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Things to do in Matanzas

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The top 27 attractions in Matanzas

Beaches in Varadero
Varadero Beach
I have been to many beaches around the world and in my opinion the three best are the Seven Milles (Cayman Island), White Beach of Boracay (Philippines), and this one, Varadero. All three have white coral sand, but Varadero offers something special. I was there for the first time 12 years ago, and it was almost deserted. I went back this year and there are more hotels, and also more Cubans. Today, Cubans have more freedom, which they didn't have 12 years ago, when, for example, they were prohibited from being on the beach. For me, this as a shame because this beach is like paradise. I love the beach and I'm a passionate sea lover. I now prefer the beach to the mountains and this beach is one of my favourites. It has white sand and turquoise water, and it's ideal for a stroll. All the photos are accessible from my Facebook link and I hope you like them like I like them, and then you can decide for yourself.
Nature Reserves in Matanzas
Zapata Swamp (Ciénaga de Zapata)
Treasure Lake is located in the Guamá tourist centre on the Zapata Peninsula. It is 16 square km in area and is 4km wide at its widest point. At its centre it is six meters deep on average. In connection with its name, it has been claimed that the Ciboney Indians and the chiefs of Yaguarama and Hanábana indians came to this place to give water as offerings to the gods, and the gold that the conquistadors had so eagerly sought. It is assumed this is the reason it began to be identified as Laguna del Tesoro (Lake of Treasure).
Islands in Varadero
Cayo Blanco
This tour was one of the highlights of my life - perfect for animal lovers. Dolphins in the open sea, following by snorkeling in a beautiful reef. Finally, you can spend the afternoon on the paradise beach eating lobster.
Historical Monuments in Varadero
Xanadu Mansion
This place is situated on the highest point of the peninsula, known as the Rock of San Bernardino. It was originally built as a house to rest for the chemical industry magnate, French American Irenee Dupont, but it has now become the Varadero Golf Course (ranked among the best golf courses to be found in the Caribbean). It also has a restaurant specializing in French food with a great selection of wines. The original construction began in the year 1927 when Mr Du Pont decided to leave the presidency of his company and was looking for a place to rest. It was the first stone building to be built in the city of Varadero. The truth is that the building is beautiful but it contrasts starkly with its surroundings. It was constructed with hardwoods such as mahogany, cedar, and Italian marble, Spanish and Cuban. When we went to visit, you had to cross a swamp and there were lots of mosquitoes.
Of Touristic Interest in Varadero
Children will have a blast at the show put on by the Dolphinarium in Varadero. The entrance fee is 15 CUC and the show lasts for approximately 20 minutes. You can also swim with the dolphins for an additional price and have photos taken with these beautiful captive animals for 10 CUC. Too bad that it lasts such a short time. Highly Recommended!
Of Touristic Interest in Varadero
Swimming with Dolphins in Cayo Blanco
You can get there by catamaran, tours depart daily from Varadero. The beaches are amazing, the food is pretty good, and the lobster casserole is great. You can swim in the crystal clear waters with a mojito in hand. It is priceless. I recommend the tour!
Nature Reserves in Varadero
Punta Hicacos Natural Park
The Hicacos Peninsula, which is famous worldwide for its tourist area of ​​Varadero, has a length of 18 kilometers and lies between the Bay of Cárdenas and the Straits of Florida. Punta Hicacos, the northernmost point of mainland Cuba, is a protected Natural Park where there is a beautiful beach of fine sand. and warm crystal clear waters. There are many species of plants to be seen, a pond (which is used as a salt mine), and several caves (like the Ambrosio cave) where they have found fossils of aborigines and cave paintings. It's a good place for diving and snorkeling and, as in the whole area of ​​Varadero, in Punta Hicacos there are also several resort complexes.
Of Touristic Interest in Matanzas
Guamá Crocodile Farm
It is the biggest crocodile farm in Cuba, in Guama, a resort designed in the middle of the Laguna del Tesoro, part of the Natural Park of the Zapata Peninsula. In this breeding there could be over 10,000 crocodiles, which are seperated by zones, depending on size. The tour is guided and takes 45 minutes. 1st you get an explanation about them and they show you a skeleton, or small stuffed embryos in formaldehyde. Then you go through the swamps to see them, from the babies to the largest ones. They also do a demonstration of how to hunt them with a bow! And you can see how fast they eat their food when breeders throw them something. The incredible thing is that you can touch them, and even take photos with them. I remember having a tiny alligator in the palm of my hand, it was incredible that that little thing looked like a special effect out of Jurassic Park over the years could be as big as those who were sleeping half-hidden in the mud. There is also a ranch where you can eat crocodile meat. Cost to enter is 3 USD. Bring repellent for the mosquitoes.
Bays in Matanzas
Bay of Cochinos
This summer I made a very good decision to travel to get to know Cuba. My intention was not to make the typical tourist trip, so we rented a car and drove, as much as time allowed, in eight days. The rest I will leave for our next visit, which we will surely make. The last evening we were there we went down to the south, in search of crocodiles, the marshes and the beautiful Bay of Pigs. Unlike the northern beaches in the country tourists were conspicuous by their absence, something to be thankful for, and one reason I can recommend a visit here. It is a place steeped in history, the site of one of Fidel Castro's victories in the many efforts so that the U.S. would not invade their land.
Villages in Matanzas
Its architecture, its people, its landscapes, a beautiful province of Cuba that is worth visiting, with its museums and old buildings, is like being transported back in time, and the people there are super friendly and funny. The vivid colors of the building are painted for the appreciation of those just passing by. One way to get to know the Cuban lifestyle and toursim of Cuba is via photos, here we have the pleasure of releasing my new D3100, for a new camera that we did not know yet. It's very easy to use, so with the beauty of massacres and the D3100 captured these beautiful images of the province. On one particuar day trip I decided to try my Nikon D3100, a trip which was difficult to do with a camera, but this camera is intuitive and easy to use. With a full two hours to read the manual, and two hours reviewing the functions settings, I was able to take it with us. In Matanzas the camera worked perfectly even at those altitudes, capturing every moment and freezing landscape of my visit to Cuba and one of its beautiful provinces, whether in motion or static, the images left me satisfied with its quality, and Matanzas with its landscapes left me absolutely stunned.
Of Cultural Interest in Matanzas
Taíno Village
It is a replica of a Taino village located in the Guama Resort in Treasure Lake. The Taino are the ancient inhabitants of Cuba. It is decorated with sculptures that replicate the daily activities of the Tainos, and their are replica huts that were their homes. It is located in a beautiful setting in the Zapata Swamp. Open daily from 9 to 17 hours.
Gardens in Varadero
Josone Park
Varadero is a very beautiful place and a favorite destination with many tourists. There you can find Josone Park, a place that many other locals consider to be a beautiful paradise on earth. Is it all just hype?? Perhaps, but those who visit it do not hesitate to repeat this assessment so we trust that it must be true. Josone Park Avenue is located on 1st and 56, in the center, occupying about 8 acres, all covered with lush vegetation and very well kept. This is a wonderful botanical garden with varied nature, all in a peaceful and loving environment. Loving, yes, because the park was the brainchild of a couple who in 1942 dreamed of a place that their love and passion would last.
Villages in Matanzas
These islands are approximately 15 km of chains. It is a group trying to rebuild renovated historic life of an Indian tribe. Accessed by boat and reportedly the temperature of the island is high because there is almost no shade to be found. This is where you take the opportunity to overcharge tourists for drinks.
Viewpoints in Matanzas
Concerts in Varadero
La Comparsita
Varadero is a real must if you're visiting Cuba. This long, narrow peninsula is entirely dedicated to tourist resorts, but there's also the Comparsita, a place where you listen to live music, watch a cabaret, and of course, dance. This site is frequented by the Cubans themselves, and is an organised outdoor patio with a stage and dance floor, with the bar inside. It's impossible not to enjoy it - quality music, talented dancers, friendly and attractive staff. The club opens after dinner, and stays open until late at night (well, until the morning) and there's always a long line of taxis ready to take you back to the hotel at any time (and low prices ). The entrance to the Comparsita costs 10 pesos (about 6 euro), then all drinks are free.
Beaches in Varadero
Beaches in Matanzas
Caves in Matanzas