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Things to do in Bremen

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Activities in Bremen

The top 23 attractions in Bremen

Statues in Bremen
Town Musicians of Bremen
I was fortunate enough to visit Bremen a few years ago. The downtown area, with its statue of the musicians, is something worth visiting. To get to the bronze statue, you have to go through the gallery area and some arches with shops and restaurants, which makes it more beautiful to discover the statue.
City Halls in Bremen
Bremen Roland
The Roland Statue in Bremen has been a symbol of freedom and rights of the city from the very beginning. The original statue was made of wood but it was burned in 1366 and then replaced by stone in 1404. Measuring 10 meters tall, it is the largest statue of Roland in all of Germany. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.
Neighborhoods in Bremen
The district is part of the old town and medieval alleys are maintained. In this neighbourhood you can see XIII century restored houses. Schnoor - the word comes from the root word meaning cordon, Schnur. Indeed the oldest houses are aligned around a straight street as if they were pearls attached to a string. The old master craftsmen and fishermen lived in this neighbourhood. Today you can find various shops with pedigree, Cafes and Restaurants in this district. Its streets invite exploration. Schnoor is one of the oldest parts of the city and is full of streets like this, with small houses and are very nice. Worth finding this corner of the city and taking a walk.
Markets in Bremen
Bremen Christmas Market
I had the good fortune to visit the Christmas Market in Bremen for almost a month and it's really impressive. Unfortunately, it was really cold, and if you're not used to it, it's a little tiring to go stop by stop to taste the German specialties, such as sausages and watch them being made. Also, the market is in the centre of Bremen, in the same square with the town hall and the cathedral. Again, the Bremen Christmas Market is impressive, the only handicap being the cold, but it's just a matter of dressing properly.
Historical Monuments in Bremen
Bremer Marktplatz
This is Bremen's main plaza, where you will find the Rathaus (City Hall) and the Cathedral (Dom). It's a wonderful area which also houses the statue of Roland (XV), the city's Chamber of Commerce, and many local festivals.
Churches in Bremen
St Veit Chapel
A small chapel - unfortunately, I have no other information to give about the building or its history! But I was moved by its small size, its stone walls, and the beautiful paintings on the walls. There's a wonderful red harpsichord, too. Apologies for the photos, which aren't very good ... my camera didn't want to cooperate that day. :(
Cathedrals in Bremen
Bremen Cathedral (St Petri Dom)
St. Petri Dom, or the Cathedral of St. Peter, was built between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, so its structure has some hints of the Romanesque style, and some of Gothic. It is absolutely beautiful, particularly at sunset. The stained glass is really beautiful. Don't miss it.
Streets in Bremen
Bottcherstrasse is unlike any street in the world. It's an architectural wonderland full of fascinating and whimsical curiosities. Seriously..you'll feel like you're in a fairy tale.
Churches in Bremen
Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche)
The Notre Dame, also called Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche in German, can be found in the market town of Bremen. Besides St. Petri Cathedral, this is the oldest church in the city. The construction of the crypt began in 1020, although Notre Dame itself was not built until 1220. In the north tower, you can see some of the city's treasury. Highly recommended.
Historical Monuments in Bremen
The Schutting, located in the Bremen marketplace, has been the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce since 1849. But, its construction dates all the way back to 1444. The origin of the name isn't clear, and there are several conflicting theories ... anyway, it's a beautiful piece of architecture, in the most poetic part of the city. Highly recommended.
Palaces in Bremen
Bremische Bürgerschaft
The parliament of the city of Brevmen was built in 1966, by the famous architect Vassily Luckhardt. Here you can find the headquarters of the Landtag of Bremen. Located in the most beautiful part of the city, you can admire its particular architectural style, more modern than the rest of the market. Highly recommended.
Harbors in Bremen
The Weserpromenade runs all the way along the river. You can explore the little port, and see the vessels, the restaurants, and the hotels. The path is dotted with benches and cafes. It can be very romantic, although I have to admit that my photos are not the most convincing ... not a place to visit in winter, but during summer it is lovely!
Shops in Bremen
Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur
A paradise for food lovers ... different sweets of all shapes and colours! It's sheer pleasure to enter this world of bright colours, like a little magical place. Here, you can find incredibly original towers, fountains, and statues.
Museums in Bremen
Uberseemuseum is a museum that is located in the city of Bremen. Here, you can find objects and examples of flora and fauna from all the continents. I particularly enjoyed the collections from China and India. There are also some mementos of the famous Beck's beer, which is made in the area!
City Halls in Bremen
Bremen City Hall
A beautiful city. The roof of the town hall has been renovated, so the brass plates are not tinged with green.
Of Cultural Interest in Bremen
Am Wall Windmill
The building has been destroyed by fire and rebuilt a number of times, but the current construction was completed in 1898. This design rests on an eight sided base and the upper part is steered by a wind vane. The four sails of the windmill are shuttered.[1] This type of design is known as a smock mill or Galerieholländer. The windmill is in the middle of a city park that was constructed on the ground where the fortifications of the city once stood. Today the building is heritage listed and inside is a restaurant. Tourists may enter the building after a nominal charge every day, although in the winter it is only open in the afternoon.[2]
Museums in Bremen
Universum Science Center
This museum is devoted to new science and technology, the human body, and nature. Pretty interactive. Education and amusement for young and old. In the heart of the university town of Bremen.
Gardens in Bremen

The best things to do in Bremen

There are a lot of things to do in Bremen. The architectural and cultural heritage of this city is huge, so there's no shortage of great stuff to do in Bremen.

One of the first places to visit in Bremen has to be its Town Hall, built between 1405 and 1410. It is one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nearby is the Cathedral of St. Petri, also high on the list of essential Bremen attractions; it is an Evangelical Lutheran Church with more than 1200 years of history. A historical statue of Ronald Bremen is one of the most interesting things to see in Bremen. This is the city's "Statue of Liberty" which since 1404 has been a symbol of law and freedom. It has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

And speaking of history and legend we can not fail to mention the musicians of Bremen. Also, in the western part of the city, you can see one of the most delightful attractions in Bremen, a sculpture of the most famous animal characters from the stories by the Brothers Grimm, made in 1951 from bronze by the artist Gerhard Marcks. Still wondering what to do in Bremen? There's the House of Citizenship, built by internationally-renowned architect Wassili Luckhardt in 1966. Also be sure to vitis Schütting, the trading house based in Bremen and site of the chamber of commerce.

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