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Cities in Baracoa
The city of Baracoa, located at the eastern end of Cuba, is the capital of one of the most inaccessible areas of the island. The region is surrounded by mountains and the west coast of Cuba. For a long time, it had no land connection to the rest of the island and normal access to Baracoa was by boat. In the 60s they built the road that connects it with Santiago, a tortuous mountain pass with perilous curves that takes about 6 hours to pass. Baracoa has an airport that connects it to Havana and Santiago, although flights today are very rare (and in low season, there are even less). Certainly, reaching Baracoa is an adventure in itself, but that, far from being a problem, makes this corner of Cuba one of the most special places on the island, a bit like the "last frontier". Baracoa is also a perfect base for visiting the Humboldt National Park, the biggest nature reserve in Cuba. It is also near one of the wildest and most spectacular beaches on the island, Playa Maguana, and a hotel which for me is the best kept secret in Cuba, the wonderful Villa Maguana. I recommend you visit, it is spectacular.
Beaches in Baracoa
Maguana Beach
Maguana Beach is a long sandy tropical beach about 20 kilometres north of Baracoa . Is one of those indescribable places because it's surrounded by palm trees and a magnificent and protected reef. The colour of its waters and the contrast of the surrounding dense vegetation is simply unmatched. It shares the beach, but is physically separated from it. It's a magnificent small hotel in Villa Maguana , undoubtedly one of the most charming places to stay in this part of Cuba. If you visit the beach on a Sunday in midsummer, it's likely to be packed with people, so I retreat to the quieter Villa Maguana as an excellent alternative. The best way to get to Playa Maguana is to hire a taxi there and back, or better yet, combine your visit with a tour of the area, like Alejandro de Humboldt National Park or the Toa river .
Nature Reserves in Baracoa
Alejandro de Humboldt National Park
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, the PN Alexander von Humboldt is one of the biggest ecological reserves in Cuba, a real Noah's Ark containing many species endemic to the island and the park itself, which is one of the world's most diverse ecosystems. The PN was founded in the 80s, honoring the name of Alexander von Humboldt, the German naturalist who traveled and cataloged much of the American continent in the early nineteenth century. His journey was one of the most important scientific journeys in history (do not miss the many national parks and reserves that bear his name spread across the Americas: Http :/ / es.Wikipedia.Org / wiki / Alexander_von_Humboldt # Honores_y_reconocimientos). In this case, the Humboldt National Park is a haven for botanists and biologists, it contains species that are seriously threatened in other parts of the world (such as manatees) or not directly found anywhere else. I recommend taking a tour with one of the people responsible for its maintenance. Tours can be arranged from the city of Baracoa and are much more enjoyable and entertaining than going into the PN on you own. Look to visit during the summer months because the heat/humidity of the area are brutal.
Nature Reserves in Baracoa
Toa River
Since the region of Baracoa is the rainiest in all Cuba, not surprisingly, the largest river on the island (for both length and flow), is the Toa River, which is in this part of the country. Located near the city of Baracoa the mouth of this mighty river is located, which forms a small delta that is a haven for birds and aquatic life. A visit from Baracoa is simple to organize, hiring a taxi for the round trip, and it is well worth it, especially if on a same day you combine it with a trip to Playa Maguana, which is situated in the same direction.
Airports in Baracoa
Undoubtedly God created this beautiful place, where you can breathe clean air, view the greenery against the infinite sky, and appreciate the unparalleled natural contours. You find yourself disappearing into infinity and is intertwined with the rising and setting of the sun. It's an excellent place for meditation, and sharing family and love.
Museums in Baracoa
Rivers in Baracoa
Squares in Guantanamo