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Things to do in Oban

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The top 17 attractions in Oban

Villages in Oban
Scotland is a country steeped in history with its castles, kings, heroes ... The surprises continue when you travel north. From Glencoe, you can begin to see huge and beautiful mountains, surrounded by vegetation. The ground is flat but full of small lakes. You can almost always see snow on the mountains and the sky is so blue. I recommend you take a road trip, always towards north, stop and enjoy whenever you want ... If not possible, there are many tours that depart from Edinburgh or Glasgow bound for the "Highlands". Please travel to Loch Ness and stop for a while to see if "Nessie" appears. The Urquart castle ruins are a must :)
Harbors in Oban
Port of Oban
Oban is a nice fishing village on the Scottish west coast. This is a famous tourist spot for the UK, serves as a vacation villa and as a stop on many trips back and forth to the Highlands. It's also a starting point for ferries to the Isle of Mull. A highly recommended visit, and you should walk the coastline for wonderful views.
Harbors in Oban
Oban Terminal Ferry
On our trip to the Island of Mull, one of the Inner Hebrides islands that is famous, we came to Oban Ferry Terminal, one of the busiest ports and were impressed by the size of the terminal connection - many daily ferries arrive and depart from this area. There was an impressive variety and efficient service, but be careful, in winter it is recommended to book by phone or via the web, as we run the risk of not finding the best boat or go on waiting list, which can be a little frustrating, but even on the list, efficiency is remarkable. One of the ferry terminals to keep in mind if your destination is either Hebrides island or the west coast of Scotland.
Cities in Oban
Landscapes of the West of Scotland
Scotland, a country that shakes and moves. Tranquility in nature. The West of Scotland is a small corner where the colors color the landscape, highlighting details. In the countryside we forget the rain. On both sides of the west coast and rugged mountains, there are some surprising and lovely islands, in a warm and moist environment. Every curve, every road, every mountain shows the splendor of the journey through the places and landscapes.
Islands in Oban
Boat Trip in Oban
Traveling by boat is always something special, on the west coast it can be done in Oban to the Isle of Mull. It is a highly recommended experience, you have many options and times during the day, you can do both if you're going to sleep in the Isle of Mull and Tobermory if you visit. The entreway and exit to Oban and Tobermory are great, with amazing views.
Bays in Oban
Ardmucknish Bay
Ardmucknish Bay is in the Argyll area, north of Oban. Historically dominated by a rock Dunstaffnage Castle on the Firth of Lorn full by one of the most powerful families in Scotland (in the Middle Ages) the MacDougalls of Argyll. It now includes a tiny marina and is a very quiet zone, surrounded by greenery and we visited the castle and chapel. But this bay not only has historical importance, it is of great importance for fisheries. The shape of your background and the bay itself makes it a perfect place for growing, fishing and cultivating shellfish, crustaceans and other marine life that is highly coveted (like sea bass or monkfish), which explains famous restaurants like Ee-usk , which they have around the country and I would say in all the UK. The views are spectacular, Ardmucknish Bay is a place to consider if we walk around here.
Bars in Oban
The Tartan Tavern
In Oban, port of departure for many of the inner Hebrides, this pub is unusual, as its classic exterior appearance has nothing to do with its innovative interior design, where we found all kinds of plaid. The truth is it's quite comfortable. Inside you can enjoy a wide range of whiskeys and beers, most of them Scottish, but for beer lovers larger or blonde, there's a variety of Belhaven beer which is not very common to find and it has a peculiar flavor, soft and long, I think it is worth your while.
Abbeys in Oban
Priory of Ardchattan
On the outskirts of Oban, on Loch Etive's coastline are ancient ruins and the Ardchattan Priory Gardens. The fact that the gardens are private immediately drew our attention (with intent to abuse) and that it was part of the abbey which now has private homes. This priory was founded in the beginning of the 13th century by Duncan MacDougall, Lord of Lorn, who invited French monks establish themselves there to follow the example of King Alexander II, founder of Pluscarden. In 1538 there were six monks and with the arrival of religious reform (1560) the number was reduced to three. In the early 17th century the Campbell family began the process of converting part of the priory to private property. In 1732 the old church was converted into a private house and can be seen today since it still exists. Historically, incomprehensible and it makes maintaining this property difficult. The Scottish government takes care of this property (which obviously can not operate freely) but not too much. Historic ruins, beautiful views ... if you can share them with the residents ... I have nothing left to say.
Of Touristic Interest in Oban
McCaig's Tower
McCaig's Tower overlooks the town of Oban and is named after John Stuart McCaig who wanted to create a museum and art gallery. Today you'll find a public garden and stunning views of the surrounding islands. Nothing could be better than watching a sunset from the tower with a beer or whisky in hand. You can see the three islands: Kerrera, Lismore and Mull. To get there, just follow the main road of the village. It's totally free!
Cliffs in Oban
The Highlands
The magical word 'highlands' evokes the tradition of a Scottish soldier in a kilt playing the bagpipes in the middle of a wild and rainy landscape. We of course find some of these stereotypes when visiting the highlands, the mountains of the country, but many of them are placed there for the tourists! Even so, we must recognize that this is a beautiful area made up of mountains, lakes, a lot of rain (even though we were fortunate to have good weather almost every day!) and people who are proud of their rich and very old traditions. These are people very aware of their origins and proudly claim it as they fly their flag everywhere, unlike the UK!
Shops in Oban
Located in the city center of Oban, opposite the port which opens onto the Atlantic and the Irish Sea, it's hard to miss the imposing Chalmer's store on the corner of Argyll Street. Announcing itself as a "Highland Tweed House", Chalmer's is primarily a tailor who made his name with the famous tweed, used to make kilts and tartans for the different Scottish clans. And you can find traditional Scottish souvenirs here, too!
Viewpoints in Oban
Scotland landscapes
Scotland is a country that is famous for the quiet beauty if its outdoors. The west of Scotland is a colorful place, where the nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful that you'll forget the rain! On either side of the west coast you'll find rugged mountains and islands. Every turn, every road, and every mountain has something to offer visitors.
Shops in Oban
Bars in Oban
Skipinnish Ceilidh House
Not to be missed when traveling through Scotland. Oban is in other cities but we came across it by accident. We were offered free entry (normally paid in) and we had a drink and listened to Scottish music. People danced and some people showed us how to do it. A fun night in Scotland.
Islands in Oban
Kerrera Island
I was amazed when I reached the Scottish island of Kerrera. I arrived on the boat by myself and I found no tourists at all. I could thoroughly enjoy this wild and wonderful place and its castle all by myself!
Beaches in Oban
Islands in Oban

The best things to do in Oban

Oban is a city in Scotland (Great Britain). Of all the things to see in Oban, one stands above the rest, McCaig's Tower, a kind of Roman amphitheater built in 1897 from where the best views of the town and surrounding area can be seen. From this viewpoint tourists can admire both the coast and the neighboring islands. Another one of the main things to do in Oban is visit Dunollie Castle. It's now in ruins, but in the past it was a medieval fortress, and an ancient home of the kings of Scotland. The castle sits atop a hill and is located in an area of ​​large, leafy trees, making it one of the most truly picturesque attractions in
Oban. In
addition, another one of the places to visit in Oban which is famous for its whiskey from the late 19th century, is the city's brewery, located in the city center. Visitors can sample
a glass of malt whiskey
at the end of the tour. Other stuff to do in Oban includes enjoying a hike along one of the trails on the island of Kerrera, near Oban.
Oban is a good destination for visitors wishing to spend a day outdoors. The nearby islands offer many
Oban activities and
attractions, such as hiking the path of the Three Isles. Tours are offered at affordable
prices ranging between 25 and 75 euros per person. For more on what to do in
Oban, visit Minube today!