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Things to do in French Polynesia

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Activities in French Polynesia

The top 39 attractions in French Polynesia

Beaches in Bora Bora
Matira Point Beach
Heaven exists and it's in the South Pacific, 22 hours by plane from home. It's an island called Bora Bora in French Polynesia. There's a beach called Matira that has sunsets so beautiful and magical that it sends a shiver down your spine. So many lights and colors. It's a real experience for the senses and you can also dive with turtles, sharks (the friendly kind), and all kinds of tropical fish. It's the best place I've been to in my life. 100% recommended.
Villages in Bora Bora
Atolon Bora Bora
I was in Bora Bora in 2009 and it totally blew my mind. As a trip I recommend it to everyone. The island is small but very nice in it you can visit the pearl farms crafts flea market etc. Also you can go to see how they feed the mantas and sharks etc.la sunset is spectacular.
Viewpoints in Papeete
The best place to wake up at the side of your great Love. Unforgettable Taithí experience ..........
Of Cultural Interest in Moorea
Beaches in Moorea
Pineapple Beach
Paradise beach is one of the most beautiful islands of French Polynesia with sky-blue waters and beneath its surface a profusion of coral gardens inhabited by innumerable fish of various colors, anemones and coral reefs of beautiful scarcely a couple feet deep. It's a place to rest, in its beautiful white coral sand beaches, Be attended to by locals who are eager to serve you with the utmost courtesy although they may not speak your language. The beaches are open to everyone without any restrictions. There are trees at the edge from beaches to shelter from the sun, easily accessible via many means of transportation which you might rent. Reasonable prices. Our stay was a real pleasure.
Of Cultural Interest in Rangiroa
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon is the name given to this giant body of water protected by coral reefs in Mahebourg Bay. It is an area that has experienced drastic changes during recent times, as it has gone from being a sleepy former big city to receiving new energy from tourism, leading to the need to open new hotels and services. Currently, the area is the exclusive preserve of wealthy, French families who have chosen the island as a retreat, with large mansions homes built next to the sea. During recent years, some international hotel chains have established themselves here, and I only hope that the speculation does not devour this part of the island which is still unspoilt. Certainly the beauty of this area, where the water is very clear and clean, is refreshed by a constant easterly breezes that keeps the summer heat from becoming too stifling. It is curious that it is not more developed from mass tourism, considering that it is only about 15 minutes away from the airport. Just as well ....
Bays in Moorea
Bay of Cook
The most romantic place where one can say good bye to the sun and wait for the next morning with the person you love to say good morning!
Waterfalls in Taiohae
Route to the Great Waterfall of Hakahui
When we got to the island it looked like the end of the world! It was raining but we took a walk through the quiet village of Taiohae with its unpaved streets, we hastened to ask about activities that could be made here. With great difficulty, due to my Torremolinos French, I made contact with a Frenchman who organizes trips to the big waterfall Hakahui (through your mobile phone that was provided in the pension Moana Nui) and he told us the route we were to follow the next day. We went with a French family from Port Taiohae in a boat without a lifeboat, we were a little scared and after a busy cruise along the Bay with majestic waves we arrived at the beach. It was quieter and more relaxing than I have ever known, it hurts me as I didn't take my camera and can show only mobile phone photos. We started the 2.5 hour spectacular route through the jungle, villages and rivers up to the big waterfall, this was definitely the highlight of our visit to Polynesia and the Marquesas. At the end of the road, a small natural lake formed by a waterfall and covered hills full of clover gave the final touch to this spectacular route. This is a must for visitors to this remote and lush island.
Of Touristic Interest in Bora Bora
Flying Over Bora Bora
Undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life was from the sky in Bora Bora. The image of the turquoise sea and the beautiful coral is something I´ll carry with me forever.
Ponds in Bora Bora
Valleys in Moorea
Of Cultural Interest in Rangiroa
Islands in Papeete
Islands in Tahaa
Unusual Places in Tiarei
Islands in Bora Bora
Of Cultural Interest in Afaahiti
Beaches in Teahupoo