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Things to do in Saint Andrews

29 contributors

The top 13 attractions in Saint Andrews

Of Cultural Interest in Saint Andrews
St. Andrews Cathedral
The Cathedral of Saint Andrews is in the corner of the city. It was probably built in 1144 though that is simply an estimate. It is an amazing place. Most of the ruins remain in good shape and there is a nice mix of things to see there. You have the cathedral, the cemetery, a war memorial, and the tower of St Rules. If you climb the towers you can take a picture have a spectacular view of the town. There is a museum of the place that allows you to see the relics of the early Christians who inhabited the sarcophagi and tombs. I recommend this to people who enjoy the old architecture and open spaces near the sea.
Cities in Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews
Located east of Scotland, St Andrews is one of the oldest cities in the UK and its university is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. The famous opening scene of Chariots of Fire, with the runners on the beach, was filmed here.
Universities in Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews University
The University of St Andrews was founded in medieval times (1410) with the purpose of making the North Island (UK) a competitive alternative to Oxford and Cambridge (known in academia as "Oxbridge"), which were both located in the south and stood as two of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. This means that this is the oldest university in Scotland. It was the university which led to the formation of this city, not the other way around, as happens most often. This is why the university buildings are all over the city and not just in one location. On our visit to St. Andrews, we discovered shields and college emblems everywhere - in the streets, squares, courtyards and more. The quality and reputation of the university is great and only the very best candidates have the opportunity to study there. I was lucky on several occasions to visit the facilities thanks to the Medieval Literature Congress. The premises are quite impressive and the reception and dining rooms are quite similar to what appears in Harry Potter. Maybe some of the scenes were even shot at this University.
Churches in Saint Andrews
Church of St. Regulus
This church is commonly confused with the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, when it was a separate building and much older than this cathedral. Yet it is the best preserved building of the complex, since its main tower is open to visitors and in fact you can climb to the top, where you get the best views of the town and its surroundings. The foundation year is unclear, although experts estimate it at around 1123. What we do know for sure is that it was founded by the Augustinian order of monks in the Middle Ages. The Cathedral had relics of St. Rule, a highly revered saint in the period and area. Again, this church should not be confused with the Cathedral.
Golf Courses in Saint Andrews
Old Course at St Andrews
The Old Course at St Andrews is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and probably the oldest in Scotland. The Old Course is public and St Andrews, Fife County. If you know some golf, this is the "Mecca". Visit this court is for a fan to visit Wimbledon. But unlike this, Old Course is public and free. In fact you can easily go there and take a photo of the most famous bridge in the world of sport, Swilcan Bridge, where the world's leading players dream about crossing. It is closed on Sundays to allow the course to "rest", in fact, on Sunday it changes into a huge park for the enjoyment of the locals, where they can go for a walk, have a picnic or just enjoy the scenery. As a general rule, golf is only allowed to be played two Sundays a year.
City Halls in Saint Andrews
St. Andrews Town Hall
This Hall is one of the most unknown and least visited in the Golf Capital. It is a beautiful building with medieval origins and has been undergoing renovations over the years. It features: Church, court, council files and finally in its last reconstruction (almost complete by the end of the nineteenth century). Architecturally we have a quadrangular building with a tower on the most external and where we can find several sculptures original polychrome townhouses with different functions indicated what the building was used for. Today it is used for conferences and other public events. It is a very special building and as I said, ignored ... Not even the official guides can be seen.
Churches in Saint Andrews
Holy Trinity Church
The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity or the Holy Trinity Church (belonging to the Church of Scotland). Historically there are documents that mention this church, dating as far back as the year 1163. The religious revolutionary John Knox incited the masses to loot the cathedral here. The current building was built in the year 1412 and suffered some deterioration in 1800. It was last restored in 1909. Today this church is fully operational and functions as a museum in the city, because of the amount of historical objects it houses, such as an original banner belonging to Scottish Queen Mary (Mary Queen of the Scots). The tower of the church was used as a prison during wartime. Although it is one of the most emblematic buildings of St. Andrews, for reasons unknown to me it is among the least visited ... And I was under the impression that golf was the most important thing here ... Curious.
Beaches in Saint Andrews
Beaches of St. Andrews
Saint Andrews is certainly one of the most popular locations on the east coast of Scotland, there is no shortage reasons: for one, it's the home of golf, which was founded here in the prestigious university. It's also the largest and oldest in Scotland (and among the most valued the UK) and for his landscapes, especially coastal, i.e. its beach. There he shot the famous scenes from the film "Chariots of Fire" ('Chariots of Fire'), best remembered for the music of the Greek genius Vangelis. White sand beaches and a sea so blue, as clean as cold water, extending northward, in what amounts to a suggestive and quiet ride, accompanied by wind, waves, some birds and even some brave dare to take a dip in mid-February (see image - 3 ° C). Part of St. Andrews you can't help but soak it all in.
Of Cultural Interest in Saint Andrews
Scotland's Secret Bunker
The secret bunker of the Scottish government is an amazing place we found by accident in Saint Andrews. It is a secret bunker was constructed by the Scottish government immediately initiated the Cold War. If a battle was raging nuclear, Scotland would be governed from its enclosure. Scotland kept secret for 40 years, hidden beneath an apparent farm, with animals and everything. There are 24 thousand square feet 100 feet underground. One can visit each office where all kinds of military technology of the time, maps, weapons, and all Facilities that have allowed them to survive a nuclear attack. This is only a few miles away from Saint Andrews and it's totally awesome. I recommend that you go see it.
Golf Courses in Saint Andrews
British Golf Museum
The British Golf Museum is located behind the very select club house, Old Course. It's a Mecca for golf enthusiasts! The museum traces the history of British golf from its debut at St Andrews until the modern era, with the story of the most prestigious championships in the world. It shows the evolution of the rules, the clubs that are used, golf balls and champions. A must-visit if you are visiting St Andrews and want to understand and learn more about the history of this particular sport.
Palaces in Saint Andrews
Ladies Golf Unit
The Ladies Golf Unit or LGU was founded in 1893 and is based in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, which is often known as the "Home of Golf." Across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland there are about 200,000 female players of golf, and the LGU regulates, organizes and manages tournaments for them. It can be found in a small house, very beautiful in its simplicity, that is anonymous except for a few details like a golf bag outside.
Golf Courses in Saint Andrews
Himalayas Putting Course
If you aren't lucky enough to play on the world's most famous golf course, a short walk from the Old Course is the Himalayas, the pitch & putt course. Here, you can find some wonderful golf shops with designer equipment. The exciting part about this course is that it opens onto the beaches, and it is very cheap.
Castles in Saint Andrews