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Things to do in Pirkanmaa

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The top 15 attractions in Pirkanmaa

Cities in Tampere
Tampere is a city located about 170 kilometers north of Helsinki in the Pirkanmaa region. It is the third largest city in Finland ( in terms of population) and was the capital of the country long ago. It is now the second largest urban area in the country. It's one of my favorite cities in Finland, perhaps because I had gotten to spend the night in the city right after the snow had fallen and it was really beautiful. I have had to stop several in this city many times ever since I traveled with Ryanair which has a small terminal some distance from the city. If you ever think of going to Tampere don't spend the night in the terminal because its really cold. because it's cold. The city is lively and if you go towards Hämeenkatu main street, there are many shops to check out. At Christmas, in the main square, they put on a really nice Christmas market. If you're looking for a cheap place to stay, you can stay at Hostel Sofia Youth which is right in front of the Tampere Cathedral and if you're lucky, your room might have a view of the Cathedral. The rooms are very clean, cozy and there is a bathroom and kitchen on each floor. For me, the best parts of the city for me are The Church of Alexander and the city's Cathedral.
Cathedrals in Tampere
Tampere Cathedral (Tampereen Suurkirkko)
Tampere Cathedral was built by Lars Sonck between 1902 and 1907, when Finland still belonged to the Russian Empire. The cathedral is famous for its frescoes, which were made by renowned symbolist painter Hugo Simberg between 1905 and 1906. In his time, the paintings were highly criticized, some being versions of the fallen angel and The Garden Simberg's death. Particularly controversial was the representation of a winged serpent on red background on the highest point of the roof, described by his contemporaries as a symbol of sin and corruption. Despite being the most important attraction of the city, I prefer the Orthodox Church. For me, it is much more interesting. I think I like it because it reminds me of Russia, and I love the typical cathedral and churches of this country. If you stay at Youth Hostel Sofia, you can see the Cathedral from the window, and I have to admit, the Cathedral really is very lovely. You can visit the inside of the Cathedral from 10 am to 5 pm daily in the summer, and during the winter from 11 am to 3 pm every day also.
Nature Reserves in Tampere
Aulanko Park
It is a natural park that is located half way between Tampere and Helsinki, in a small town called Hammelinna. It is a natural park in a special Belle, and there are plenty of lakes there to admire. You can climb the tower to enjoy the magnificent views. There are some paths along the lake, and also stairs amid the towering trees lead to snaking up Bears corner, where you can see a magnificent sculpture, hidden in nature, depicting a family of bears. It is the perfect spot to lose yourself and forget about the noise of the world.
Of Cultural Interest in Tampere
Aleksanterin Kirkko (Church of Alexander)
It is a Gothic style church that was constructed in 1881 and designed by Theodor Decker (Born in Helsinki in 1838). It is located in the city of Tampere, which is a city in Finland with many people. In my opinion this church is much more impressive than the cathedral of Tampere.
Museums in Tampere
Sara Hildénin Museum
The is an interesting museum to visit. It is filled with works of art that have electric motors, lamps and spotlights. There you will also find sculptures of steel surfaces, glass and mirrors to reflect the surrounding space and light.
Museums in Tampere
Hiekka Art Museum
Hiekka Kustaa was born in 1855 in Laitila, where he spent his childhood. He moved from Laitila at the age of fourteen to serve his apprenticeship in the workshop of Holm, a goldsmith in Uusikaupunki. He took his apprentice exam in 1875 and mastered it only a few years later, in 1878. Hiekka Kustaa opened his first jewelry store in Pori, in 1878, and the next year he moved to to Tampere, where he settled and lived until his death in 1937. In 1879 he married Karolina Henrika Arenius, widow of a goldsmith. The museum today offers a glimpse into the life and works of this interesting man.
Museums in Tampere
Tampere Art Museum
The Tampere Art Museum was established in 1931. Beginning early last century, the Tampere Art Society began its creation. The museum is known for its active exhibition policy, especially the presentation of exhibitions featuring ancient cultures. It publishes a comprehensive guide to activities and important topics of art history and contemporary art phenomena, both for local and international exhibitions.
Museums in Tampere
Amuri Museum of Workers' Housing
The story goes back to the founding of Tampere in 1779. The burghers, armed their crop plantations on the western edge of the new town. The industrialization in the mid 1800s brought heavy new citizens of the city. Newcomers need a place to live, so that the bourgeois had to give up their cultivation and pasture. At that time, immigrants were also traveling to Siberia.
Historical Monuments in Tampere
Of Cultural Interest in Tampere
Museums in Tampere
Amusement Parks in Tampere
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Gardens in Tampere
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