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Things to do in Imbabura

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The top 34 attractions in Imbabura

Cities in Otavalo
In beautiful Ecuador you can find one of the best indigenous tribes that has adapted to the modern day lifestyle. We speak of Otavalo where the whole town is a great market to buy from a "flame" from things such as indigenous crafts of the area, right through to countless traditional foods and antiques. Enjoy this expereience first hand with the Makuteros team that will take you into the bowels of this wonderful and legendary market city.
Markets in Otavalo
Otavalo Market
My first impression in Otavalo was that all Otavalans live off of the sale of their trinkets and whatnot (if that was my 1st impression), which made it seem like every little thing was aimed at tourists and, in this time of global crisis, I think they probably haven't had a whole lot of good selling years. However, I found it to be a very colorful market with good shops. You can buy some carpets as a typical gift and some other goodies, but one little thing about this place is that it's difficult to take good pictures in Otavalo (the indigenous people don't like pictures in general), even moreso if you ask, because you probably won't like the answer.
Lakes in Cotacachi
Cuicocha Lagoon
This warm water lake was formed high above a volcano after it produced an explosion causing the melting that formed this wonderful lake. There are organised motorized boating excursions where you can see some interesting sights.
Waterfalls in Otavalo
Peguche Waterfall
The Peguche Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall that's 18 metres tall. Formed by the waters of the river of the same name, which starts at Lake San Pablo. The waterfall is one of the most important tourist attractions of Otavalo due to its proximity and easy access. Many tourists and visitors flock to the area to get together and enjoy a wonderful landscape.
Lakes in Ibarra
Yahuarcocha Lake
Yahuarcocha Lagoon is located 10 minutes from the city of Ibarra in Ecuador in the Imbabura province. Here you can go boating and birdwatching or enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants, which specialize in fried Tilapia. It is also near the racetrack Yahuarcocha where you can get involved in some extreme sports and karting.
Markets in Otavalo
Ecuatorian Market
This market is the food market of Otavalo, a town two hours north of Quito, which also has a lovely craft market. The food market is open every day except Saturday, when the flea market is open. The flea market encourages more people to come since many people come down the mountain to sell their crafts and textiles. The town is small and you can go walking calmly. Generally, the long distance buses cost one dollar per hour. In the market you can taste the typical dishes of the region, including the guinea pig, a small pig, roasting on a brush and then placed in plain sight after being cooked. If you don't remove the head, it is pretty impressive to see how the animals looks at you before you eat it. They usually ask for a whole chicken, and tastes between the pig and wild boar. Ecuadorians also really like the gut, if you order a ration thing ... If not, there are cracklings, roast pig skin, which is eaten with beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, corn and other vegetables of the mountain. I didn't see much fruit, but I did see lots of sweets that come in small portions and you can eat them as you chat while strolling through the market.
Waterfalls in Ibarra
Cataracts in Ibarra
It's inexplicable beauty of nature .... It's great, I love traveling to places where the environment is at its best... volcanoes, waterfalls, etc.. These beautiful places make me think .. I love photography.
Lakes in Otavalo
Villages in Cotacachi
Of Touristic Interest in Otavalo
Squares in Otavalo
Viewpoints in Cotacachi
Of Cultural Interest in San Pablo Del Lago
Of Cultural Interest in Ibarra
Flea Markets in Otavalo
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Markets in Otavalo
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