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Things to do in Odense

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The top 19 attractions in Odense

Castles in Odense
Egeskov Castle
This spectacular castle, one of the best preserved in Europe around the Renaissance, is located south of the Danish island of Fiona, about 20 minutes' drive from Odense. It is especially great due to the water around it and it has become almost like a Danish theme park. Be sure to look at the hours of operation because it usually closes early in the afternoon. Admission is 20 euros and allows you to take a stroll around the grounds (you must pay extra to look inside the grounds) and it also includes a second day in the summer. It is interesting to stroll around and see people with their picnic or eating a hot dog in one of the many spots. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places you can find in Denmark.
Museums in Odense
Den Fynske Landsby
The Funen Village was founded as a public works in 1942 during German occupation of Denmark, was opened to the public on April 1, 1946. Among the guests who attended the opening were King Christian X. There is an outdoor stage that in 1944, and was used for patriotic song festivals (alsangsstævner) during the occupation. This open air museum consists of a number of farms and houses, that's why you can go for a nice quiet walk. You will see people who are just passing through a typical day of their life. You will find animals, gardens, houses with all the rooms as they were at the time. You will get to see authentic Danish houses, clothes, culture ... this place is highly recommended!
Statues in Odense
Hans Christian Andersen Museum
The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is located in the old town of Odense. This was the birthplace of writer, and the HC Andersen House was opened in 1908 as a museum honoring the poet's life and his work. The poet's life was that of a poor shoemaker in Odense, where he went to school, became a writer and author, lived to old age and died. The library will give you a good idea of his numerous writings.
Churches in Odense
Museums in Odense
Montergarden in this museum is at the beginning of the park of monsters, as you go inside a great world where there is flora, and the imagination of man came together to create something unique. To understand Bomarzo, you have to understand the time it was constructed: the 16th century by a lover of giants, monsters, inventions and performing baroque.
Museums in Odense
Danmarks Mediemuseum
Mediemuseum is one of the most visited museums in the city of Odense, in the county of Fyn, Denmark. Here you can enjoy fantastic works that you will be sure to remember for a long time. You can also go with your friends or family and stay awhile.
Museums in Odense
Railway Museum
The Railway Museum is one of the most amazing places located in the town of Odense. You will find this museum in the county of Fyn, Denmark. The museum is quite interesting because besides the warm atmosphere, you'll get to see magnificent works.
Coves in Odense
Festivals in Odense
City Halls in Odense
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Gardens in Odense
Cities in Odense
Statues in Odense
Museums in Odense
Carl Nielsen Museet
The Carl Nielsen Museum is located in Copenhagen and is a museum dedicated to the composer Carl Nielsen and his wife, the sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. The exhibition was built in chronological order and tells the life and story of two Danish artists. It was made by the children of the couple to establish a museum for their parents. In it, there have been 2 rooms rebuilt with original furniture from the couple.
Museums in Odense
The Time Collection
The Samling Tidens is located in the town of Odense. Future sessions can be held inside with clothes and utensils forming an image of the 20th century en Denmark. The permanent exhibition offers 8 interior rooms with furniture and represent the time from 1910 until the early 1980. The tops of the tables hold newspapers, magazines, and books of poetry.
Museums in Odense
The Funen Village
Funen Village, is located in Odense. Visitors can walk and see all the houses and learn about the town's history. Here, you can check out the plants in the garden and read about who used to live in houses. There is also an exhibition which shows rural life and Fyn in Denmark and how it was changed in the course of the 19th century.
Of Cultural Interest in Odense
It is close to the birthplace of Hans C. Andersen. Cobbled streets that seem to tell stories. The cloudy and rainy day helped create a feeling of fantasy.
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