest tree of all, called Baikushev, which is more than 1,300 years old. It should be noted that forests are the predominant element, occupy 60% of the park area, being the most outstanding flora, black and white spruce, although many more species abound, as proof of this, we have evidence that this place is home to about 1,300 plant species, of which 15 are exclusive to this site, the animal species exceed 2,000, invertebrates, birds and mammals. Within the territory of the park is one of the oldest nature reserves in Bulgaria called "Dupki-Djindjiritsa Bajovi", an interesting point to know when visiting the park. It is said that this place is a relic of the Ice Age, which is why, along with the reasons mentioned above, this place is considered a world heritage site.
Lakes in Bansko
Hiking in Bansko
Vihren Refuge
We spent the first half of August at the shelter. We arrived at 4 and the kitchen doesn't work, neither breakfast nor dinner are provided and the dining room is not presentable as it has dirty, damaged furniture. I have pictures to prove it. It is a shame that after such stunning surroundings you reach this site which looks so tacky and cramped. It is amazing to see the photos that are hanging there a few months ago, it doesn't seem like the same place. A real shame. The rooms are neat, but the toilets have latrines. Only a shower which is switched off in the morning, has warm water. Grievous. We had to leave at 4 pm to go to a campsite to eat and buy breakfast.
Skiing in Bansko