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Things to do in Kavála

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The top 8 attractions in Kavála

Historical Monuments in Kavala
Philippi (Philippoi)
About 30 kilometers from Kavala, Drama direction, lies the remains of the ancient city of Philippi. This city was founded by settlers from the island of Thasos, who when threatened by the Thracians, sought help from Philip II of Macedon, who fortified it giving it its name. It has theatre which is in fairly good conditions and the bathrooms are also in good condition. The theater is in fairly good condition, as are the bathrooms, and the fore as well as part of the agora. We can also see the remains of several Byzantine churches, some are majestic, like the call Basilica B, which was built in the sixth century. Also we can see some mosaics that will remind us of the greatness that once was there. At the top of the city there are the walls and the acropolis, which unfortunately we couldn't visit due to the heat.
Spa in Kavala
Hot Springs
About 40 km from Kavala Amfipoli, down the road from the coast we find Eleftheron Loutrá. These are some hot sulfur springs at Thermopylae style. The only difference is that here, they've built a spa to enjoy these waters in its 40 baths. There's an area where you can enjoy these relaxing waters for free. Following the course of the river to get to the birth of one of these springs where there are stairs leading to a small tub. The setting is spectacular, and the atmosphere is authentic in its tavern. When we were there, people were eating, and at onestage theygot up and began dancing Rebetika. Once in a lifetime opportunity.
Hiking in Kavala
Islands in Thásos
Good food, lower prices, a lot of beautiful beaches.
Lakes in Astrís
Giola Lake
They say that God was very generous when he gave Thasos nature. One of the most beautiful natural gifts is the pool in the wall, Giola. The pool is located quite close to the sea. The color of the water is crystal clear and transparent, light green or dark green. The color of the water is especially pronounced due to the contrast with dark blue sea water. The pool naturally fills off the sea beneath the wall so the water is salted in it. It's interesting to see a pool when it's climbed by waves. In it, water is always warmer compared to the sea, so bathing is more than pleasant. According to the legend, Giola represents Zeus's eye by which he supervised his mistress. According to the second legend, Zeus created Giol so that Aphrodite could be swim in it, and Giola is also called Aphrodite's Tears. If you get to the pool early in the morning, you will see turquoise and clear water, a recommendation.
Beaches in Limenária
Metalia Beach
Metalia beach is located near the town of Limenaria on the island of Thasos. It's an acre, not the most beautiful beaches on the island, then in the first five that stand out for beauty. The specificity of this beach is that it is part of the former mine, which is now closed and turned into a museum. In order to reach it, it must pass through narrow trails from Limenaria through the entire mining complex that has been turned into a historical mining museum. The beach is precious just because it is part of the former mine, and it is one of the few in the world. Warm recommendations for this beach.
Beaches in Thásos
Marble Beach
It is a beautiful marble beach. With a clear water. The roud till there is "interesting"... The car will be white from the marble dust.
Beaches in Thásos
Paradise Beach
It has a fine sand... It's big. The views are lovely... The road till there is very steep. You will find boxes where you can put valuables. The food is not so good... It's only a restaurant... Prices bigger...