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Things to do in Guangzhou

159 contributors
Statues in Guangzhou
Tien Yow-Jieme Sculpture
Statues in Guangzhou
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Statues in Guangzhou
Tourism Monument
Statues in Guangzhou
Dong Po Monument
Statues in Guangzhou
Statue of the Five Goats
Statues in Guangzhou

The top 55 attractions in Guangzhou

Temples in Guangzhou
Temple of Six Banyan Trees
The Pagoda or Pagoda Flowers Florida, is currently one of the emblems of Guangzhou. And it especially popular is a building called the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. It is 55 meters high, and the tallest religious structure in the region. It was built in 1097 and from the outside it appears to have only nine floors but actually has there are 17 inside. At the moment, unfortunately though, tourists can not go inside.
Temples in Guangzhou
Guangxiao Temple (Bright Filial Piety Temple)
The Xiao Guang Temple has to be the most important Buddhist temples in town and not surprisingly, it has a large faithful following. There are several buildings and chapels, but the main one stands out by having a large space to burn incense and a place to pray kneeling. It is very interesting to see people of all ages coming to pray and burn incense, and then hold it up before leaving it in an appropriate place. If you go to this temple I recommend taking a moment to observe on the side of the altar (the largest one in the building.)
Flea Markets in Guangzhou
Huangsha Fish Market
Around the fish market of Huang Sha you can see many fishermen ve make their living going fishing and catching turtles ,seafood and then sell them on the streets next to the road in unsanitary conditions . It is true that the fish is fresh, sometimes still alive, but only separated from the ground (which is really dirty) by a piece of soaked plastic. The smell and insects that are in the area is also quite peculiar. However, I am amazed to see that many people stop to see what they've got and to negotiate a price with them the price (many of those ve stopped were younger than me).
Of Cultural Interest in Guangzhou
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
A landmark of the city and one of the best places to visit. The building itself is a wonder of Lingnan architecture full of details without being overwrought. It gives off a feel of magnificence and welcomes you. It was built in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty, funded by the 72 Chen clans in Guangdong in order to give their children a place to study and prepare for the major exams which took place and Guangzhou. The corridors, arches, etchings, and lanterns all have a thousand details and create the perfect backdrop for viewing the local artwork (vases, textile work, paintings) on display inside the cases. You can go by metro (line 1) and get off at the Chen Clan's Academy ("Chen Jia Ci" in Chinese)
Streets in Guangzhou
Beijing Street
Beijing Street is a very commercial pedestrian street in the centre of Guangzhou. It used to be a road that ran through the old city from south to north. In fact, you can see through a transparent panel in the ground that shows the several excavations and the strata of different roads from different times in history. At the end of the street, there are the foundations of the old door and a model of how Guangzhou was centuries ago (when this was the main street). It's very interesting to wander around here, not only because of the amount of shops, restaurants and services, but because it will help us better understand the city's current layout.
Cities in Guangzhou
Zhujiang New Town
Zhujiang New Town is an area of ​​Guangzhou that was just reconstructed recently. It's a gamble for this Cantonese city to become the new business center of the city and a landmark in China, just like what happened with Pudong in Shanghai. The most iconic symbol of this new district is Canton Tower. It´s 600metros, and can be easily recognized by the color of its exterior lights.
Museums in Guangzhou
Chinese Ancient Art Gallery
The Chinese Ancient Art Gallery is located on Shamian Island and is a place where various pieces of traditional Chinese art are exhibited and sometimes sold. I went when there was an exhibition dedicated to embroidery; it was really impressive, so it's a shame that photographs weren't allowed inside. It's small, so you can see it quickly, but I probably wouldn't pay to see a special exhibition here.
Streets in Guangzhou
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
This street full of crowds and neon lights is the commercial street that is of most importance in Guangzhou and in all the south of continental China. It´s almost a kilometer and a half of street with over 300 establishments that make it one of the most prosperous places in all of China. It has a history of over a century ago and is one of the places that you cannot miss (especially at night) if you come to this city. It´s also known by its traditional name: Xiguan
Gardens in Guangzhou
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Gardens
The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Gardens are in front of the Chen Clan Academy and function as a prelude to what will happen once you get inside the enclosure. Here you'll see many people resting, parents playing with their children, and tourists taking pictures of the interesting things in the garden, like the bushes in the shapes of dragons and the colorful flowers. A great place to relax away from the bustle of the city.
Gardens in Guangzhou
YueXiu Park
Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou. It has 860,000 square meters, and inside you can enjoy colorful flowers, green and lush vegetation, water (several fountains and lakes and even three artificial lakes), hills and monuments. It has a perfect combination of culture pieces and ecologic tourism and in my opinion is a place you must see for at least an hour if you come to Guangzhou. To enter costs 5Yuanes (60 cents in Euros)
Gardens in Guangzhou
Yuexiu Park Korean Garden
The Yuexiu Park Korean Garden was opened in Guangzhou's Yuexiu Park in December 2005 and quickly became one of the most popular places in the park for visitors. It harmonizes perfectly with the environment, and personally I find it an ideal spot, full of peace, mystery and freshness. If you come to the park, be sure to stop here to relax for a bit.
Cities in Guangzhou
Tianhe District
Tianhe is one of the largest and most famous districts in Guangzhou. In particular, look out for the spectacular buildings in the business district like CITIC, one of the symbols of the city. This area is where many international companies operating in Guangzhou have their offices and it's full of restaurants, hotels, luxury apartments and financial institutions. Tianhe is also home to the East Guangzhou Railway Station, which connects the city with neighboring Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Stadiums in Guangzhou
Yuexiushan Stadium
The Yuexiushanis Stadium is a multi-purpose sports hall with capacity of 35,000 and is located in the north central area of ​​Guangzhou, China. It is the home stadium of the football team Guangzhou Pharmaceutical in Chinese Super League. Being a municipal stadium it also hosts soccer and other athletic events. The stadium is next to the YueXiu Park, where these photos were taken.
Statues in Guangzhou
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Sculptures
The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Gardens are in front of the Chen Clan Academy and function as a prelude to what will happen once you get inside the enclosure. Here you'll see many people resting, parents playing with their children, and tourists taking pictures of the interesting things in the garden, like the bushes in the shapes of dragons and the colorful flowers. A great place to relax away from the bustle of the city.
Bars in Guangzhou
Gipsy King
This cocktail bar is a located in a popular area of ​​bars. It is the first place we find, so most of the people there are tourists or visitors ve were also in the area for the first time. It has a bar area with seating and a small dance floor which host occasional performances (we saw a dance by the waiters and then an artistic dance with hoops). The music is rather monotonous, above all they play R'n'B and HipHop (although occasionally they played Arabic pop music because this area there are many Arab or North African companies). The drinks are not expensive, but the music is random and the premises don't fit in, therefore it is not a local spot.
Flea Markets in Guangzhou
Changshou Lu Market
This area is right next to metro Changshou Lu western exit, near Heng Bao Plaza shopping center. Shops are mainly clothing and footwear, and although there are occasional fakes, it is not a market for fakes (also the few that are fake, are very bad). The clothing is generally non-brand good clothing though. I do not recommend shopping here, because there is a lot of interest, but the atmosphere is fun, very authentic. (At this market there usually aren't many foreigners).
Shopping Malls in Guangzhou
Hengbao Plaza
The Heng Bao Plaza shopping center is located in the western Changshoulu district in Guangzhou. The shopping center is not particularly big, in fact it's your everyday neighborhood shopping center, but I was close to home and it's where, from time to time, I shop. In addition to textile shops, like food stores, there are ATMs of most national and local banks. It is also situated in an area of ​​markets and restaurants, which gives you a lot of life.
Of Touristic Interest in Guangzhou
Pearl River Night Cruise
The Pearl River is the birthplace of the city of Canton (Guangzhou), and if you come here with your partner, taking a night cruise along the Pearl River is a great idea. It may even seem a bit tacky, but a boat trip while enjoying the city lights is an interesting experience. Prices vary between 3 and 6 euros depending on the company and the travel time.

The best things to do in Guangzhou

You're going to Guangzhou? Get ready, because there are tons of interesting attractions in Guangzhou!
The most important city in southern China has much to offer visitors, from modern skyscrapers to beautiful urban parks and ancient religious temples.

With over 1,700 years of history, the Bright Filial Piety Temple is the most ancient Buddhist temple in the city and one of the most popular places to visit in Guangzhou.
It actually shares that honor with Yuexiu Park, where the Five Rams statue
is a main symbol of the city.

Another of the essential things to see in Guangzhou is
Baiyun Mountain. A funicular leads to the summit where you can see the whole city. Also known as White Cloud mountain for the clouds that form at the base, it has been immortalized by many Chinese artists and writers in their works throughout the centuries. The bustling city center also provides a good number of
things to do in Guangzhou. Taste Cantonese cuisine in the restaurants on Shangxiajiu Boulevard, cross the River Pearl on an evening cruise or find the perfect gift at Beijing Lu.

But there is still more great stuff to do in Guangzhou just waiting to be discovered.
If you're still curious about
what to do in Guangzhou, have a
look at these recommendations from the minube community and find the best
Guangzhou activities and Guangzhou attractions.